Workout Wednesday: Resistance bands are perfect for an at home workout

welcome back we hope you've stretched because it's time for workout Wednesday that's right we're gonna pull in our fitness expert for tips on how to stay in shape at home time for workout Wednesday Justin Bowers with for life fitness studio on the Parkway is joining us it's still closed right gyms are not open yet yes a great day we have zero customers but you have a band and some people have bands at home so what can we do with those well contrary to popular belief bands do make me dance and I love the dance okay so bands are one of the cheapest ways they are weightless they don't weigh much you could take them anywhere and you can get these anywhere on Amazon go to the department store right now they'll reopen and you can do full body workout with just band all right I'm gonna do some simple stuff for you right here this right here is a basic shoulder press you give it three to five sets ten to twelve what a lot of people don't know is that you stuff for your feet so the cameras gonna zoom down on my feet right now and you stand a little wider you can change the resistance that you get for shoulder presses just like right you can also do inside switch your grip two palms facing up stand wider if you need to you got bicep curls you won't hit a different part of the bicep you can do this right here go wider with the grip that's biceps now a lot of individuals don't know that you can do legs with band or gaps so you bring it down like this take us out this is not the most comfortable position in the world you can squat you can go wide you can hit some sumo squats if you need less pressure you could do inside yeah really cool stuff what I also love once again feet are a little bit wider you could bend over Y position and now we're doing some rows right for the back okay okay you can also change the position now we're working the back of our rear delts and our traps this way right here you could also do abs believe it or not so just like this boom boom the resistance that you get just minimal ban is absolutely insane with these right here once again you're going to shoulder presses easily transition to different exercises you can also grip it right here boom more arms right there overhead a lot of you guys really want that flexibility in the shoulders this is a great way to do it miss Amy so how much are those bands and is there any particular thing we need to pay attention to when we're buying them to make sure it's a really sturdy good one these bands come in different resistances this right here is one of the lower end resistance what I would recommend individual do is buy a pack of these types of bands they also come at different sizes with handles they have stone like this little more of your therapy rehab style bands whatever you grab you can make work as long as it's rubber and it's resistant i'd recommend buying a pack of different resistances and then kind of messing around with them at the house that way you can be able to find out what works for you as far as the size yeah Justin Bowers with 4life fitness studio thank you.

thank naming are we ready to get her bands start stretch it knock yourself out no bands for me no joke yet they are really hard it's a great workout though yeah yeah we're gonna head over to Jackie Brown she's in Spartanburg with Storm Team 7 I mean keeping an eye on what's happening out there James and I kid you not I just bought bands off Amazon so I I'm like the irony that's perfect so I'm gonna start using those exercises no there's a reason why you can find bands on Amazon but none of the other weights because I'm telling ya yeah it's a great is a good workout it's just giving me flashbacks to Oh high school football practices Oh but anyway Ben's gonna start like quivering on the ground exactly all right well let's take a look at our current temperature.

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