Today I'm going to tell you how I lost60 pounds in six months after having a baby.

Now I know some of you may alreadybe triggered in this video if you don't have any interested in this video orit's upsetting to you in any way, first I'm confused as to why you would haveeven clicked on the video and second feel free to move on, I lost the weightfor me after having the baby I wanted to feel healthy again I wanted to feel moreenergized I wanted to feel like myself again so now I'm making this video tojust let you know how he did that if you want to hear more keep watching andplease if the like and subscribe button down beloweven if I just made you smile a little bit in this video.

ok so background I hadthree babies in the last two years and my most recent pregnancy ended in thebirth of a beautiful baby boy six months ago and on delivery day I tipped thescales at just about 200 pounds before having any children I was 125 pounds sofor me 200 pounds was a lot more than I was used to most doctors say that youshould only gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy these doctors Ibelieve are men who have no clue how intense pregnancy cravings are and theycan shut it anyways I didn't give birth to a 75 pound baby so I wasn't back atmy pre-pregnancy weight after delivering my child my child was in fact 7 poundsso I had quite a ways to go if you haven't had a baby before you lose about10 to 20 pounds the week after delivery that's between the baby placentaamniotic fluid everything else that comes out after having a baby waterweight loss which I had a lot of water weight loss to lose after having thebaby water was gathering in large pools onrandom parts of my body insert photo of my foot here I was closer to losingabout 20 pounds the week after having my baby and then the month following I lostan additional set pounds then at a hundred andseventy-three pounds I was at a standstill with losing weight with myfirst pregnancy I had twins in my first pregnancy I didn't have any problemlosing the weight I was one of those lucky people where it just melted off ofme honestly it was probably because I wasso freakin exhausted and I didn't have time to eat with two screaming babies Idigress with this second pregnancy I stopped losing weight at 173 and it justit just caught me off guard because I didn't have any issues with losingweight previously again I want to reiterate I'm not trying to body shameanyone there are beautiful people in all shapes and sizes what matters is thatyou feel good and at 173 when I had been 125 prior to having any kids I didn'tfeel healthy at 173 the first thing I did to try to lose the weight was Icounted my calories using the MyFitnessPal app I was allotted between1, 300 and 1400 calories a day I know that doesn't sound like a lot ofcalories but I do live a pretty sedentary lifestyle if I'm being honestso that's what I was allowed to have if I wanted to lose weight countingcalories worked for a bit but I felt like I thought about food all the timebut I stuck to my goal and after two months I lost 20 pounds which got myweight to about 153 but at 153 I was at a standstill again I hit a wall in orderto maintain the weight of 153 I had to stay within those calorie parameters ofthirteen hundred and fourteen hundred when I exceeded even just a little thenext day or two I'd go on the scale I would have gained one or two pounds andI didn't feel like I could restrict my calories any more than 13-hundredbecause that already felt like nothing I was dreaming about food all day so Ineeded to look at another option my mom mentioned that she had been doingintermittent fasting that was recommended by her doctor to lose weightso I looked into it intermittent fast is a habit of eating with periods offasting not eating and then periods of eating there are lots of different kindsof fasting to choose from to lose weight the one that seemed the easiest to mewas called the 16/8 rule basically for 16 hours of the day you are fasting ornot eating and then you have an eight-hour window where you can gobananas the eight-hour window that I chose was from noon until 8 p.


atnight so essentially it's just skipping breakfast I still get my lunch snackdinner dessert every single day and then by 8 p.


I just stop eating and thenI'm not allowed to eat until lunchtime the next day you're this 16-8 type offasting was the easiest for me because I'm usually not that hungry aroundbreakfast time anyways I always just thought I was supposed toeat breakfast and so whether I was hungry or not I would just eat somethingso now that I'm fasting my breakfast I guess you could say is just lots ofwater or black coffee within two months of starting to intermittent fast I lost20 pounds and I feel really really good again I feel like I'm at the weight I'msupposed to be there are a lot of benefits to intermittent fasting andthere's a growing body of research on it again the only reason I even heard aboutit is because my mom's doctor recommended it to her and it really didhelp me to get to where I want to be an unlike calorie counting I'm not dreamingabout food all day long truly I'm really not even hungry that much of the dayafter the first few days your body gets used to your new eating schedule andessentially since I started my eating at noon around 11 o'clock a.


that's whenI would think about food my body knew that okay it's almost time to eat andthat's when I would start dreaming about food and it would be hard for that onehour to restrict myself and not eat anything but then BOOM noon hits and Ipretty much eat whatever I want I mean obviously withinsome limits I'm not eating like three gallons of ice cream a day but I can eatfast food I can eat a burger and fries for lunch I probably eat about 2, 0002, 100 calories a day and even if that many calories I'm losing weight some ofthe benefits of intermittent fasting is it increases your HGH or human growthhormone which helps burn fat off of your body it lowers the level of insulin inyour body when you're fasting it initiates your cells regenerationprocess and it can even help your body combat disease you gotta remember thatonce upon a time fasting was the norm before we all had Costco memberships ifyou want more information I've linked some good articles below that helped getme started truly I'm not the type of person wholikes to eat super duper healthy I'm not eating salads all day honestly I'm luckyif I get a vegetable in me a day that's not on a hamburger every body isdifferent so you may have to eat healthier than I would to lose weight oryou might be able to eat even trash here than I would and you would lose weightfor me specifically it seems like my body just responds better to changingwhen I eat rather than what I eat cuz I'll be honest I was eating a lothealthier when I was counting my calories and my body wasn't losing theweight for some reason but once I introduced fastingI lost it pretty rapidly I'm probably going to have to start eating healthyhere soon while in tandem doing intermittent fastingI'm 135 pounds right now but I'm once again at a standstill so going forward Istill want to get to my goal weight of 125 pounds so I am going to start eatinghealthier while doing the intermittent fasting and hopefully I can get backdown to my pre-pregnancy weight I'm also going to look at layering in some actualphysical activity thanks for watching this video if you liked it please hitthe like and subscribe button and also little notification valve so that you'renotified when I post new videos thanks for watching bye.

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