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you hi everyone welcome to another video so in today's video I am going to share with you the foods that I always have in the house when I am cutting or trying to lose weight I am currently cutting which means I am trying to lose weight so I am eating in a caloric deficit by doing that I am counting macros so all of the items are you going to see our foods that I try to always have in the house to always have ready and available just to make it easier for me I normally go to the grocery store every Sunday and just go and stock up on things so I am going to show you the items that I bought this week then also the items that I've had so that way you can see over all the items that I try to always have in the house now there are some things that change of course every week depending on what I'm doing or what I'm cooking and also what's in season but pretty much this is what I try to always have available and in the house so for example chicken is one of the proteins that I eat the most so the chicken we go when we buy it at a Costco because it's bigger and it's more cost-effective to buy it that way so we go up to Costco probably about once a month and we get a lot of chicken and then we put it in the freezer and every week I cook it in different ways and then for a second protein we always have two different proteins a week for the second one we will buy something either at HB or a Trader Joe's because every other week besides going to h-e-b I also go to Trader Joe's and buy some other items which I'll share with you in another video what are my staple items that I always get at Trader Joe's so these in general are the items that I always always always try to have in the house except for this one and I will explain a little bit more in a minute ok so let's get started and let me show you all the items that I got so this week for example the second protein that we got was tilapia so I'm sorry I already opened the pack but I just got some frozen tilapia it's just a two pound bag same thing we'll keep it in the freezer I'll only cook what we need for this week and that way we'll have some frozen tilapia in the fridge or in the freezer for another time this is a really lean lean protein for example approximately 4 ounces have 2 grams of fat but 23 grams of protein and zero carbs so it's a great great source of protein and it has good healthy fats now another item that I get I love I have a really big sweet tooth so I get these banana slices covered with dark chocolate they come in little packages like this something that was really important for me and that helped me a lot throughout my weight loss journey and trying to lose weight is having things that already portioned because I if you give me a bag of chips I cannot just have five chips I will leave the entire bag so having these things that are already pre portioned have really helped me so I always get these but I also got some frozen onions so these are pre chopped ready to go frozen onions they're great for cooking this has been probably one of the best things that I've found has been frozen onions I also always have some sort of frozen veggies that are easy to make I like I've mentioned before I have a full-time job so it's for me whatever's quickest and easiest to prepare is best so I got some peas and carrots some frozen peas and carrots and then some frozen veggie spirals these are great because you actually put them in the microwave and they're done in like three minutes and then you can just add something else to season them I'll sometimes add a marinara sauce or vegan pesto that I love from Trader Joe's or sometimes just with a little bit of olive oil salt pepper garlic powder so anyway you want to cook them having frozen veggies are amazing for me I also get Greek yogurt I get a Ciro milk fat yogurt I get these individually just like this but then I also have the full baked one so the reason why I get them like this is because this one helps me just to have it in the house for cooking that's a great substitution instead of using sour cream using this and then also sometimes for breakfast or if I just need a quick snack with a lot of protein this is great this has a lot of protein zero fat five cards in 18 grams of protein and a cup mm-hmm and then these I love these because I can take them to work so there's a great snack to have at work I keep one in the fridge if I'm ever really hungry you need some protein this is a great one to have there so this is why I always get some individual ones eggs of course always have eggs in the house for breakfast I usually have one full egg one egg white one turkey sausage and then some hashbrowns and then I just mix them all together and that's what I normally have for breakfast so I always have eggs and then my boyfriend usually on the weekends I also make eggs for breakfast for him so we have eggs I also love berries I always have berries I normally eat berries as a snack as well and then sometimes for breakfast also so I always have strawberries always I always have strawberries in the house but then I always mix there between blueberries or blackberries this week I got a pool of berries next we have spinach I always also have spinach and romaine lettuce which I have around here some romaine hearts with dinner every single day I always have a salad on the side so I'll have my regular dinner and then whatever I cooked and then I also always prepare a salad my salad normally have a mix of romaine hearts spinach and I also add some grape tomatoes so grape tomatoes are amazing because I don't have to chop them I just get maybe four or five of these throw them in the salad and then just have them like that once again I'm all about convenience and doing things quick and easy and healthy so having these ready are amazing as I mentioned before I am a very sweet person I love eating sweets so I found these amazing rice krispie treats that come in like a mini mini packet like this so they're so cute so I always have this here and I always take one of these to work because I like to have some things to eat after I eat so these take care of that and one of these has one gram of fat eight grams of carbs and a little bit of less than one gram of protein so granted not may be the best option but hey it works for me and they're so good and he says these are one of the foods that I am able to keep eating although what even when I'm cutting and once again portion control it's just one little square and that's it I take just one I have one I have something that I love and it's not gonna ruin anything because it fits within my macros now you remember when I said that of breakfast I also have a turkey sausage so this is what I use is Jimmy Dean's fully cooked turkey sausage so I just take one of these chop it in little pieces and then just put it in with my ex and my hash brown just mix it all together and then that's it so always happy another one of my snacks our stream cheese I like these weight watcher string cheese they come of course in little individual packages but then also these so this is the brand that I found that has the least fat out of all the other ones that I at least that I checked at h-e-b these ones one piece has 2.

5 grams of fat one carb and then six grams of protein each so every single day between breakfast and lunch I have two of these now these things I just discovered not too long ago and I always have two in the house because these are lifesavers whenever I don't have time to cook my breakfast for the next day these are great to just have on your pantry ready so if you have one of those days when you don't have time to prepare your breakfast you can just have one of these you add a little bit of water and then you put it in the microwave for a minute and it's a pancake and a cup and then just add a little bit of berries so then I'll just eat that real quick and ready breakfast is done so it does have about 35 grams of carbs which is not a lot but I mean still it has seven grams of fat but 10 of protein so it's great for breakfast now this chili garlic sauce I use just to see some things I eat a lot of white rice so I love adding just a little bit of this to the white rice and mixing it up it gives it a lot of flavor it's amazing and it has like zero macros so great flavor zero calories for tortillas i buy these low-carb whole-wheat tortillas they're pretty awesome they're really good normally have these when I don't have time to cook either for lunch or dinner that I just want to get something quick this are great to just have it like a quick wrap or something easy so and they also have a really long shelf life so these have three grams of fat 19 grams of carbs and 8 grams of protein each so it's about about one slice of bread normally so this one's always having the fringe also I always have lime so always have lime you've heard it on my previous videos I love adding length to everything so always have lime and then I also always have watermelon I'm panicking right now because we're starting to get to the season where there isn't a lot of watermelon available but I've still been able to find these tiny watermelons at h-e-b so I'm still happy these are amazing because they're seedless so hey and something that I love about watermelon is that it barely has any calories I love watermelon it keeps me full for really really long and it's pretty much just water so this is something that I always have available as well I'll get it I'll chop it up and I'll have it in the fridge already chopped off so then I can just put it in the Tupperware and take it to work and that's also another one of this necks that I normally take to work another sweet treat that I get for myself are these I think they're pronounced y'all so let me know if I'm pronouncing them incorrectly there this yeah so eros and Greek yogurt bars they have a lot of different flavors these ones are a hundred calories but they do have others that are I believe ninety calories and they're strawberry I've tried they're strawberry pistachio and salted or sea salt caramel and they're all really good these ones each one has point five grams of fat 18 grams of carbs and five grams of protein so almost no fat which meet my diet is specifically mostly based on low fat so so these are great for me and once again it helps me with a portion control because they come in just one bar before I used to get those diet ice creams which I I really really love but I wouldn't want to eat the entire pent so this is great because like I said they're already proportioned I'll just have that one bar and that's it so also always have these I love cheese so I have fat-free mozzarella cheese and fat-free cheddar cheese just in case I need a quick sandwich or a quick quesadilla or burrito wrap anything or sometimes when I need a protein I'll even add these to my daily salad that I have with dinnertime another cheese that I always have available is feta cheese I love feta cheese and I always always add it to my salads as well so I get the fat-free feta cheese as well I also have turkey breast so this is I mean it doesn't matter which brand you get I chose this brand because it's the one that had the best macros out of all the one that they had at h-e-b so this is Castlewood we serve and for example this one has in two ounces one gram of fat one gram of carbs and the other 11 grams of protein so this were these were just the best macros that I found and they're actually pretty good these little bag rice crisps so I actually get the bag bag if you can see down here so I get the big bag that has four different flavors I have caramel cheddar buttermilk ranch and apple cinnamon so it has total 14 bags in it so once again this helps me a lot with portion control so I take one of these bags I only take one to work or hate at home they all have different macros depending on which flavor you'd get it but they're all about 100 to 150 calories approximately I also always have quick oats I know that I mentioned before that I get that I have like quick ready to make or with meal the type of old me that you just put in the microwave and it's done I also always have this because I do like to have overnight Ochs I don't keep them overnight I'll just prepare them in the morning but if there's a day that I know that I have menu tasting at work or that I have a work event where there's possibly that I'm going to eat or drink more than I normally would I would have a lighter breakfast and I will I will have some oats with quick yogurt almond milk and then some berries just mix it all up with some cinnamon and that's what I'll have so I always have some oats also available speaking of this is the almond milk that I get it's just regular h-2b brand on Sween almond milk I do get the vanilla flavor because I just like a little bit of flavor you know how I mentioned breakfast these are the egg whites that I get I get these smaller packets because I only have one or what equals one egg white which is three tablespoons a day and then we're almost getting to the end this is the dressing that I use I've been obsessed with this dressing since I found it it's apple cider vinaigrette and the reason why I love it so much once again it's just because the macros are amazing and it actually tastes really really good so two tablespoons of this has zero fat for carbs and zero protein but stevo fat which is like almost impossible to find on good dressings and if it's zero fat normally the carbs are outrageous so this has been the best one I found so far if you have any others that you absolutely love that the macros are amazing please please please let me know down in the comments okay but so far trust me I love me some Lacroix so I've never been I've never been a soda drinker or a juice drinker or anything like that back at home in Mexico we do drink a lot of flavored water so maybe that's why I love these like Lacroix or Waterloo so much so although movie have these at lunch and at dinner I just went to the dentist last week and apparently these are not the best for your teeth so now they suggested that I only have one a day with a meal so that's what I'm trying to do but these aren't great if you like to drink a lot of soda this is a great alternative so I always have I try to have at least two different flavors in the house so you know how I mentioned that I cook so every Monday I will take about an hour and a half to two hours out of my day and I'll just cook for the entire week so having chopped garlic makes that process so much easier I like garlic a lot so I add a lot of garlic to most of my recipes so I always have this chopped garlic in the fridge also I also like to set all of this is from h-e-b so I get at HEB and it just makes my life so much easier that is it for today's video thank you so much for watching I would love to hear from you so if there's any other items that you normally get from the grocery store when you're trying to lose weight or trying to be healthy please leave me your comments below I would love to try new things also if you enjoyed the video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to the channel thank you again and see you next time bye you.

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