We Worked Out Like Zac Efron For A Week

this week we are training like Zac Efron [Laughter] so I don't know if you know but Zac Efron has a YouTube channel now and I saw this video of saffron and Nina Dobrev working out in this very location and I thought it would be a really cool opportunity

because he's really known for his body he like heels like that fitness dude right now I would assume Zac's workout routine is like 90% ABS it's just like all ABS in different directions it is only a week but we're going to definitely like learn a lot and probably

feel a lot different by the end of it if we don't look a little different I've never had like a personal trainer will they show me some stuff I don't know probably that's the gap if you're just one tell you that we're both in this together all right

we got to get our head into the game let's get over it I can't believe they let us in here I'm Johnny Fontana I'm a trainer and this is my gym it's called vitro for most of our clients workouts are like an hour long they start off with

some movement based score warm-up type stuff right before the main work set it's either something like kind of more explosive or more isolating and then we do a main work set typically which is like three or four exercises that we're just gonna keep going through for three or

four rounds and then we usually do some sort of like cardio abs at the end we'll end with some of the recovery protocols if you have just so that you can sleep better tonight feel well rested coming into the workout tomorrow so what do you guys as goals

what do you want to get out of this I have a kind of bulkier build and I'd like to kind of get it more you know svelte tone learn more workouts to build towards that and more aesthetics I think for me I'm interested in like finding a way

to slim down and tone without feeling like I have to be on a treadmill for an hour but I'm finding a lot of times it feels like it's just like running into the ground with the same stuff and not seeing that much result we'll start probably doing really

similar moves but then we'll start to break it off a little more you're gonna be doing a little bit more explosive type moves Kelsea we're gonna do whole movement total body type moves that are gonna be with like free weights so that way if you go to a

gym you can kind of just pick up a dumbbell or kettlebell and not have to worry about fighting people for machines all right well I'm excited I think we should get to it right get to it right – all right this is how we warm up right yeah

that's a warm-up all right so we're gonna start with some movement prep stuff which basically means like moving to get ready to move in more intense situations this is all a bodyweight we're hitting a little bit everything with this so you getting the little legs we're getting a

little trunk twist which is good for your spine and back so stay nice and tall at these I want you guys to try to flex your quads and lock your legs out this is like the best way to find out if you have a good core or if

it's a weak it need some work lay down on the band and you want to find the spot where your back is the most arch your low back and then all I want you to do to start is focus on keeping this thing on the floor so if

your back comes up it'll snap so this is engage you're like the actual core muscles and not just like your six-pack abs with the actual core which is called your transverse abdominus you're gonna keep everything where it is we're gonna pull your feet up off the floor and

kind of make me a little tabletop with your legs yep and then now cuz you guys are both still able to hold the band down you're gonna go slowly kicking one leg out like a bicycle I feel like so we're doing like essentially a circle but we're trying

to find the max range of motion in the shoulder [Music] so there's a move that no matter how strong or not strong you are everyone should be doing you know keep our arms long and just move just the shoulder blades so Chuck the hits and then yep it's

much range of motion as you can get up and down we find a lot of people have improperly working shoulder blades a lot um I like the front shoulder pain or just shoulder pain in general and it's typically said their shoulder blades don't work well all right so

we're gonna split up the sleds ones gonna do the sled get a little cardio work the other ones gonna get some ab work so right here you're just holding while they're pushing goes down and back [Music] and when – one more round switch it comes back on the

sled this thing is great for inflammation which is soreness so this thing is negative to 35 Fahrenheit my heart is beating really fast and I can't tell if it's from the workout that I just did or from like this fight-or-flight panic mode that I'm currently entering as my

body feels a turtle oh god yeah oh maybe like a minute I smell [Music] all right so day one's done anyone's done how you guys doing oh I'm feeling good I'm super excited about this week yeah I'm really excited to learn a lot more you guys looked actually

like really good yeah I want to go put my clothes on cos I'm good to go due to was less assessment and way more full body workout really kind of actually going in there and pushing our bodies got me super hyped yeah day two I don't know what

else to expect but I had a blast alright let's see let's see where's Lissy was F I'm talking about right so day three was cool it was a little different cuz it's when me and Kelsey split up Kelsey was getting her box on me it was a pretty

intense circuit I need up get up and hop in the shower but it's a deceit take my pants off I'm too tired to do anything else I had so much fun today it was really fun to kind of like find different ways for me to do my cardio

but also to still do my weight training I think honestly one of the biggest differences between having a celebrity body and having you know my own it's just time and the right resources I stayed up way too late last night and now I'm really tired and I didn't

get a coffee cuz I'm late then I'm just oh my god I know I'm gonna have a good time but I don't want to go so we're working on mobility today we're gonna focus on working on the hips in different stretching mechanism and Johnny's time cheffy in 2000

he's the stretchy guys so your finish of our workout I'm baking under some infrared lights for a metro minute I don't know [Music] you know Johnny's never steered me wrong so it kind of feels nice today was not bad you know he I was doing a lot of

like hip kind of like stretchy stuff nothing that was to heavy lifting but it did strengthen some things that I'd you know need to be strengthened apparently tomorrow is called Friday that's literally what he calls it and I the fear of God is in me so I'm nervous

you Friday was just like crazy really intense but at the same time I never felt pushed to the point where I wanted to give up Kelsey crushed it you did see you man so I just finished you Friday and I feel so proud it actually was so hard

but I wasn't miserable I wasn't dying I mean I was dying but like in a good way you know what you got to do a lot to get a lot you know and just go lay here for a second I think about what we did hoo-boy so we've

been going through this for about a week now or put all together see how you guys do it [Music] I'm doing the thing I could do last time yep solid swole it much better well I mean you've been going like a half an hour so this is called

a Pinelli device and basically it measures your cardio metabolic this is going to tell you ideal heart rate for the most amount of fat burn calories while you're working out so the important thing with this is you can't talk you just have to run we got your like

ideal fat-burning zone which is in like the 140 to 160 heart rate so if you trade in that hurry you're gonna burn the most minute fat and calories so just really trying to push and get more comfortable in that heart rate essentially and your vo2 will increase your

maximum fat burn was at that peak right there and I was at a 167 heart rate so anything in this like gap is a good spot to be burning yeah so based on the conversations that we were having throughout the week it really seemed that they learned a

lot about how their body moved so I think just really learning a bit about themselves they really kind of were surprised about the different things that they were figuring out okay so wow we worked out like Zac Efron for a week and I was sore yep I'm so

sore now I'm still sore yeah feel like even though it's only been a week we learn things that we can apply to our workouts just for the rest of our FitLife their workouts that worked out parts of our muscles that you think you're working out but there's like

no there's another muscle there and it's time to engage that I was learning something new every day and it was very movement based I was pushing things across the floor and I learned where my own weaknesses were and like also felt like I improved on some of those

even though it was this short period of a week overall are we looking like Zac Efron now no but yet well one step closer to the run status and honestly that's a glow up in and of itself [Music]

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