Weider six (Weider 6) workout explainer video

Hi, I'm Ben I'm based in Barcelona and now we've been in quarantine for over a month and I find it's really important to continue working out and exercising.

And so I put together a Workout video for you.

It's all ABS.

It's a 42 at day ab workout It's inspired from the famous workout from Joseph wieder the Canadian bodybuilder, and it involves 42 days It's the ultimate marathon of ab workouts if you're able to keep up you'll have amazing ABS afterward Here's some tips to remember while doing the workout.

Don't pull on your neck during the workout There are some exercises where you need to hold your neck But don't pull on your neck you can end up hurting yourself And also you're not really doing the exercise correctly Form is extremely important to do the form correctly means that you won't end up hurting yourself And also you'll end up getting the full ab work out of it remember to take breaks It's really important not to push yourself too hard and actually hurt yourself remember to take breaks Don't don't worry.

If somebody's making fun of you as my roommate sometimes does while I'm doing this remember, that below is a sheet That's attached that shows you how to do each exercise and also helps you track the days I will show you Various versions of doing this workout so that it's easy and accessible for everyone if it's too difficult for you Make sure you choose the easier one something really common That happens is you end up working out too hard the first week or two and this means that you can't continue through the program The program is 42 days So remember duty is your version if you need to and make sure that you're resting and also eating really well Lastly, please don't sue me because I'm not a licensed trainer.

I'm just doing this out of fun Although it is a highly recognized workout program.

That's been done by many people Here's the first exercise The easier version of this is leaving your leg on the ground Hopping you're like at a 90-degree angle and lifting your back up off the ground like this Lift it up as much as you can and hold it for three seconds and then go down and Switch and hold it for three seconds and down again Now that's the easier version leaving your leg on the ground If you get to a point where you think it's fairly easy You can also keep your leg off the ground.

So you would be holding it for three seconds 90 angle and then switch and So your other leg is always off the ground This is the first exercise Now the second exercise you'll have both legs up There's two different versions of this as well that I'm going to show you the easier version Is that you lift both of your legs up you reach your arms up Your legs are at a 45 degree angle and you hold it for three seconds Now when you go down you can either briefly rest your legs first split second on the ground and come back up Again like this or you can do is you can actually And that's the harder version of this you Pull back off the ground and you keep your other leg on the ground for three seconds and switch Now if you want to do it slightly hard You can always If you want to do it slightly harder You can always keep your legs from touching the ground So what you can do is you can come up like this for three seconds.

I Never let your tie like touch the ground when switching Once what you always remember to drop your back back onto the mat Like this That's the harder version there's also a third version and what I like to do is I like to vary up the exercises a bit because Your body gets really used to doing same exercises and so what I'd like to do is I'd like to do some Mason twist in between and you Can alternate these in at some point you'll be getting to Quite a few exercises.

So what I like to do is I like to alternate these Mason twists in Now what you can do is you put your hands into a fist you lift your legs up and you start going back and forth making sure to twist like This and basically you'll have to count as many counts as you would do for the normal exercise, so moving on to the fourth exercise The fourth exercise is similar to the third except that you have both feet up So you like this? This is the easy version if you want to it's slightly harder you can always end up letting your legs touch the ground Hold for three seconds down and don't let your legs touch the ground ball This is this is a bit harder And then the other option is you can actually substitute in planks, so maybe every other set you would Lift your leg up like this switch like this And hold for a few seconds before so one two three and switch And switch Users on this is the harder harder option So you could do the more difficult version which would be really doing scissors.

So starting like this and actually Lifting up like this and switching And as you can see going back and forth once So basically to in this case That's a bit more difficult the easier option And finally you have leg raises and this is the last exercise and there's a couple different ways to do it I would suggest for this there isn't very much variation.

But what you can do is you can start off Keep your hands here about this straight Lift your legs up pretty high and lift your torso off the ground Hold it for three and go back down As I mentioned before you can either touch the ground briefly if you want to be a little easier or You cannot touch the go at all as you can see I'm doing now And just come straight back out Again the angle is kind of important here so you can start off.

It's slightly easier to go higher, but don't go too high so I would say try to try to keep it at a roughly 45 That's all for the explanation thanks for watching and let's get started.

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