Weight Loss on The AK75 Show

Whether you are a man or a woman, please go and get a pen and paper.

First we are going to work out the BMR number.

Now , what is the BMR number? BMR number is just like a PNR number.

When you start an airplane journey, then you get a PNR number.

similar to that is a BMR number! Before we begin our journey, we need a BMR number.

So what are we going to do? We are going to put in a weight of 69 kg a height of 158 cms, .

and an age of 44 years.

And, out comes, the BMR number out of this Harris Bennett equation.

And our BMR number is 1502.

Now , we need to multiply the BMR number by an adjustment factor.

Now, what is this adjustment factor? This adjustment factor depends on how active we are! And , if you are like, Only Little Little things happen, and that's all that happens.

Then , this adjustment factor is 1.


What that means is, that I am lightly exercising 1 to 3 times a week Little Little things happen, only those much , not any more! Ok.

There are 5 adjustment factors.

You can choose which one you want, but , truthfully.

Don't make a fool of yourself, because these days, ways of making a fool have crossed limitless boundaries.

And we fool ourselves , quite often! Ok.


So now, we have multiplied the BMR number by 1.

375 , and I've got a number of 2065.

What is this 2065, what is its essence? What 2065 means is , that, if I eat food , which burns to give 2065 calories in a day, that's the number of calories I need to maintain my weight! Exactly! So now we know! If I eat less than 2065, then I will lose weight.

If i eat more than 2065 , then I will gain weight!.

But the point is at what rate? What should be the speed? And speed in life , has a very special importance.

If Mother Nature, Opens her tap of water , fully, meaning, makes rain fast and heavy.

Then what will happen? Floods! And closes the tap fully.

Then, the world will become a desert.

So, balance, balance, is very important.

Specially for Mother Nature.

And, leaders.

If balance vanishes, then there may come destruction! So, we will work out That balance , which will suit us ! And, the balance that suits me is, slow and steady.

Everything needs to be done in a nice manner.

So that my body can adjust to the changes, and I don't feel, A Big Change.

Ok? 7700 calories is approximately equal to 1 kg.

So if I want to loose half a kg, I need to consume , around 3, 850 calories lesser than what I need to consume to maintain my weight.

Now, I am going to spread these calories, over a period of 7 days.

Why? Balance! To establish a Balance , is very important! You should not feel a big change, otherwise , the big change doesn't sustain! You understand? Big changes, done in Big bang manners, don't sustain in the universe.


Lets move on.

So when I divide, 3, 850 by 7, I get 550.

Now, I have come to the conclusion, that I will consume, 550 calories lesser in a day, than I normally consume.

Which means, 2065 minus 550 is equal to 1515! Whats did we find from this! We found, Our Destination! Yes, That destination, for which we worked out the PNR.

That destination for which we worked out the seat number.

We have discovered that destination , now.

Lots of times , in life, To discover our destination, we need to buy a PNR number and a ticket.

Ok? So, our account starts from 1515 calories.

But, before we move forward Lets also try and understand, how many calories we lose, when we jog or we walk.

So, normally if you walk at 6.

4 kms/hr, for 30 minutes, you are going to loose around 160 calories.

And, if you run at 6.

4 kms/hr, for 30 minutes, you are going to lose around 190 calories.



4 kms/hr is actually a very very nominal number.

If you don't walk like t h i s t h is t h is and rather walk like this this this , you will achieve a speed of 6.

4 kms/hr.

So, don't sweat about it, Okay!.

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