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so a few weeks ago we did a community question-and-answer here which went really well you all submitted your questions on the community page and I pulled some from Instagram as well and you've had so many great questions and it was a great conversation starter so I thought we

would dive in and get some more questions that we weren't able to answer last time now if you missed that first video we cover topics like thoughts on the keto diet thoughts on intimate fasting how to eat intuitively when stressed and how to begin when you want to

start eating clean so if you want to check that video out I'll leave a link for you down in the description box below let's jump into some new questions today so the first one there was a bit of a theme that I saw going on I had some

questions one was how do you portion control when eating intuitively how do you know when you're satiated and not overeating I feel like I'm either stuffed or I can't stop and then I'm hungry later and then again how do I listen to my body's hunger cues I often

feel hungry and I eat until I'm too full so a lot of these questions have a similarity right around intuitive eating and how to know when enough is enough right learning to trust our body's signals so the first thing that comes to mind is when you're eating intuitively

it's not really we're not thinking of portion control from an external space right we're really trying to get in touch with our body and how the body feels and depending on the last time you eat depending on how much activity you did etc etc the portion control the

portions I should say can look different at different meals and on different days right that's what can be tricky about using external guidelines right if somebody tells you four ounces of chicken is a portion but you haven't eaten in six hours and you did a really long workout

in the morning in that moment you might actually be wanting needing more than four ounces of chicken right and it's when we're holding on really tightly to these external ideas that we can really trip up our own relationship with ourselves and the cues that our body is trying

to give us so the best tip I know for practicing how to get into with your own personal hunger cues and to get really good at it is to step one truly allow yourself to be hungry and I think at the beginning when you're just practicing this something

that really helped me is to I get to the place where I would think okay I think I'm starting to feel hungry right I'm feeling hungry and then I would set my alarm for either thirty minutes or for 60 minutes right so basically what you're doing is you're

going okay think I'm feeling hungry feeling hungry but I'm just gonna push it out a little bit so that I'm really truly experiencing real physical hunger before I sit down to the plate because it's very difficult to determine when you've had enough if you're not actually hungry when

you start to eat okay so step one allow yourself to truly feel hungry you want to feel that emptiness in your stomach that usually feels like a dip and energy for people sometimes it feels like a lack of focus the actual signals feel different in people's bodies but

again this is part of our own personal practice notice what it feels like in your body and then sit down and you want to eat your food with awareness right you're chewing your food you're tasting your food and you just want to pay attention to how you're feeling

as you're going throughout that meal and what we're really looking for is coming to this place in our bodies where we feel energized where we feel refocused where we feel good we're feeling satiated and if you're not used to determining this based on how you feel it takes

a little bit of practice so to speak directly to Michelle's question which was that you're either feeling stuffed or that you're stopping too early and then you're feeling hungry you know just know that that's just a part of the process right that's just what it looks like when

you're learning a new skill set you're gonna do it wrong a whole bunch of times until you get really comfortable with what feels right for you so don't let that be a reason to stop you from practicing and trying sometimes you're gonna go and eat a little too

much sometimes you're not gonna have enough and that's exactly where the work is until you find that sweet spot so the next question is from Lila and Lila is saying how do you control willpower to stop eating like if I make treats I can't just have a little

I'm constantly picking until they're gone so I avoid making them but then I start to feel deprived so I can completely relate to this question I'm sure many of you can relate to it as well and I have to say without having a conversation with you Lila the

first thing that really jumps out to me is that you're saying I'm constantly picking until there are gone until the treat or the suite that you make is gone and what that says to me is that you're never really giving yourself permission to eat what you're making in

the first place right it's like you make the street but are you ever actually cutting a piece for yourself and sitting down and saying mmm I'm going to enjoy this treat because i know i did this for many years and i can still do it if i'm not

conscious about it if you're thinking oh i don't want to have the cookie or i don't want to have the brownie right and so you're kind of not letting yourself have it but then you're kind of every time you pass the the stove you're kind of sneaking some

bites behind your own back right it's like oh I'm gonna have it without really having it right so the cure-all to that is that you give yourself permission to have it in the first place we have to remember that willpower is not really a tool that we want

to rely on when it comes to eating because it's very short-lived willpower does not last long and it doesn't get us very far right so really what we want is to be coming from a place of like inspiration and when I mean inspiration it's kind of just a

knowing make hey I want to feel good with myself I want to feel good with my food in my body I want to take care of myself I want to honor the relationship that I have with myself and with the food that I'm eating right so in this

case with like making a tree it's making it and giving yourself permission to say I'm gonna sit down and enjoy some of it right because that constant picking that constant I'm gonna have a little have a little it's because there's some part of you that's not letting you

have it in the first place so I would invite you to say hey the next time I make something I'm really going to when I'm ready to have it or when I'm watching it give myself permission to have a piece or two or whatever sounds perfect at that

moment and sit down and enjoy the food and see if that doesn't take the edge off of it for you where you feel like you got to kind of keep on stealing the little crumbs and all the little edges right because you're allowed to have it you're allowed

to have it then you don't have to keep sneaking all of those little bytes and then not only do you get to enjoy what you're having and receive the pleasure from that sweet treat but you also avoid that whole guilty cycle right because if you're not allowed to

have it and then you're sneaking the bytes well then guess what comes next you feel bad and you feel guilty and there's all these negative yucky emotions that run around in your body and then what do we do then we turn to the food again to help soothe

and numb out those uncomfortable emotions right so start from I'm making this I'm gonna have it I'm going to enjoy it I have permission and see where that takes you I'm super curious report back quiring mines one enough ok so moving along next question is from Jay Li

one two eight nine and they're asking do I think that I've ever experienced an eating disorder so have I ever experienced in eating disorder I would say that I definitely experienced disordered eating absolutely if I had to like give myself a label of any kind I would say

that binge eating was probably my biggest challenge with food and then even bigger than that I would say my challenge was with body image and self-acceptance with my body which led to a lot of messy really led to a really messy relationship with food right because if you're

constantly trying to change and control your body then you're constantly gonna try to manipulate your food and it just gets really ugly really fast and underneath all of that I would say that you know a lot of you have heard me tell the story before that the biggest

shift in my mentality was when I became pregnant because when I became pregnant it was the first time in my life that I felt like I did not have to change the way my body looked because I felt like oh when you're pregnant you're allowed to be thicker

and juicier and round and I didn't have to be lean and fit in all of these things that I told myself I was supposed to be because at the time I was a personal trainer and so with that mental shift I was able to stop trying to diet

and I was like ooh I just want to take a really good care of myself it was a huge mental shift it was like I went from deprivation and restriction to like real true nourishment it was probably the healthiest relationship I've ever had with food and body and

my entire life was in that period of time and I've learned a lot from that period that I still apply but I think a big core piece to that or I know a big core piece of that is that when you believe which I did that if and

when you change your body and or make it look a certain way that somehow that is going to make you any form of better more valuable more likeable happier more worthy if you think that the body is going to change that emotional state if so if you're reaching

for it from a place of I need to be like this because it's gonna make me better you will always be in that cycle and you will never ever get the thing that you're looking for and I did that for a really long time and I've seen this

in a lot of my clients too right it's like they think they want a certain size or they think they want a certain weight and when they get to it it's like oh it's still just like what's the next thing what's the next thing what's the next thing

really the only reason that any of us want to either lose weight or change our bodies it's really just because you want to feel good you just think that you will feel good if your reason has anything to do you know there's anything underneath it like I'm gonna

be I'll be okay then or I'll be better than or I'll be more of that you really have to take a big step back and evaluate that because that will keep you in a perpetual cycle of feeling like crap and then trying to control everything through food if

that is your your advice so anyway to circle back around and answer your question did I have an eating disorder I was definitely a binge eater I definitely struggled with my relationship with food and body I never was like an anorexic or bulimia or anything like that but

as many of you know all of these different food issues they come from the same core cause so whether you're overeating and then throwing up or under eating and not eating anything the the home base is still the same and that internal work is the work that needs

to be done okay so I have a question from first Sam 1224 and it's simply thoughts on gastric bypass so that's a big question in the sense that I know that different things work for different people and you do hear success stories with people who have done all

sorts of different things right so I think it's a very personal decision but what I can say for sure is that if you don't take the time to kind of understand your emotional ties and mental ties with food and your habits with food having gastric bypass can be

very tricky right because we have to remember that a lot of times if we're eating or overeating the drive is not physical hunger right so shrinking your stomach and making it really small and not being physically hunger hungry will not necessarily end your desire to want to eat

more food right and so sometimes you hear stories of people who go through this entire process and then they still end up gaining all of the weight back because they never really dealt with the underlying issues of what the overeating is about in the first place so can

it be a tool that can help you yes I'm sure it can be and I would encourage you to know that that is a very personal decision that nobody can answer for you and to come to a place that feels right and good for you but do consider

making sure that you're getting the support and the help that you need to understand your relationship with food as it stands and if there is a desire to overeat or binge eat or eat more than you're wanting or feeling good about what that desire is about because if

you don't take the time to understand it now it's not going to magically go away after you have the surgery right and and then you're just gonna kind of be putting layers on top of layers of things to be managing and having to handle so I would say

do that for yourself and make sure that you're taking care of yourself not just physically but emotionally as well okay let's see let's do one or two more I feel like we have a little theme in this food for thought this Q&A its kind of revolving a little

bit here around eating and weight loss which is totally fine because you guys know I love that topic okay so wool this wool dice 71 is asking can you lose weight by healthy eating alone it hurts to exercise due to excess back issues so in my with my

clients and anytime I'm offering any advice around health or weight loss I always encourage people to separate exercise and weight loss I think when we put them together again it kind of alludes things ah you do not need to exercise to lose weight that's just the truth of

it right we exercise and we move our bodies because our bodies are designed to move and it feels really good so let's just talk about the exercise alone for one moment if you have excessive back pain and there's lots of types of exercises you can't do I do

encourage you to continually look for what you can do whether that's a walk whether that's a stroll whether that's maybe lightly doing something in your garden anything that you can do chair yoga right it's so easy to look at all the things we can't do anymore but I

want to encourage you to try to ask yourself what could I do what would still feel good and not as a means to an end right so not as a way for you to lose weight but as a way for you to gift your body with something that

just feels really good because good feels good and I have always found in my life that the better I feel the better choices I make as well and the more I feel good the less desire I have to turn to food to help manage or buffer any emotions

so keep that in mind but know you do not need to exercise to lose weight you want to exercise to feel good while there are definitely a lot of factors that play in to weight and weight loss and you know why some lose the way they lose etc

exercise can be one of those hormones can be one of those age can be one of those there's a lot of different things that play into it really at the end of the day it is an energy exchange right meaning how much energy are you taking in and

how much energy are you are you using so you can absolutely work on weight loss through food alone and that again is something that you could just play with different approaches you know while I always tell people don't diet I'm not a big fan of people jumping on

diets I do think Dietary Approaches and dietary systems can be great guidelines right so if you know right now that you eat a ton of meat say it might be fun to experiment with a vegetarian diet and see how that plays for you and in your body or

if you're somebody who's eating a ton of sugar in processed flowers and a lot of processed foods it might be nice to experiment with the Paleo diet and see how that works for you right it's really anything that's helping us get to real Whole Foods and really nourishing

our bodies so playing with different systems or different ideas I think can be really helpful to try to find a system that helps you move towards your goals that also helps to satiate a system that helps you move towards your goals that also allows you to feel satisfied

and that you're enjoying your food and that it feels like something you can live with and that is sustainable so long answer to a short question yes you can focus on weight loss via food alone and you don't need to make exercise a part of the equation think

of exercise is something you do for yourself because your body likes to move and exercise feels really good and then try to find a way to gift that to yourself okay we'll do one last question before we wrap this session up and again so many good questions so

I think we're gonna have to do these more often okay but this question comes from Katie and she says any tips for motivating yourself to eat healthy okay a couple different thoughts for this one first of all and this is a really important one right we have to

remember that motivation comes from results right so we have to take action before we feel motivated if you're always waiting or if you're waiting to feel motivated to do something your chances are you gonna be waiting a really long time because motivation actually comes from we start to

see results and we're like oh that's so motivating right it's like you have a friend and they're eating a certain dietary approach and all of a sudden they're losing weight that they want it to be losing you're like oh my gosh that's so motivating right you're being motivated

by their results you're being motivated by something that's putting you into oh let's do this but the thing is that motivation comes from the results so we often have to take action before feeling motivated in order to get motivated so it's like a catch-22 but it's so important

to remember I would say in order to maybe inspire yourself to get into action ask yourself why is it important really like why do you want to eat healthier why are you having this desire to do that in the first place and really come to that place inside

of you that's just you know it's really it's just it's simply your why right why do I want that and let that serve as your inspiration I think this is like a very soft gentle like we live in a society that's I get motivated go go go you

can do it yeah yeah yeah right but I think we have to be able to come to this place inside of us where you say to yourself like why do you want this like why is this important to you and then whatever that answer is it's a reason

enough for you to give it to yourself right that that that's the reason why you're gonna do it because you're like oh something I want and that's important to me because I have my own back and so and then you're honoring an app for yourself and then as

you step into action and then eventually you see results then the motivation circles around and kicks in so bit clearer with why you want to do it create a little plan for yourself of how you think you could start to move towards it and then honor that for

yourself and it's interesting because I do think that a lot of times when we're creating change it is difficult especially in the beginning right because we have to step out of what we've been doing and what's been comfortable to do something totally different so I think knowing all

of that it just it just helps a little bit you know it all just helps a little bit knowing that oh this is exactly the way it's supposed to be and it's not just a straight linear line and this is a process and yeah maybe it's gonna be

two steps forward and one step back but that's not reason to stop trying and to stop moving towards something that I'm wanting for myself so keep all of those things in mind and hopefully that can help you to feel inspired to start making healthier food choices so okay

I think we'll wrap it up right there right I want to make this video too long but I super enjoy having these conversations with you guys if you enjoy this style video please take a moment to like the video so I know and or come on down to

the comments below and let me know if you have any specific topics that you want to chat it out or that you want cover go ahead and leave that my comments below as well a lot of you been asking about food combinations I feel like that may need

to be a video in and of itself that's why I didn't want to really address any of those quickly and these videos so that's something that's in my mind to share but again if you have anything else down in the comments below I'll make sure to read them

all okay thank you so much for watching I will talk to you all soon I'm Danny's fees and I'll see you back here next time with some more food for thought Cheers you

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