Wilderness Workout with Boss and Kevin Hart

All right, man, you know on “What The Fit, ” we love to give you guyssome things that you can doat home on your own, and that information comesfrom not myself, but from my trainerRonald “Boss” Everline.

Now, because we are hereand we were with the Scouts, I felt that he should lookthe part as well, so I gave him my uniformfrom back in the day.

No, no, no.

This is your uniform now.

Yeah, but I'm sayingyou had to have somethingto wear to look the part.

They brought this to the trailerand this is what they gave me.

Yeah, I know that, but it's–this is all about being a Scout.

All right, since we camping, we're gonna changethe workout up a little bit.

You know, sometimesyou gotta get away frombears, lions, coyotes.

– What is that?- Getting away from the bear.

Anyway, I'm gonna giveyou guys a basic move.

We're gonna doa side lunge with a lateral–side lateral lunge, lifting your leg up.

We're gonna go 30 seconds.

Let me get 30 secondson the right side.

– Is that a side lunge with a what?- With a knee raise.

Side lunge with a knee raise.

Put that at the bottomof the screen.

– We're doing a side lunge with a knee raise.

– How about you just do it? – I can't push you.


– Huh? Get off of me.

Don't put your hands on me.

You saw what I didwith that hatchet.

You better back up.

– Keep going.

– Side lunge! And hit it! – Bap and chirrup!- Keep your knee dropped.

You gotta go for 30 seconds, though.

30 seconds.

You guys do this at homefor 30 seconds.

You can do itin the living room, in the bathroom.

I don't care where you're at.

You can do it on a plane.

You just need to do it.

– Hit it!- That's a good move right there, Kevin.

– Hit it!- Keep your foot straight, though.

– Keep your foot straight.

– Sit it! Why you– don't makeall that noise, brother.

– What you doing?- The noise is unnecessary.

All right, so I got another movefor you real quick.

– What we got?- Because we're in a forest, like I said– – This ain't the forest.

– What is this? – It's just a camping ground.

– Oh, it feel like the forest.

– No, it's like a little park.

– So, right here, sometime, when the bear come after youand you got your backpack on, what are you gonna do?You gotta get awayfrom the bear.

– Are you the bear?- I'm the bear.

So if you coming at meand I got a backpack on? If I'm coming at youand a bear was coming at you, what you gonna do?Exercise, – the bear come at you.

– Karate chop! That's not– we're not goingback to the karate chop.

You asked me what I would do, and that's the honestto God answer.

So, basically, when you got the backpack on, we adding some weightto your back so you can do some high kneesin place so you ready.

– Oh.

Oh, yeah.

– So you're ready for when – the bear comes for you.

– Oh, yeah! We're gonna do thisfor 30 seconds at home, in the living room, in the bathroom.

Good job, buddy.

Working on yourcardiovascular health, working on your heart health.

– As you can see, Kevin's really focused.

– Karate chop! – That doesn't bother me.

– Not you.

You're the bear.

– The bear– the bear— Do you know how fast a bear runs? – Not after you karate chop it.

– How fast is a bear, Kevin? A bear can run up to35 miles per hour, but ifyou get a karate chop– That's actuallya great answer.

If you get a karate chopto the sensitive nerve on a bear's neck? Collapse.

True story.

– Karate chop!- Take off the backpack.

– The next move— You thirsty? – Nah.

– I got a canteen in there.

– Nah.

– All right.

The next move is a bear crawl.

So we're gonna come down.

Oh, my– oh! Hold up.

Hold on, brother.

You gonna rip that shirt.

– Yeah, yeah.

– Don't do that.

– You're gonna rip my shirt.

– Yeah.

Just tell mewhat the bear crawl is.

So you're just gonna walkfrom side to side for 30 seconds ina bear crawl position, – keeping your core tight.

– I get it.

I like the workout.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Feet together.

– Bear crawl, right? Crouch.

No, no, no.

No, no.

Slow, slow, slow.

– Bring your feet closer together.

– Here? Yeah, right there.

Now walk over.

– There you go.


– Over this way.

– 30 seconds of that.

Now come back.


– Yeah.

Keep your core down, keep your butt flat.

– You can do this in— I feel like a bear.

– You feel like a bear?- Yeah.

Rawr! – How you feel?- Like a bear.

That's not what I asked you.

– I feel good.

– Okay.

That makes more sense.

Do you have something elseyou want to do? Another move? No, I just want toshow 'em the karate chop, the way to do it.

Like, if you hit 'em–if you come into the side, ain't no bear gonnastand that.

Right on the neck.

True story.

– You can Google it.

– ( animal snarling ) I hear something.

Watch out.

We in the forest, bro.

Things is happening.

I think it's best for us to justtake a second to move, right? Just in case that bearis here, right? – There's something out here.

– Yeah.

Just in case it is.

Boss, you get the backpack.

– Get the backpack, Boss.

– You're not finna leave me with the backpack.

All right, just slow down.

Don't leave me.

Now hold on.

– Wait a second.

– 'Cause if something coming, I'm going.

– Take your time.

– Grab the bag.

– You got food in the bag?- That's probably what it is.

– They smell the food.

– Hey, man, it's been another episode of “What The Fit.

” We gotta go.

There's some animals out here.

– And, uh.



– Stay back! You better stay back! Kev, it's time.

Kev, we gotta get out of here.

No, no.

Hold on, Boss.

I know what I'm doing.

You heard me? You stay back! I'll give you what you want, and that's a bad dayon a summertime night.

– I'm the man! Aah!- Get his ass! Get him! ( laughing ) Oh, see? The chop.

I was ready.

Another episodeof “What The Fit.

” See you next week.

What up?Scoutmaster Kevin Hart here.

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