Workout at Home for Beginners (DUMBBELLS ONLY)

what's up guys Chris Harry Oh welcome to the vlog and welcome to my house today I'm gonna be showing you guys a dumbbell workout routine because when we're training from home a lot of times the only equipment we have is just a pair of dumbbells so today I'm gonna show you how to get shredded and build solid muscle with just 2 pairs of dumbbells in your home all right let's get this workout started so we're gonna open our hereo Pro app to the dumbbell only workout if you haven't downloaded the Harriett pro app already you can go ahead and download it on the app store or in the Android Google Play Store this is gonna be a full body routine we're gonna be working on all the muscles in our body from our shoulders abdominals arms legs chest and back so for the first exercise we have push-up rows let's go ahead and start that workout routine let's get into our push-ups we're gonna go for 20 [Music] all right I love this move right here because we are working our pushing and our pulling which actually strengthens your muscles a lot more than just sticking to one motion and will help prevent injury because you're strengthening your antagonist muscles a lot of times we suffer from injuries because we've built up strength in one muscle group but the antagonist muscle group is a lot weaker so when you're going for a specific exercise you may injure your weaker antagonist muscle so that's why this is a great movement we're doing a push and then we're doing a pull and when you're working out on other days that may just be push like chest and tricep it's really good to throw a pull in there so you get that antagonist stretch and muscle activation so the next exercise we have is goblet squats just keep it going if you hold this up to our face like a goblet take a sumo squat position we go down as low as you can back up let's go for 15 [Music] [Music] all right so for the next move remember as you complete each exercise you want to input it into the app so goblet squats let's go ahead and put 15 and if you don't know how to do it go ahead and press the video and then we have some goblet squats all right next move we're gonna go into Russian twist with the dumbbell 40 reps let's grab one dumbbell legs up straight and we go side to side 40 reps let's go the straighter your legs are the more you're activating this exercise and activating your abdominals alright let's go ahead and put that move Russian twist 40 reps and we're done next move we have it's clean and press we're gonna for 12 reps I'm gonna be shoulder-width apart on our stance now we're gonna go into a squat position and when you bring the dumbbells up I like to stay low and then come back up it's a lot harder that way but if you want to do a normal clean press come down bend slightly pop it up [Music] carry on [Music] alright now let's move it over here we got lunges 0 for 14 steps let's go for it alright just completed lunges if you don't know how to do that move go ahead watch the video we're gonna go ahead and input how many we did 14 so the next move we have is gonna be rear delt flies with the dumbbells now we're working on our back and shoulders a little bit of hamstrings a little bit of lats full body exercise let's go for it want your back flat you want to take shoulder width apart stance we're gonna go open [Music] whoo all right we just got two more exercises to go so a quick recap on all the exercises we did and the muscles targeted we did the push-up rows which activates your core chest triceps shoulders back a little bit of bicep then we wanted to goblet squats which is shoulders legs and core next we had Russian twist which is extremely intense on your core as well as your arms after we had clean and press again arms shoulder core legs that's one of the best full body exercises when you're using dumbbells then we moved into lunges again shoulders arms obliques lat core and of course your legs and now we finished rear delt flies which is back rear delts and your core so let's go ahead punch in how many reps we did twelve reps now we're moving on to the last two exercises we have dumbbell curls for your biceps and core as well and last we have kickbacks for your triceps all right let's get right into those dumbbell curls we're gonna go for 12 now do not be swinging and bringing them up like that I want you to control every single second let's go for it turn them out up [Music] Harriet really work that negative guys come up come down slow and controlled whoo all right as you can see I'm already starting to break a sweat and this is just round one so now we have the last exercise it's gonna be tricep kickbacks let's go for 10 on each arm all right this is how we're gonna do it with no bench we're gonna take a stance like this put your arm here grab your shoulder now this is the support you're gonna need to do the kickbacks whoo all right so that completes the routine let's go ahead and put those bicep curls and those tricep kickbacks so curls 12 kickbacks 10 on each arm now I do have one last bonus move for you guys it's gonna be handstand push-ups of course if you do them against the wall but if you can do a free-standing even better and I know I said that this was gonna be a dumbbell only workout so we're gonna use the dumbbells to do our handstand push-ups let's go for [Music] all right I think that's a good number for round one we have two more rounds to go that's gonna complete this workout routine of the dumbbells only full body workout this workout is highly effective and there's no excuses all you need is a set of dumbbells and you can get a great workout and get in the best shape of your life wherever you're at so if you enjoyed this workout routine smash that like button and share it with a friend comment down below what you want the next workout to be and subscribe if you haven't already I post a vlog every Thursday 2:00 p.


USA Eastern Time and if you comment within the first 30 minutes of any upload you always have a chance to win some free area apparel and stick around to the next Thursday guys I'm gonna be dropping another workout from home showing you guys how you can build solid muscle and get completely shredded all from home with actually no equipment this time so check out next Thursday's video and for my personal workout routines getting you in the best shape of your life then definitely download the hereo pro app if you haven't already to get full access to all my personal workouts that I upload on a weekly daily basis within the app there's also a workout generator that creates workouts and workout programs designed Chris Harris style basically it's like having me as a personal trainer in your pocket and to take your training to the next level check out Chris Harriet calm and pick up your weight vests we have brand-new colors orange and grey go and pick one up right now Chris Harry calm take your chain to the next level and I will see you guys next Thursday mad love peace out I'm gonna make this time go Rolex listen right here little mommy will make it just smash that like button guys.

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