Women Try GraceFit's Workout Guide For 12 Weeks

as you can see from this what my face doing in a onesie was a terrible idea for 12 weeks we are gonna be doing grace Fitz shreddy shreddy grace fit is an Instagram business woman she released the fitness plan we thought why don't we try it out it's

the start of the year yeah we're feeling that Christmas yeah extra yeah three months 12 weeks we're doing it from the house yeah so I kind of want to get myself more motivated to do things at home and not necessarily have to go to a gym yeah and

I'm doing it in a gym but it's just changing up my routine a little bit so shocking my body and get my body used to a new way working out so we shall see well I'm gonna be in carnival this year and when I say in carnival are

we wearing my carnival outfit which means it's going to be there is a community real-time workout and dude Grayson vegan so she's giving us like vegan meal plans to do one of my resolutions for the year was to cut down my meat consumption anyway so this is something

that can help me I guess kind of navigate that and give me some ideas of food and different meals and snacks to do so I guess I'll use it as like a thesis but not a Bible so we're gonna vlog for 12 weeks a whole experience and show

you some workouts maybe show you some food and just basically go through if it's making us feel any better yeah yeah look forward to some sweaty vlogs it's very short welcome to the first day to the rest of my life or until March now it's talking about the

death of someone else man what I actually put once put my Apple watch on and I I think it's 156 calories I just burned which is quite good and it's almost pushed me over my daily kind of limit it's also quite good was that I actually use the

heaviest band that I have the extra heavy band and unsurprisingly it was extra heavy week for I don't even know if I'm changing to be honest I am tired but tonight I am gonna do the full body workout and meet one of the meals whole-wheat pizza coconut cream

a butternut squash thing and some garlic I don't even know how to get into this so we'll all learn together [Music] oh wait it's one of those things like you know when they're dancing on the outside but like they've got all this personality because look how oh my

god button is the car orange that is [Music] drops up on the floor you know what it doesn't look too bad I put around impossible because you know it looks I'd say it's actually great I'm about to do my second workout a week five all right today I'm

doing legs and um which is probably my least favourite workout of the three types that we have so yeah I'm trying to work out someone who's just joined me I haven't been gym but to be honest there must be something in the world that fades if you pack

up the flag house wherever you are living [Music] because every muscle in my body is aching right now it's the morning and I'm gonna get into this workout I look so rough oh my god I think I've been like a little bit just to focus on like maybe

the weight loss by you I am trying to realize that I am feeling the law that's it generally I guess I'm halfway there if I lose the way at least some way but I'm honestly not that puppet anymore I'm just trying to do me [Music] today is day

one of the salsa self isolating that we have to do now to BuzzFeed and pull the covert 19 virus but the like good thing about this is that the grace fit workout that we do at home is like the perfect kind of thing to break up your day

having a workout like this is the perfect way to kind of get some time in for yourself dispel a bit of anxiety and also get some exercise in so [Music] today's workout was really hard there was a lot of new loose on there like the spider push-up which

I completely failed out but it will do me good in the end so it's after work now it's giving me a nice little break and yeah that was good [Music] okay if there was official I have finally switched from gym workout to home workout and what I found

quite difficult is that the exercise starts without giving you any example and whereas with the gym one you can press plays see how it's done and then you can repeat it by looks of this one it does going down as soon as the exercise and then start to

start the exercise but as it's a circuit by the second round you're good to go it's now like essential to walk every day because you know what super heart is like I think I'm finding the grace fit work shreddy workouts harder than usual because you just go from

doing absolutely nothing all day to into a workout I hear joints and your muscles are just like head so now I'm like I have to do my one hour whatever what exercise sanctioned by Baris and then go into the workout cause right you're like so just have a

stiff I've decided to do the whole full dress outfit because yeah I just need to make myself feel a bit better for everyone in the house I'm even wearing my shorts and my band and everything just kind of bored at home I think it's the second or third

full weekend in at least a cup quarantine it's like quarantine isolation and first weekend fully in lockdown so we've been very much like scaled back to what we've been doing all just very house based activities which is perfect for it and ready at workouts as well I guess

it's good that I thought this video at least to motivate me to keep going so this a thumbs up / or tentative so alternating dumbbell snatch and it is my favorite exercise of videos because it's just it was actually my birthday yesterday so I'm feeling a bit down

because yeah I spent my birthday in isolation which is the grains I'm just deciding not to change out my onesie for this one so I guess I merely asked for a bit more and I don't know lose my was he [Music] okay so I don't know what week

it is none of us know what week it is right now but we have reached the end of our great journey and do a whole pizza I do it was a really positive experience it was like obviously because of the whole lockdown situation from the start to the

end the kind of journey of what we were doing at least in my minds changed it started me getting used to working out at home so that the transition during the lockdown was like super smooth and wasn't anything different than what we've been doing before for the last

nine or so weeks I learned that I can do more than I thought I could which is good I've learned that I guess is in my apartment very quickly so I think I learn a few things what was really good about this was the fact that it gave

you routine number one but number two most importantly was form I mean a lot of time you go into the gym and you see people doing stuff that's going to break their body you know it's gonna break their body what's really good about the app is that you

can see someone do it before and you're like okay cool that's how I should position my body and if you're unsure while doing the exercise you can stop and pay me again but yeah I've just kind of learned to love that kind of exercise again and I think

that's more valuable than anything else that could have happened I guess I said I was going into this to kind of improve my mental health you know just get into exercise more so if that was my aim then yes I do think I achieve what I expected I

didn't lose I didn't think I lost anyway to be honest life which is nothing to say about the app or the workout I just didn't put a hundred percent into it I'm gonna give loads of excuses but coronaviruses yeah I mean if one thinks they're gonna look like

Beyonce and when they finish it working out I don't know that Beyonce I mean it's no surprises there but I saw some changes like I'm now seeing lines in my stomach what I didn't know they had like any definition behind all that stuff there so I see some

changes there my clothes are fitting differently and I do see the water all of my hard work so yes I do see some changes and but yeah I'm not feeling safe ready just yet I may continue on this journey [Music] you [Music]

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