Weight Loss Wednesday ~ Week 5 Noticeable Changes

hey everybody it is way in Wednesdayhere is week five of my weight loss work here in 2020 I've got some exciting newsto share with you now we started the day with rain today here live and honestly Ihad to look back because I thought every single one of these all five weight lossvideos I've shot indoors that is because I looked it has rained every singleWednesday I have shot a weight loss Wednesday video which is hilarious Ihave not been able to step outside and film outdoors it's the one thing I don'thave any control over with my normal vlogs that can simply wait a day andthen wait till it's sunny but with these updates it is rain so we are indoorsagain and first thing when I woke up this morning before I even got a cup ofcoffee I jumped on that scale let's see what happened all rightweek five weigh in Wednesday time come on scale one ninety four point fouryes this is awesome news this is fantastic that means I lost a net 4.

2pounds in the last seven days if we're looking at it week by week week one twooh nine point eight then two and nine point two to a one point six one ninetyeight point six and then this week a net four point two lost to one ninety fourpoint four with a grand total of fifteen point four pounds lost in five weeksunder five weeks this is the beginning of week five of the weight losschallenge so I am well within my goal of losing 30 pounds in 90 days and this isexciting this is really fun now I know it's gonna wear off soon I'm gonna hit aplateau I'm gonna I'm gonna stop losing three to four pounds every single week Iknow that's gonna happen but I'm still losing weight I am getting fit I ammaintaining this healthy diet and this is really really exciting guys lots ofstuff I want to share with you on my last video that I posted Sunday nightearly Monday morning I was reading through the comments and Iwas hearing from a lot of viewers that I hadn't heard from in a while some peoplefor some reason had come back to that video with the projector and the boomboom and said things like wow Eric haven't watchedin months you look fantastic I can see it in your face I can see it in youryour what your waistline and your stomach and and it looks like you'velost weight it looks like you gotten healthy and it is fun hearing from thosetypes of people because for us week to week or even day to day with the othervideos I'm not seeing it so much live but when you look back at the differenceagain I'll post the picture from the thumbnail from last week where you canactually see my midsection has completely changed into one big belly -well obviously not a six-pack but let's just call it a big cake I've got a nicecake in front that's that's actually trimming then it's reducing in size andI'm getting new muscle in some areas so that is exciting to hear from you guysand I appreciate all the really kind comments on the weight loss and seeingsome results I want to show you one other thing because I have noticed thatin my face and my actual face and my cheeks have changed in just four monthsI'm gonna flash some pictures up on the screen but I I'm a little embarrassed bythis because this was not long ago first of all I'm gonna show you my Texasdriver's license picture taken in November this was less than four monthsago okay and then I'm gonna show what I look like today and and I honest I'membarrassed by the first picture I just just my face and my cheek looks bloatedbut I can see it in my face that my body is changing my facial structure is evenchanging because of the the changes I'm making with the food the healthy choicesand the exercise boy that is exciting I have also made some changes to my dietbut before we go into that I'm thinking of food entirely different than I havebefore whereas I used to make videos around food and it's delicious youwouldn't like it look at all this food this is crazyyou know making videos and making food the subject of my life and overdoing itconstantly and what I think now is that I'm actually food is fuel that's all itis it's fuel okay if you put bad fuel into your car it might not run rightokay you only want to put enough fuel to get to where you're gonna go there's nopoint in over filling the tank so I don't thinkfood is necessarily enjoying it so much anymorewhereas I need fuel to survive meal to move in order to function as a humanbeing I'm going to need foods that helps me make healthier choices and not makethe bad choices and not not break my diet necessarily you know what I meanalso I have reached that point in my body for life slash Atkins diet where Iam no longer restricted to the 25 carbs a day when I was in that basically akatana state to shock the body now my limit mybar is actually raised to 50 carbs a day which actually changes thingsdrastically for me it introduces a bunch of new food options for me still healthyoptions but I have added bananas and apples back into my diet also myfavorite is blueberries but blueberries strawberries and raspberries are goingto be a constant snack for me as far as veggies with dinner no longer justbroccoli but we're doing corn and carrots also these are all really goodthings for me because it changes the variety and it makes me not stuck withbroccoli so going from 25 carbs to 50 this is a good thing for me and also Ihad my first soda yesterday I finally tried the Coke Zero sugar this is anawesome soda it has zero calories it has zerofat it has zero carbs and it has zero sugar it does absolutely nothing to mybody it does not affect my diet at all am I crazy by saying this tastes likeregular coca-cola I honestly cannot tell the difference so I am gonna be drinkingat least one of these a day now to supplement the sugar-free Powerade thatI've been drinking once a day so one of these and probably one healthy coke isthat a thing I hope he coke well it's not it's not bad for you anymore thisthis kind also in my last video several people were commenting on thefact that Eric at some point you are going to have to change your entirewardrobe because all these shirts that are – this one's actually not that baggybut most of my extra-large shirts that I have and I have like 60 of them I gotmore than that I got more than two months worth of shirtsbut you know that they're gonna start to get really baggy and they're not they'renot gonna fit as well so people have been saying get ready to change out allyour shirts Eric and and I okay I'm putting it off I'm not gonna do anythingcrazy drastic like that for I would say at least at least until my birthday inJune in June I may reassess everything and consider that it's time to go largeshirts instead of extra-large shirts or maybe even something different I I don'tknow yet but but for right now I'm not making any drastic changes except thisis my favorite leather jacket of all time y'all know that right I have hadthis for like ten years let me put this on um say working nomore I'm actually really sad until I went onto eBay and I found a cover acouple other good nascar jackets that look good that would actually fit me alittle better but i've actually listed this jacket on ebay so i think if youunderstand what that means to me I think I paid like five hundred dollars for itand I got it listed on eBay for 80 bucks and it's an extra large so if you're aNASCAR fan actually onal do I'll put the link in the video description I thinkthere's still like two days left so one of my viewers is interested in this inthis jacket that I've owned forever and taken care of but I have grown out ofyeah go ahead and bid on it and it could be yours I'll send it to you if you winit it does make me sad to lose it though but I mean it is what it is however Idid go onto eBay and got a new leather jacket in a large size instead okay soit's a Wilson's leather jacket it is size large I've never worn a largejacket in my life but I mean I looked at myself in the mirror I was like wait aminute this is actually me this size is now me here I'll even zip it up and showyou hi a large size jacket shocking rightI don't usually wear and zip dub this is this is more of my style but the armlength and the chest and the stomach I mean it can even fold it over man Ireally lost some weight in my stomach guys and so yeah this is uh my newfavorite jacket but also you guys got to hear this this is funny I went on eBaybecause this is of course my second favorite jacket that I wear in almostevery other video it's a Mickey Mouse bomber jacket okay and it too isridiculously large on me okay I'm not getting rid of this yet though I'm notbut I found the exact jacket in a size large in similar condition and I shouldhave it in a couple days so I'm gonna have two of these this one that's toobig for me and the new one that's gonna be exactly identical and in the rightsize so again check out the video description below if you're sidinbidding on that jacket it could be yours I think that's pretty much all I want totalk about diet and weight loss check in and everything I'm really happy with theweight loss now 15.

4 that's the number that's the number that you can't takeback unless I change my habits right now but it's not it's gonna keep going downas you can hear the rain picking up Jack's man I didn't want to hold you before if Iwant to get cat hair all over my shirt before the video but now the videosgoing say hi everybody I'm Jax cat and I'm doing pretty goodwhere's my couple's tobo couple's doubles anyway he's hoping to and well Ihope I beat James this week feel like I have I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna bethe winner at the end of this guys in three months I'm gonna have lost 30pounds yes hope you're doing well I am filming this place you are going to lovemy next video if it stops raining tomorrow it is supposed to stop rainingoh my gosh alright bye guys.

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