Why should you lose weight? | Why it? | Reasons to lose weight | Benefits of losing weight

have you ever seen a fat person whom are we reminding you of ? we insist you to help them and it's time for you to accept the truth sorry but no matter how good the other person, is their looks often remain at the back of our head well

let's see what we have on this topic, Around 40% of the world's population suffers from it and that number has tripled in just last 40 years this is often the reason for people's laziness and it's driving them away from other people ,did i tell you what this is

or have you guessed it already well it's -obesity, if you're obese, sorry but obesity has cost you your courage ,your prestige your confidence and above all it will cost you many years of your life if you don't defeat it, well the good news is that numerous people are

continuously defeating it and report a completely better life after losing some weight but unfortunately there have been continuous countless strives made by obese people to prove that being overweight is okay and even a doctor named Carl L levy supports it and even wrote a book named the Obesity

Paradox to support his proposition, okay! they have already been widely criticized and we don't intend to do any further, it's completely one's own choice but we think you need some motivation to become healthier well here is why it and here's why you must lose weight, losing weight might

seem a difficult task but we assure you it will be very easy if you have enough reasons to do it except only to impress that lady or gentleman by losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle you will get to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack

stroke , diabetes, cancer and most probably you will get to see the wedding of your children or even grandchildren which we hope you would love to! you will look better, fresher, your complexion will clear up and you can try latest trends if you like to and even

go on many dates, we guess you're interested in it, yeah!? let's go further first impression is often the last impression and your weight speaks before you whether it is a job interview or a date with a person you like! , do you want to become a leader ?

which great leaders do you admire ? well you will become a better leader as you will gain a greater sense of confidence and people will consider you more successful studies show that people with more weight it have much lower chances of getting a job or promotion than healthier

people, if you think of becoming a business person people like to follow people who have qualities which they themselves desire and admire and a fit body is definitely on top of them! , we guess you may have a different problem ? you love to eat food Yeah ,right!

? according to Stanford University the taste buds sensitivity of a healthier person is much more than an unhealthy person so if you lose weight you will enjoy food way more that too without any guilt of eating the food that you love or do you love your family ok

just increase your life years for them or how about relieving them from your snoring snoring is mostly caused by excess weight around your neck and throat or lose some weight and become more energetic for a run along the sea shore, weight causes joint pain or at least lose

some weight for your nights! , you know what we mean! , right? well if you become healthier overall health of the family increases and even your parents and grandparents live longer so you together will become happier and helthier and if this isn't enough losing weight improves immunity, improves

memory, improved functioning of your organs and even saves your money, you will attract people who themselves are healthy and only a person who can take care of oneself can take care of you note this applies specifically to people who lose weight organically we do not state that people

with less weight are healthier only people with good food habits and those who exercise well are healthy we just do not promote losing weight but also becoming healthier overall both physically and mentally according to World Health Organization obesity is completely preventable and we truly believe that you can

prevent it and even cure it, by controlling your food as food is 90 percent of our health and having at least daily work around also it's said if you complete one marathon you would not die of a heart attack why is it said so? scientists also say better

health tends to give you better sleep by the way why do you need sleep or why is it said that food is 90% of our health is it true? if walking around prevents obesity why are we under lockdown ? well this seems the story for another whyit are

you thinking of another why it comment it below and don't forget like and share this with people you love and we really love to hear from you! Keep you in a child alive who questions everything and try to convert the red button to grey if you haven't done

it yet!

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