Using Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day Would Do This To Your Body

hey there viewers have you ever wondered why apple cider vinegar has been a buzzword in the beauty and wellness community for years apple cider vinegar is made by exposing crushed apples to yeast yeast ferments the sugar to alcohol and more bacteria are added to further ferment it into

acetic acid acetic acid is the main component of apple cider vinegar so what are the benefits of a CB does it help with diabetes can it promote weight loss we'll be discussing all this and more number one it kills harmful bacteria vinegar is great for this even traditionally

people have used vinegar to disinfect and clean ear infections lice nail fungus and warts in fact vinegar has been so popular as a disinfectant that the father of modern medicine Hippocrates himself used vinegar to clean wounds this was some 2,000 years ago Wow there have been studies that

concluded vinegar inhibits the growth of bacteria like e-coli in food this renders food unfit for human consumption and can cause poisoning vinegars antibacterial properties have made it an ideal food preservative if you like to preserve food naturally without using any kind of chemical vinegar can be your best

bet in fact some cultures have onions and radishes preserved in beetroot tainted vinegar and served as a side dish the unique tart taste brings flavor to the salad as well are you enjoying this list so far well this next point will surely surprise you but before we continue

why not subscribe to our channel for more videos like this and hit the bottle icon so you're always up to date number two it lowers blood sugar levels apple cider vinegar may help in treating type 2 diabetes type 2 diabetes is typically caused by the body's inability to

produce enough insulin even people who do not have diabetes can gain benefits from apple cider vinegar as it keeps blood sugar within normal range blood sugar levels higher than normal can be a major cause of several chronic illnesses and speeds up the process of Aging it's believed that

acetic acid in vinegar blocks enzymes responsible for digesting starch this results in a lesser blood sugar response after having starchy meals like sandwiches and pasta in fact a 2017 review analyzed how an ink of vinegar caused lesser fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin after meals another study found

that vinegar improved insulin sensitivity by nineteen to thirty four percent after a high carb meal this resulted in significantly lower insulin response and blood sugar still hard to believe well there was research that required participants to consume vinegar after eating 50 grams of white bread and the result

blood sugar was reduced by 32% so the next time you indulge in a super starchy meal like pizza or lasagna include a side dish that features vinegar it can be a salad with generous vinegar dressing and sauce also remember that vinegar can be included in your daily diet

but it cannot replace the medicines prescribed by your doctor always seek their advice before making permanent changes to your diet number three it helps in weight loss many people believe vinegar can actually help you drop weight experts say vinegar promotes satiety and increases the feeling of fullness this

results in fewer calories when you eat fewer calories you definitely lose weight that's not rocket science there have been studies to verify this fact one particular study found that when participants took vinegar along with a high carb meal they felt more satisfied this made the participants eat 200

to 275 fewer calories throughout the day in another piece of research 175 people struggling with obesity were put under observation they were given apple cider vinegar on a daily basis for three months it resulted in a significant reduction in both belly fat and weight a 12-week study found

that people who consumed six tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day recorded up to two pounds of weight loss triglycerides body mass index and weight circumference along with visceral fat were reduced apple cider vinegar itself contains about three calories per tablespoon so if you wish to utilize the

weight loss benefits of apple cider vinegar have it during meals don't forget to maintain a healthier lifestyle though there's no quick fix for anything in this world number four it helps people with IBS apple cider vinegar has a reputation as a digestive stimulant it's believed vinegar helps in

digestion by enhancing the secretion of stomach acid and digestive enzymes some people struggling with abdominal distress and irritable bowel syndrome have been able to find relief in apple cider vinegar sometimes IBS happens due to low stomach acid in such cases vinegar helps by encouraging the production of digestive

enzymes thereby aiding in digestion another problem associated with IBS is bloating and gas pain home remedies like dissolving a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar ACV and a glass of lukewarm water can help treat bloating enjoying this video so far before we move ahead here's another video you

might like watch this video to learn psychological tricks that can help you lose weight number 5 it boosts skin health ACV is considered a common home remedy to treat skin conditions like dryness and eczema one of the reasons behind why apple cider vinegar can be helpful is that

our skin is slightly acidic so by using a CB as a topical ointment the natural pH of the skin can be rebalanced this improves the protective skin barrier due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties ACB can also kill harmful bacteria residing in the skin these microbes can cause

skin issues like acne breakouts and eczema infection some people believe a CV can effectively dry out a pimple a CV is used in its diluted form for face washes and skin toners topical application of a cv can help treat infections caused by sunburns and other skin injuries in

many cultures diluted apple cider vinegar is applied to mosquito bites jellyfish stings and poison ivy to help ease skin irritation and itching number 6 it keeps hair fresh and fights off dandruff finding it difficult to keep your hair fresh between washes apple cider vinegar can bail you out

women across different cultures have reported the benefits of using a CB on hair you can dilute it and use it as a hair rinse it drives the odor and oiliness away leaving you with fresh hair it also fights off dandruff acetic acid in vinegar alters the pH level

of the scalp this makes it harder for the yeast to flourish yeast is the biggest contributor in causing dandruff another type of dandruff apple cider vinegar can treat as seborrhoeic dermatitis which is a form of eczema on the scalp as an after shampoo hair rinse apple cider vinegar

removes of hair products and clarifies hair number seven it neutralizes odor does heavy sweating cause your feet and armpits to emit a foul odor it turns out apple cider vinegar has the cure the bad smell is caused by bacterial growth from sweat proponents of apple cider vinegar claim

that it kills odor producing bacteria and rebalances the natural pH of the skin this neutralizes the odor coming out of the armpits and feet you can use cotton balls or baby wipes dipped in diluted AC V to wipe your feet the vinegar sent me linger for a short

while it usually dissipates on its own when the solution dries off don't use it on shoes made from materials like leather they can get damaged by the acidity of the ACV to neutralize odor causing armpit bacteria you can spritz diluted ACV onto the armpits the vinegar smell will

dissipate as it dries to be on the safer side make sure you test the acd solution on your skin before making it part of your lifestyle avoid using it on delicate fibers like silk which type of a cv is the best remember not all apple cider vinegars are

created equal to enjoy the best results choose organic raw and unfiltered types that come with a substance called the mother mother consists of enzymes proteins and friendly bacteria that add a murky color to the AC B do you use apple cider vinegar regularly do you like the taste

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