you don't have to lose weight during a global pandemic

– There is absolutely nothingwrong with taking this time if you want to and movingyour body when it feels right.

But to make you feelinadequate because you are not doing that is (beep) up and I hate it.

(soft piano music) So this video's actuallycompletely unplanned, I woke up and sort of had the idea to film a big sis advice video, andI decided to roll with it because this is somethingthat I've been seeing a lot of since this whole quarantinething has started.

Sometimes I really enjoyjust turning on the camera and chatting to you guysabout things that are relevant in my life, in the world, and hopefully a lot of you will either relate to thisor take something from this, but I have just been seeing somuch, whether it be articles, whether it be people onYouTube talking about it, whether it be tweets, Instagram posts, whatever, all related around the topic of glowing up during this quarantine.

If you don't emerge from this quarantine as the most snatched version of yourself, then you played yourself, blah, blah, blah, just so, so much.

And I mean, let's faceit, we're in the middle of a global pandemic, this is something that is really unchartedterritory, it's really scary, it's really sad, the facts are the facts.

We obviously know thatthere have been over 2.

2 million people affected by this virus, and I'm not gonna go too much into that, there's been over 40, 000 deaths globally.

On top of that, 22 millionAmericans are unemployed and don't have access to theirhealth insurance anymore, and it's just so scary.

I think the thing thatwe're all grieving a lot is the fact that there'sjust this uncertainty, we don't know exactlywhen this is going to end, we don't know when orif life will ever resume as it was before, and soit's just giving everyone a lot of feels, you know what I mean? We're all feelin' all the feels.

However, one of those feelsthat I think a lot of people, myself included, are experiencingis the feeling of anxiety based around not being productive enough, sort of basing your wortharound your productivity level, and then also your bodyimage in quarantine, or in this crazy time in theworld, and something that I see quite a bit actually, I'm gonnaemerge from this quarantine snatched and skinny andI'm gonna use this time to hit my weight goals and, you don't have to worry about the way your body looks or changes during a global pandemic.

You don't have to lose weightor stress about gaining weight or stress about your bodychanging when there are so many more serious things inthe world right now, and literally all of us are insurvival mode at the moment.

People are legitimatelydying by the hundreds, by the thousands, and nowby the tens of thousands.

When we're going through such a crazy, trying time in the world, literally everywhere in the world is being affected by this, to take it a step further and say, “If you're notemerging from this quarantine “10 pounds lighter thenyou're playing yourself.

” It makes me really sad, it makes me really sad, and it's something thatI even struggled with during this time, so I'm notcoming from this high horse or I'm standing on this podium being like, “Hey, this is the way it isand you need to be like this.

” No, this is at me as well.

Something that's so deeplyingrained in our brains, diet culture and justbody image in general, is so flawed and so skewedbecause of the media, because of airbrushing, face tuning, social media, whatever, but it's justsomething that really started getting under my skin, I'd see it so much on social media duringthis freaking crazy time.

I've seen people takethis time and use brand and companies use it as a wayto manipulate people further, people who strugglewith their relationships with food or their bodiesand use marketing campaigns that target fat people orpeople trying to lose weight or people with eating disorders and say, “Hey, we're giving you a discountif you wanna sign up now, “we'll help you get back in shape.

“You're stuck at home so no better “time than now to fix your body.

” Or there are creators whoare like, “This is my at home “fitness boot camp, it's gonna get your ass “into shape during quarantine, ” and it just makes me wanna scream because there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking this time if youwant to and moving your body when it feels right and exercising if it gets those endorphinsgoing and makes you feel good, but to make you feel inadequate because you are not doing thatis (beep) up and I hate it.

(calm music) So this video isn't meant to shame anyone, I'm not saying that whatyou're doing is wrong or what someone else is doing is right, I'm sayin' that's your journey, but don't make other people feel that they're not doing enough because they're not doing as much as you.

Does that make sense? I've also seen a lot ofmemes that are sort of based around this topic, things like, me emerging out ofquarantine 30 pounds fatter, and it's these really unflattering photos that again paint fatbodies or larger bodies in a negative light which is something that we definitely don't needon top of everything else.

And some of you might evennotice changes in your own body, even over the last month, we're not able to move around as much as we normally do, we're not having access to as much food as we're used to having, maybe we're not worriedas much about dieting or intuitive eating or whateverit is that you're following and you're not perfectlynourishing your body at the moment, and that's okay! Right now we are in a period of survival.

Literally, our onlyprimary goal is to survive and hopefully stay homeand prevent other people from getting sick, preventourselves from getting sick, and wait this whole thing outuntil hopefully, eventually, the curve keeps flattening, then we can startreintegrating into society.

And so in this time, weare literally surviving so you don't have to eat perfectly, you don't have to moveyour body every single day.

If you feel like what makes you feel good, the only thing thatmakes you feel good today is eating a fucking brownieor a plate of brownies, or a tray of brownies, orthe bowl of brownie batter if you're me 'cause girl, ooh that stuff is so good! It is perfectly okay and everything that you're doing right now is okay.

It's okay to gain weightduring social distancing or a global pandemic orwhatever you wanna call it.

It's okay to see changes in your body, it's normal that your body is changing.

Think about how your life was a month ago and then how it is now.

I haven't left my house in, well besides taking my dog to the vet for surgery, I haven't left my house in what is it, almost40 days at this point? Of course things aregoing to be different, we have that one governmentmandated walk a day.

I'm not out running errands, I'm not running around with friends, I'm notthrifting, I'm not shopping, and my priority at themoment isn't staying on top of my physique, I'msorry, my priority at the moment is sanitizing things whenthey come into my home, washing my damn hands, keepingmy family safe and protected, and those around me as well, and that's all I'm worried about.

The absolute base level of survival is the only thing that'snecessary, and everything else is okay as long as it'snot harming anyone, as long as you're staying home and staying safe everything is okay.

If you feel like eating salads every day during this quarantine, go off! Honestly, go off, but don'tfeel terrible about yourself if that's not your reality at the moment.

If you're anything likeme, you probably suffer from a little bit of negative self talk, and that's something that I'mconstantly trying to work on, but it's always that littlevoice in the back of your head that's tell you you're not doing enough, your body is changing therefore it's your fault, you'reletting yourself go, you're not being productive enough, you're not learning eight new languages and learning how to paintand taking your time to only do things that are productive.

And the point of this videoand what I'm asking you to do is just give yourselfa little bit of a break and that's me talking to me as well.

Give yourself a little break, be gentle with yourself, stop being so critical andeven comparing yourself to what other people aredoing during this time.

If all you are able to do today is shower or brush your teeth ormake yourself a nice meal or change from your pajamasinto different pajamas, you are doing absolutely okay.

Whatever you have to doto get through the day and take care of yourself mentally, that is okay, and that is acceptable.

There are days whereI get up and get ready and take a shower and domy makeup and film videos, but then there are other dayswhere I wear the same clothes for three days and don't shower and cry and feel absolutely doomedabout the state of the world, and both of those are okay, both of those are part of grief, that is actually collectivelywhat we are going through as a society right now, is grief.

We are losing people, people are actually dying, people are getting sick andbeing affected long term, it's really scary, this isa really, really hard time, and what we are going throughand those weird feelings, those unsettled feelingsthat we're experiencing right now in this timein the world is grief.

We are grieving what our lives used to be and what the new normal isgoing to be moving forward and all of the loss and thesickness and the heartbreak, and even little things likemissing going to travel and flying to tropicalplaces and hanging out with our friends and hugging our family.

All of these things that arehappening right now are so sad, and if all you're ableto accomplish in a day is watch a few YouTube videosand put some deodorant on, then babe, you're doing (beep) awesome.

Keep it up.

And if you're able toaccomplish a lot more than that, then hats off to you, you're doing freakin' fantastic as well.

No two journeys are thesame, no two walks of life are the same, most ofthe time I'm obsessively reading news articles, tryingto set boundaries with that, just staying thankful thatmy family is safe and okay, constantly being paranoid and worried about my family members, both my parents live in different states by themselves, I'm constantly obsessingover checking with them, telling them to sanitize their groceries when they come in theirhouse and making sure that they have access to masks, this is a time, it's a time.

So what we're not gonnado is put all of that unnecessary pressure on ourselves, to not only be absolutelythe most productive we've ever been during thesaddest and scariest time of our life, but also changeour body and punish our body and blame our body for changing a little bit during this time.

You know, when you hear it like that it's like, “Oh yeah, oh yeah.

” Closing out this video, I would really just love more than anything if youwould just give yourself a little bit of compassion.

Be gentle with yourself, give yourself a little room, a little space, a little bit of grace to just be where you are today.

If you're feeling morecalled towards unplugging, taking time away from social media, slowing down, then absolutely do that.

If you're even feeling pulledin the other direction, if you're feeling like, “Yeah, I just kind of “wanna workout today, ” thendo that, that feels amazing and I'm proud of you, and that's awesome, but it's equally awesomeif you're not in that place that day, does that make sense? Anyways, I'm sure thereare gonna be people who are picking apartthings that I have to say, but I hope you know that this message is rooted in good intentionand I just want all of us to show the compassion for ourselves that we often show forother people so freely.

And yeah, I feel like I hadto get that off my chest 'cause I have just seenso much of that talk circulating on my timeline andon social media and whatnot, so hopefully you guys tooksomething from this video, or at least had someone to sit and watch while you ate yourlunch, you know what I mean? That reminds me, I wanna gomake a peanut butter sandwich.

So I hope you guys aredoing okay wherever you are, I'm sending you all of my love.

I do want to bring someattention to an organization that I think is amazing anddoing amazing work right now.

I'm gonna link it down below, actually a few of them.

I know a lot of YouTubershave been doing this, but if you are in aposition to be able to give, I would highly encourage you to do so.

All the information willbe linked down below, but I love you guys so, somuch, please be kind and gentle with yourself, and I will seeyou in the next video, bye! (upbeat music)♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Be with me ♪.

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