Why Do Low Carb Diets Work For Weight Loss? Here are 4 reasons!

So why do low carb diets work? The way Ioften hear it explained is basically, if you cut the carbs out of your diet thenyour body has to go looking elsewhere for its energy source and it goes tolook for your stored body fat.



and that means that you lose weight.

But actually, I think it goes a little bit more in-depth than that and that's what I'm gonnacover in this video.

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So this week, we're talking about why do low carbdiets work and they do work I think we've got an overwhelming body ofevidence to suggest that they do now.

Currently, compared to low-fat diets lowcarb diets are winning 33 to nil in terms of statistically significantweight loss in randomized controlled trial studies.

Those are the goldstandard of studies.

So why is that? Well, first of all, it's becausethe conventional approach is simply flawed.

The conventional approach that you'll nodoubt be familiar with is the calories in calories out approach.

Basically, you're consuming too many calories and not burning enough calories.

So, you gainweight and of course the solution to that is to simply eat less, move more, create a calorie deficit and in the longer term you're going to find thatyour problems are solved.

Except it doesn't really work, does it? Because most people have real trouble sticking to a weight loss program.

Most people who dostick to a weight loss program lose minimal weight even if they do start tolose some weight then they're probably going to put it back on within a year ortwo years.

And the reasons are because our body fights back when werecalorie-restricted.

Our bodies aren't stupid.

We get more hungry and we reduce our metabolic rate So, you start to actually feel tired and you start tofeel really really hungry.

It's no wonder that people fall off their diets reallyquite quickly, but I believe these issues are properly addressed by the low-carbapproach because the low-carb approach deals with things on a hormonal levelrather than just basically thinking with just large energy stores.



and I alwaysencourage people to go back to basic biology and really think about what thehuman body is and really what the human body is is it a series of tissues andorgans and the way those tissues and organs communicate with each other iseither via the nervous system or via hormones.

And it's hormones that we'regoing to focus on in this video because that's what is really really importantin terms of why low-carb diets work so #1 Low carb diets reduce insulinlevels.

Now it has an impact on a number of different hormones but insulin isreally really important because it is our body's fat storage hormone and whatI mean by that is it actually is the signal to take glucose from ourbloodstream put it into our cells into our fat cells where it is turned intoour stored body fat and insulin is produced by the pancreas in response toelevated blood glucose levels which shuttle that glucose from thebloodstream into the fat cells where it is stored.

So elevated insulin levelsequal fat storage and low carb diets address this because low carb dietsreduce insulin production.

It's the carbohydrates particularly theglucose that signals to the pancreas to produce more insulin if you take awaythe carbs the insulin production is lower and those lower levels of insulinallow our bodies to access that stored fat rather than juststoring more of it and this results in weight loss in two phases in the firstfew days you're gonna lose mainly just water weight and I'll explain why thereisn't a second but after a few days you're gonna start to be able to accessthose fat stores and actually use up that body fat for energy to supply yourbody and you will lose body fat so very quickly the reason we lose water weightin the first few days is because insulin also has an effect on the kidneyscausing them to retain fluid lower levels of insulin mean that the kidneyscan lose fluid that's one of the reasons why our blood pressure can go a bitlower when we're on a low-carb diet, which is generally thought of as a goodthing.

The second reason is because our bodies store carbohydrate for the shortterm in the form of glycogen.

Now glycogen is stored in the liver and inthe muscles and along with glycogen is stored water so you start to burnthrough those glycogen stores and after a few days you will have burn throughthem but you'll also have lost the water that was stored along with them and thelow-carb diet is particularly important for people who are suffering withsomething called insulin resistance.

So insulin resistance is where the body isactually resisting the effects of insulin so it takes more insulin to havethe same effect on the cell which is to move blood glucose from outside in theblood into the cell itself and many of us who struggle with obesity have alsogot insulin resistance.

The two really go hand-in-hand and that means we've got alot higher insulin levels a lot of the time and therefore are turning off ourability to break down fat.

The second reason that low carb diets are soeffective is because of reduced appetite Now, appetite again is under hormonalcontrol.

There's lots of hormones that are involved in appetite but hormoneslike leptin and ghrelin.

Now I don't want to go too much into those hormones herebut the sense of fullness that you get on a low carb diet is very verydifferent from the sense of fullness you get on ahigh carb diet the high carb diet is very much about the bulk of food thatyou eat so you're full because you really can't eat anymore and the stretchreceptors in your stomach that are telling you that you're full whereas ona low carbohydrate diet you feel a lot more full because you are nutritionallysatisfied particularly proteins and fats are very filling on their ownwhereas carbohydrates like I say are really due to the bulk of the size ofthe food and it's very common for people who are suffering with obesity to tellme that they are hungry all the time I remember back when I was struggling withmy weight that I couldn't fill myself up at breakfast not for very long anywaybut no matter what size a bowl of cereal I'd have in the morning I had somepretty big balls of cereal I couldn't really fill myself up until gone 11o'clock in the morning when I'd have a dip a dip in energy and I just need toeat something in order to keep me going until lunch and it would be the samething in the afternoon as well despite however big a lunch I'd had I'dhave a dip in the afternoon that I'd need to go and grab something usually asweet treat so I could function until the evening when I would have my eveningmeal so this is very very common people tell me that whatever I eat I seem to behungry fairly soon afterwards and guys if that's something that resonates withyou then please let me know in the comments down below this video I'd loveto hear from you on that and the reduced hunger that many people feel on alow-carb diet is a gateway into intermittent fasting which as you may beaware is an excellent way to lose weight many people simply don't feel hungry inthe mornings when they've been on a low-carb diet for a few days or a fewweeks and and if you start tuning in to your hunger then you don't really wantto eat until around about lunch time which means you naturally fall into apattern of what we call 16/8 intermittent fasting which is when you really onlyeat within an eight-hour window you may eat a larger lunch and a larger dinnermaybe 7 o'clock in the evening and that means you are actuallyfasting for a total of 16 hours overnight.

An intermittent fasting isgreat because throughout a fasting period your insulin levels are gonna below and you're gonna be releasing your bodies to stored fat for energy and The third reason that low carb diets are so effective is because they appear to giveus a metabolic advantage there was a fantastic study done in 2018 that I willagain I'll link that down below this video and what they did was they putseveral groups of people on two different diets in terms of carbohydratecontent and looked at the metabolic advantage of each of the diets and whatI said what metabolic advantage is that the low-carb diet group actually burned200 calories a day more than a high carb group so yeah a pretty significantmetabolic advantage simply by being on a low-carb dietit'll be burning about 200 calories a day more than somebody who's on a highcarb diet and the final reason low carb diets are so effective and we'restarting to see more and more evidence that points towards this is that lowcarbohydrate diets help with food addiction now I don't want to go intowhy sugar and carbohydrates are obviously so addictive at this point inthis video but I've often hear people saying I can never go without pasta Ican never go i that bread I could never go without rice or I could never gowithout cake and on a certain level that's addiction compare that to I couldnever go without alcohol or I could never go without cigarettes well you'deasily say that that was addiction wouldn't you and it seems that less foodaddiction equals less consumption of these bad foods which are obviously highin energy therefore improve weight loss so that's it really I think it all comesback to hormones at the end of the day and I think understanding that ourbodies are not just an energy store which needsbe calorie restricted but a series of interconnected tissues which communicatevia hormones and if we actually work with our body's hormones then we'regoing to be on to a winner and that's really the basis of why low carbohydratediets work Ok, that's it for today's video.

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