We Tried Jungkook's Workout Routine…

Hames it's uh it's already been a month since social distancing and South Karen teen started for us being sick of it I need barbecue freedom so I was planning to try out a specific k-pop idol work out for a while now there like a lot of k-pop idol

workouts yeah I've heard of quite a few but one that's especially popular at the moment is the jungle workout routine so I decided to try this one haven't seen it yet but knowing chongo and his physical abilities must be tough yeah so his workout plan leaked a few

months ago did he get Hector something no actually you could see it on his phone in a BTS run episode and I thought you could join me today so we can share the pain I'll be a coach today as an intermediate fit person yeah I'm actually not fit

at all many people think because I used to work as a model that I hit the gym all the time but I don't and I've been wanting to use this time I have now to work out from home a lot more but lately it has only been animal

crossing and Netflix pets try this yeah so if I happen to fail New Orleans it's because of my back injury so first of all we need to evaluate the workout plan you need to do some translating for us it's increased lady yeah it's written in Korean obviously and

we need yeah let's go let's go okay so I got a screen shot for you here squat 20 squats push of 20 push rod it looks like a lot 20 jump squats oh my eyes off Kindle I don't know what shoulder exercises shoulder exercise that is shoulder blades

planks mountain climbers can't read this deep crunch yep [Music] burpees burpees resolution grace that great Oh Superman so thank Superman yeah but that actually sounds like one set that sounds like one set Yeah right considering his physique I think he does like three or four sets up a

lot really I think that's like one round but we'll see I don't know I think I might die 20 20 20 20 10 2015 2020 so there's not much information on like rest do you rest or not do you do all of these without any pause I think

for people like me who are like beginner level I think we should just survive great yeah yeah that's the goal that's that's gonna be tough for you okay let's go my man just all ripped apart I think mochi chewed on it let me find alright yeah okay oh

we should write it down and read that again for the first round I'd say we'll go slow and just go through all the exercises oh I go slow all the time okay we start with 20 squats you know how to do a squat right you just let's say

a shoulder width and then all the way down all the way down to six okay thank you okay oh wait seventeen okay no 20 photos next we go for I think four push-ups you will have to go on your knees right I hate push-ups sorry much so 24

I'm okay oh I'll just take some weight off fine I need to work out my arms more [Applause] we go into 20:28 jumpsuits it's like the first first boss thing you're gonna just jump like this long next up is shallow exercise for the Dominic's actually means type push-ups

okay oh you're tall yes totally beautiful so the next one's the plank 10 came up it says plank or get bill Shadowblade push-ups yeah which I know is an exercise where you go like into the plank position okay like this then you squeeze your shoulder blades yeah there

you go up again squeeze the shoulder blades my excuses my lower back which I actually others is not be lying I actually hurt my lower back so clanking it's a bit for the top for me how much do we have left so we have 20 mountain climbers 50

burpees 20 crunches putting that great and Superman might skip out on the Superman because I'm running back but we do the mountain on us now okay so half and climbers many per piece perfect yeah everyone's least favorite exercise so you go down do it push that and then

you jump push up nice look ya want people to see money the counter my six-pack Oh 15 burpees [Music] that's fine fine almost done okay crunches crunches highlight crunches okay what clinic Roger razor this exercises on my face yeah pretty strong core that's 20 Superman's for you 20

is the Wendy [Music] [Music] after turn back around smells to bear smack soap [Music] oh nice that's good it was better than me I technically didn't do it I didn't make it two or three more answer this that would be done done for a week that would be

really tough I think considering the fact that I think Chung is way further than I am he's dancing all day yes yes also it is just like a morning routine you know or just just to get going or he does this like thing for around three to four

five rounds I really couldn't imagine to do another's head but maybe I would get there I might try this like five times a week yeah yeah yeah I think if you do that if you do this every day it was like a whole all whole body workout no

yeah it's everything I think that's really tough but I feel I feel exhausted but really like also energized really good making it yeah that's a really good full body routine yeah and these exercises are really good you know I'm more like a gym guy yeah oh wait we

forgot stretching the beginning right yeah I think like you should warm up first and they because it starts right off with squats and pushes which can't put a lot of strain on your knees or your elbows or your fellows if you're not used to it so I would

recommend warming up a bit and stretching since I'm usually like into lifting powerlifting also lately and I can't go to the gym I seen some really interesting ways to still get better because you know one pushup that's like 60% of my body weight and I need a bit

more weight on it okay that's why I need your help okay fine okay so we'll do it headless dead myth like that huh okay deadlift now lie down to the side to the side yeah no no I need good body tension okay next up we do squats I

think we're fun that was fun and exhausting but also an eye-opening experience overall the tunngle workout is a really good full value routine really really good yeah also for beginners because you can just do it in your own pace yes it slowly get it done I think it

works for me even though the Karen keen can be really taxing for your mental health you shouldn't forget to try to take care of your body a bit just a little bit don't overdo it just do what you can okay guys I hope you liked this video if

you have any more video ideas for us in this Karen keen time even in the comments stay happy stay Elfi we see you guys in the next video bye [Music]

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