Working Out with Your Girlfriend | Juanpa Zurita & Twan Kuyper

can you believe it the guy tell me what to do wait so if I get this right you were working out with your girlfriend and her training a partial trailer Wow look how did that go as always how's it going nice to meet you very nice to meet

you you know the guy was actually pretty pretty nice you saw the potential of a weightlifter like me I figured since your first day we'll take it slow see where you're at let me get started yeah I'm good oh I'm ready to do the big boy stuff okay

well just so you know that this is the no judgments elves yeah wherever you're at that's okay with me the only competition we have is against ourselves don't look man and I totally appreciate the fact that you don't want me to put myself I want you to know

that I'm at the same level as my couple she's a beast don't let her fool you yeah well she has a beast of a boyfriend right am i right all right uh I mean maybe we should just get started with our favorite thing yeah Spartan Slayer 300 it

wasn't well you know because it's a girl in the training are the exercises we're into crazy all right a hundred burpees guys let's get him let's go nice focus on your form so you're telling me this is this workout was like not hard at all nothing really challenging

not bad great workout all right now that we're done with the warmup let's start the workout what do you say water break I just didn't feel like I was getting pushed to my limits oh no man [Music] did you even break a sweat I don't even sweat my

guy and you know I sweat no you swept fast [Music] I wasn't pushing to the boundaries right otherwise why would you pay for a trainer yeah keep doing what you're doing yeah I'm done I feel kind of bad for your girlfriend to be honest cuz like she's like

wasting their money it's like a waste of time waste of money it's not about how much weight it's about how you're doing okay so if you just focus on your yeah and they want weight it doesn't matter if it uses these little baby weight this is where you

belong right now I'm proud of you for doing this little baby weight this is tiny but you know what's not tiniest your heart I want to do the big boy weights you sure look at me I'm I'm at 10% what are you talking about haven't even drank water

ten percent of my potential I was like if you're not gonna do your job might as well let me do it and I was like dude no one's gonna judge you here like do you know the gym is like a no judge zone okay guys abs and we're

done I'm gonna go bubbling nose what's wrong baby doctor Dustin no I know I'm fine it's just family condition and I go in there take it out oh okay well we'll get started but don't take too long I don't want you to miss out okay I hate those

people you know don't blame the player blame the game [Music] okay get it from here now give it to me here I went through the whole thing in a heartbeat in and out oh man you wanted to do some ABS oh okay Johnson justify that one's so easy

so smooth I don't know if I want her to like keep going with him God takes in God Gibson he definitely took everything out of this poor trainers head because he has no idea what he's doing know what I admire about you you always speak the truth you

always have no I really appreciate that wha why wouldn't you tell me that you destroyed the bathroom no I'm literally fans from the gym everybody in the gym knows you throw up all over the place and I got charged for all the damages why wouldn't you tell me

you can't handle 15 pounds were you afraid that you couldn't like let anything that you're afraid of you like a Mexican little spaghetti huh what's wrong with you like I'm gonna believe your girlfriend over my boy sees for sure lies where's your everything she said is real Wow

I I employed it in the bathroom I have never puked as much as I did there you know what though I puked to your puker yeah when I was working out all over it's pretty bad oh my god dude come here my god yes next time look stupid

okay cut see you next week [Music]

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