all diets die it's literally right inthe name what's going on guys Carlo Macapinlac here from NewbieFitnessAcademy.

com and in this video I'm gonna show you the top 5 reasons whyyou're not losing weight with your current diet and what you need to doinstead in order to finally achieve your weight loss goals if you're new to thechannel give this video a like subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to getnotified every time I post a new video every week okthe first problem with dieting is that it makes you hungryand being hungry sucks like raise your hand if you've ever felt hungry on yourcurrent diet and you get hungry because your current diet probably just reliesheavily on cutting calories in order to achieve any sort of weight loss and itworks at the beginning like any calorie restrcition diet will work at thebeginning but then homeostasis kicks in your body adapts by slowing down yourmetabolism which causes the dreaded weight loss plateau and you can reallyonly restrict calories for so long and this can be classified as a form ofsemi-starvation and it's built around the energy balance theory you know alsoknown as the calories in versus calories out weight-loss model and we're gonnadive into that in a second here now a few major problems come up when you'realways hungry first is that the compliance rate goes down like way downthis is why you should never just rely on sheer willpower alone if you're justcutting calories because your will power runs out like even the mostdisciplined people can only hold off hunger for so long you're literallyfighting against your hormones you're fighting against your physiology andyour physiology will always win then it's gonna lead to binging you're gonnafeel like a failure next thing you know you're completely off track soundfamiliar the second problem that comes up is thetype of cravings you experience when you're hungry when you're semi starvedand this is a survival instinct through evolution your body is going to look forthe easiest and fastest food to break down that will provide instant energy toyour starving body and what's the easiest and fastest type of food to break downsugar this is why if you've ever gone on a dietyou're just cutting calories which probably means that your favorite treator your caloric kryptonite is off the table it makes you crave it even morenot only that you're just craving the worst kinds of foods and it's usuallysomething sugary like a granola bar protein bar cookies candy and eventhinks that you don't normally crave because your hormones are completely out of whack again this isn't even about willpower your body sendsreally powerful hunger signals through the hormone ghrelin that you need tolook for a quick hit of fuel which leads me to my second pointyou're not eating real food you're eating what I like to call frankenfoodswe've come a long way in terms of engineering and technology as humanbeings and one of the things that's become a byproduct of this evolution inengineering are the types of foods that we eat and a lot of us aren't eatingreal foods anymore we're eating food like products so again if your currentdiet just involves cutting calories and when you're grocery shopping we tend tolook for low-calorie and low-fat versions of foods and this is amulti-billion dollar industry by the way like food manufacturers spends millionsof dollars in marketing to make this stuff appealing to us to make everyonebelieve that if you just eat this low-calorie and low-fat version of thisfood you're gonna lose weight so everyone goes out and buys skim milkinstead of whole milk and it hurts me every time I hear somebody order askinny vanilla latte every time I'm at Starbucks and I love using skim milk asan example for this because it's gross like next time you're at the grocerystore because I don't have skim milk here compare skim milk versus regularmilk you're gonna see that the skim milk yes it has lower calories because it'slow in fat but if you look at the sugar content it's usually higher and sugar isextremely fattening everyone knows that and now you're drinking that's gonethrough an extra level of processing and I always like to say that there are nobad foods only processed ones the more processing your food goes through theworse it is for you the other thing about milk is that weare the only species on the planet that drinks milk from another animal it'skind of weird if you think about it and really the biggest reason why we do thisis that milk contains calcium well if that's your only reason you can getcalcium from better sources like nuts and green leafy vegetables and my lastpoint about milk is this and it's very important especially if you're an adultwho still drinks milk or chocolate milk think about it this way a cow's milk isdesigned to grow a 90 pound baby calf to a fully grown 1, 500 pound cow in 15months you would be completely naive to think that that's not gonna have somesort of effect in your body we also give this stuff to our kids and childhoodobesity is at an all-time high are you starting to see the connection heregoing back to fake foods we eat a lot of rice chipswe eat margarine instead of butter we eat low-fat dairy like we eat low-fatsour cream low-fat cheese low-fat ice cream low-fat and low calorie everythingwhich all tastes like cardboard because again to make any food low-calorie it'susually fat that gets taken out because it's the most calorically dense butfood manufacturers have to replace that with something else to make it tastegood and that something else is sugar andit won't say sugar blatantly on the food label and they're really good at hidingthis I mean there are at least 61 different names for sugar for crying outloud and that's another thing that I want to point out because making theproper food choices is what's really gonna get results at the end of the dayhere's a good rule if your food comes in some sort of packaging and it has anutritional facts label sticker attached to it with who knows how manyingredients are in it you might want to think twice about eating it for examplea protein bar and I don't really know when this became the norm that we shouldbe eating this stuff every day but it's no good for you like if you look at theback of it it's got ingredients that you and I can't even pronounce and this alsoincludes natural protein bars you're basically eating a glorified Snickersbar with some protein attached to it and if you want to lose weight you probablyshouldn't be eating a Snickers bar every day but again it gets a health halo itleads to overconsumption because we think it's good for us now think about apiece of steak for example there's only one ingredientthere's no food label on it it's just that a piece of steak same thing withvegetables if you buy a big thing of cauliflowerit's just that cauliflower you're eating real food now I have to mention thisquickly because going plant-based has gained a lot of popularity these dayswith documentaries like what the health and game-changers which by the way noneof those health claims in those documentaries are based on good scienceand they're extremely biased they're just based on epidemiological studieswhich can only prove correlation and not causation and you should look it up foryourself if you disagree with me on this but people watch a documentary like thatand they take it as the truth so they try going vegan and I'm gonna use beyondmeat as an example here because it's the most mainstream vegan food out there sobeyond meat comes in a packaging with a nutritional label on it so that rightaway should raise some flags but then you look at the ingredients and I can'teven pronounce some of those words so how could you possibly think that that'sgood for you versus eating a piece of steak and this is whyI always just say that you should revolve your diet around real foodrevolve your diet around plants and animals because that's how we evolved ashuman beings you should be focusing on eating single ingredient mostly unprocessed nutrient-dense foods don't eat fake foods again the more processingyour food goes through the worse it is for you because again processed foodswhich are usually high in sugar are the most insulinogenic types of foods whichmeans that they're highly insulin stimulating and insulin is your storinghormone and we're gonna talk more about hormones in a second here long storyshort processed foods like low calorie and low fat foods are extremelyfattening which leads me to my third point you're not eating enough fat sofat has kind of gotten a bad rap since the whole calorie counting concept cameabout because out of all three macronutrients it's the most caloricallydense like 1 gram of fat has nine calories while one gram of carbs andprotein only contains four so common sense suggests that if you're cuttingcalories and you want to lose weight just cut the fat which ties back to thelast mistake and that's when you gravitate towards highly processed lowfat and low calorie Frankenfoods like I remember being told as a kid to cut thefat from my steak or not eat the chicken skin even though it was the best andtastiest part but if you completely disregard its calorie content fatactually delivers four times the amount of energy compared to carbs and proteinwhen it gets metabolized and ketones specifically so those are the energyunits when fat gets broken down is a cleaner burning fuel compared to carbsand sugar for example which leaves free radicals and leads to oxidative damageyour body gets inflamed and inflammation is the root cause of a lot of nastydiseases out there like cancer arthritis diabetes autoimmune and cardiovasculardisease what I'm trying to say here is that fat isn't bad for you especially ifit's coming from good sources fat doesn't make you fat if anything ifyou're not eating enough fat you're probably fast like a lot of nativetribes out there who still live a hunter-gatherer life are perfectexamples of this like the Maasai tribe from Africa or the Inuits in Canada forexample but let's use the Inuits because I'm from Canada their diets consistsmostly of animals because plants aren't really readily available in northernCanada so they mostly hunt fish seal and caribou and when they catch theseanimals what they do is they'll actually eat the fattiestparts of the animal and organ meat because they're the most calorically andnutrient-dense part of the animals and then they'll feed the lean cuts of meatsto the dogs and they don't suffer from modern Western diseases like obesitydiabetes cancer and cardiovascular disease they only start getting it whenthey start eating a modern Western diet go figureand there are studies out there as well that when people just ate lean cuts ofmeat they suffer from something called rabbit starvation because they're notgetting enough fat in their bodies and there's a highly respected doctor in thenutrition industry and I always forget the names I'm sorry but he or she saidthat it's only a complete meal if fat is present and another crucial role thatfat brings to the table is that it triggers your satiety hormone called CCK or cholecystokinin so fat along with protein helps keep you full longer soyou don't have to gravitate towards eating frankenfoodsin between meals and I always love making these comparisons what do youthink is more satiating bacon and eggs with some avocado or toast with some Jambreakfast cereal or instant oatmeal the former has lots of healthy fats andprotein which again triggers your satiety hormones while the latter is asugar Laden meal which will cause a massive spike in your blood glucoselevels which then your body deals with by sending a signal to your pancreas tostart producing insulin which again is your storing hormone which puts yourbody in fat storage mode this by the way is why poverty is directly tied toobesity in the US and really all over the world because think about it thisway if you're feeding a family of four what do you think is cheaper to buy abox of pasta or a piece of steak so it's kind of a sad reality when it comes tothe food system in the US because grain producing companies receive hugesubsidies from the government anyway that's a rabbit hole that we don't haveto get into the point that I want you to take away here is that fat doesn't makeyou fat even though it's calorically dense which leads me to mistake numberfour which is kind of the root point of the first three mistakes your currentdiet involves just strictly counting calories listen there are many reasonswhy this is such a huge problem but this is what a lot of macro coaches out theresell this is the if it fits your macros model the first problem of just strictlycounting calories and fitting everything on your calorie counting app is that itleads you to start gravitating towards these low-calorie and low-fat Frankenfoods that are again usually loaded in sugar which makes them extremelyinsulinogenic it makes them extremely fattening and high insulin blockslipolysis which is fat burning and the second problem again is it shifts youaway from eating highly satiating foods like fats and protein especially fatbecause fat is calorically dense you're scared of the calories and this wholeconcept really all started back in 1980 when the USDA released the first DietaryGuidelines for Americans telling everyone to eat 6 to 11 servings fromthe bread rice pasta and cereal group which are 6 to 11 servings too many inmy opinion but that's the base of it the base of this pyramid are highlyinsulin stimulating and fat promoting types of food which are not satiating atall which causes you to overeat while the top of the pyramid is where you canfind fat so we're told to cut calories and follow a high carb low fat dietwhich coincidentally is also the same time when the whole obesity epidemicstarted go figure so we have been following this advicefor four decades now and it hasn't really worked in fact it's been provento have a 99 percent failure rate because the calories in versus caloriesout models biggest flaw is that it treats all calories equal but you don'tneed to be a rocket scientist to know that a hundred calories of cauliflowerisn't gonna have the same fattening effects as a hundred calories of cookiesnot all foods are created equal your body has a physiological responsethrough the release of specific hormones and the main one being insulin becauseagain it's the hormone that controls your body weight it's the hormone thattells your body to store fat or to burn it and it's directly influenced by thefoods that you eat or that you don't eat your body is an absolute miracle initself it's a sophisticated and complicated system controlled byhormones and other things it's not just a simple mathematical equation so ifyour goal is fat loss and I'm assuming it is which is why you're watching thisvideo what you want to do is you want to focus on a diet that moderates yourinsulin levels because it's really the only diet that will allow you to tapinto your fat-burning mechanism so I'm talking about a high fat low carb andmoderate protein diet the complete opposite of the standard American dietor sad for short because again out of all three macronutrients carbsespecially refined carbs and sugar so a lot of those Frankenfoods that I justmentioned spike the hormone insulin the most while fat especially pure fatdoesn't stimulate insulin protein also stimulates insulinlevels but you're kind of protected because it also stimulates your satietyhormone peptide YY like if you've ever been to an all-you-can-eatBrazilian barbecue place you get to a point where you literally can't eatanymore you get the meat sweats but a funny thing happens when you'represented with dessert all of a sudden you have space for it this is the secondstomach phenomenon by the way so again a high fat moderate protein low carb dietis gonna help keep you full longer because it activates your satietyhormones it's gonna allow you to keep your insulin levels moderated which willallow you to start burning body fat for energy so as you can see it's really notabout cutting calories it's about optimizing your hormones number five thebiggest reason why all diets fail is in the name itself all diets die what Imean by this is don't think of your weight loss journey as something thatyou only do temporarily and this by the way is why people fall in love withquick fixes or fad diets or really anything that promises instant resultsand this is what gets people to go on juice cleanses by the way then they justgo back to their old habits afterwards it doesn't work like that all you didwas waste money on that juice cleanse you might as well just light your money onfire instead I want you to think of your weight loss journey as a completelifestyle change you're in it for the long term and this is why I want you toditch counting calories completely you can't keep doing the same thing overand over again and expect a different outcome that is the definition ofinsanity instead I want you to just focus oneating real foods again think single ingredients mostly unprocessednutrient-dense foods revolve your foods around a high fatmoderate protein and low carb diet and eat it to satiety and then follow thisone simple rule eat when you're hungry don't eat if you're not hungryscheduled meals are completely made up anyway listen if you just do the thingsthat I just mentioned and it's so simple I promise you you're gonna lose weightguys I really hope you got a lot of value from this video and if you want aproven plan on how to put this all together then keep watching the nextquestion then becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want tolose weight because here's the thing 80% of your body composition is determinedby your diet you can't just freestyle this part do youhave a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to give youa free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the fat aroundmy stomach without depriving myself of my favorite foods or wasting hours at thegym it's a simple four-step process specifically designed for busyprofessionals and it's the exact same blueprint that I teach to all my privatecoaching clients and they've all gone to see some amazing results if you want tobe the next success story then download your FREE copy of the lean bodyblueprint right now there's gonna be a link somewhere at the top here or in thedescription box just click on it type in your email and I'll send it to you rightaway all right that's all I've got give this video a thumbs up if youenjoyed it and share it with your friends please subscribe to my channelif you haven't already I post a new video every week and hey leave a commentbelow if you have any questions about this video thanks for watching and I'llsee you in the next video virtual high five.

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