Weight loss journey, weigh in for week one

hi everyone welcome back to my channelthis is PJ's thriving and it is all about thriving and taking care of myselfand just weight loss in my mental health and my sidekick my lil fur baby and weare just having a great time in this video we it is my week

one weigh-in andmy weight loss so we'll get to that weigh-in in a little bit the video isnot gonna be that long so I can actually get through it the things that I atethis week things I've done this week that's kind of what we're gonna gothrough so let's just

get right in my first video I made a couple of mistakesone I said I was taking when we go in back into like my medicines and thevitamins and things that I was taking I showed vitamin C and I said it was ahundred milligrams no it's not there's a

corona virus going around and I'm taking1,000 milligrams every day the doctor advises – my husband is a cancer patientso he's got us all – in that in our household taking a thousand milligrams aday to try and help keep our immune system up where it should be so anywayand

the other thing was I said I thought my weight was around 210 this was a weekago and boy was I wrong it was 220 pounds a week ago so I've made someadjustments this week there goes my before baby she's being noisy Bellaanyway so back to where I'm at

there are items in my pantry and in myrefrigerator that I have chosen to eat on a regular basis and I backpre-packaging them a cup at a time so like there's things like carrots celerycucumbers broccoli cherry tomatoes and it's those little baby carrots that I'mtalking about but a cup

of those apiece and they do not have very many caloriesin there at all everything the the items that I just named were between 18 and 16calories up to 30 calories 50 calories per cup so that is five differentvegetables right there my breakfast is cereal and milk but it'sthe

almond milk so that's 170 calories and fruit it's like 200 240 calories aday so I am 5 foot 8 and I would swear too much it says that I have an obesityI'm obese I think it's as body fat as 34% and thatis just way too much so I

have a Apple iWatchor no Apple iPhone watch sorry that helps me keep track with my steps and mymoving and making me get up and move so I've been walking and because of somehealth and physical issues right now that's about what I can do so I'm justmaking sure that

I'm getting between 5 and 10,000 steps a day and then myoverall calories because I want it to be at a deficit without starving myself formy height and weight my calorie intake I have cut it from 1900 which is what itwould be to maintain the weight that I'm at

right nowI don't want to do that so I'm actually taking in about 1200 and you'll seewhere I'll add the photo of all the items that I've eaten just today it's alot and the I'm only at like 850 calories and I haven't had dinner yet soI'm working on changing

my weight and getting healthy so I'm going to add someof the pictures of stuff that I've ate and I'm gonna try and put in thecalories I'm not sure if how I'm still new at this editing thing so and thenI'm also gonna show a picture of me on the

scale that's kind of scary it'sembarrasing I've never admitted to people on what my weight has been sothat's where I'm gonna be at I would love for you to follow me on my journeyI know I have reached out and been marketing some of my self this week beengetting some

subscribers I would love for you to like subscribe and click thebell so you'll get notified here's my baby againbeing pesky wanting to play subscribe and follow my journey give me any tipsand tricks that you may have if you have videos that is a topic that you thinkwould help

me that's already in this like what mine is please leave it in thecomments I'll go watch it most definitely and if I'm not a subscriberto you I definitely will hit that like and subscribe for you too and justsupport you so please support us until then here's my way

I will see you nextweek bye you

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