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hello my name is alien to them starting the first day or three day military that let's do this show time so there's a specific list of food that you need to be eating every day and I gotta tell you he's gonna work you know why because it's all about calories but we're gonna try this is gonna have fun with this when I looked at their website when we go on to military diet official I'm saying official website because it's not written by anybody official they don't have any decree or anything they just put together three different known diets they say I mean it's called military that not because that the military is doing it it's because it requires discipline like military the weight loss is not water weight they state that in capitals and as long as you don't go overboard on the days of the diet you will keep the weight off ten pounds in three days it's possible but I've gotta tell you it's not gonna be ten pounds of fat one of the questions asked on website how much weight can you use on the military there it says you can expect to lose anywhere from three to ten pounds per week on the 3-day meter net so it says three-day military diet but in fact it is like three days on four days off kind of thing for breakfast we have one cup of black coffee with caffeine it states that you know why because it keeps you full and it dehydrates you we have one toast with some peanut butter and a half grapefruit I'm not gonna have a peanut butter I'm gonna have almost in stock that's one of the substitutes you can have instead of peanut butter also on their websites taster if you are a man you can add hundred calories this is just taking the piss but hey let's let's have fun with it let's go just been outside for a walk and here is my lunch I am hungry and I thought I have one slice of bread 1/2 cup of tuna which is one can of tuna in spring water plus a coffee if I'm honest it is with dry it is 8:40 p.


and if dinner time I think I'm having the best meal first day I got an apple I don't know if you call this a medium or small but it is the Apple I'm gonna have some chicken some extra chicken because I'm a male I can have 100 calories extra I got spinach instead of beans that was one of the substitutes I got half a banana and I didn't cut on cost I'm gonna have finest Tesco Madagascan vanilla ice cream half of this so one cup and that's the end of day one I feel okay but I don't think that's enough food the calorie macros are all up here I need more food to be honest I see you tomorrow morning [Music] good morning from day two my way to drop by 900 grams today breakfast will be slice of toast with an egg and Habana night said you can cook and I cover you like and I cooked it as weird as way as possible yeah I think my calories were too loved yesterday because the diet is not as specific as it seems it's like three ounces of any cut of meat so I went with chicken breast because that's what I usually but if I was to go with three ounces of lump it would completely change the macros and calories also it says the alternative for peanut butter is homos I mean I always buy readies for homos out of habit I didn't even think of it my calories were slightly lower than what it's supposed to be but still there's not much food to coming in we're gonna have this I'm hungry and I will see you on lunchtime well come back to lunchtime in the lunch we have one cup of cottage cheese I'm gonna have the whole thing this is 300 grams but it is fat-free so it comes up with the same calories and I'm very careful with the calories today I actually sat down and calculated what I'm gonna have the whole day I'm gonna have one egg it says five saltine crackers unfortunately we don't have something crackers in the UK from the alternative I could find is salt and pepper crackers and I'm gonna have two and a half of these it looks like this you're supposed to have 1400 1200 and 1100 calories every day plus hundred calories per each day if you're a male resto the challenge will assess the challenge because it's a bloody challenge I will do it as I'm supposed to do I can tell you for a fact that even if I was to eat double the calories so instead of twelve hundred thousand two thousand four hundred calories I would still lose weight the only difference would be it would be a healthy diet hey p.


dinner time for dinner I have some hot dogs some spinach instead of broccoli some ice cream of a cup and I actually looked very hard to find the healthiest hot dogs this one is 93 percent fun is polish the other ones I looked at was like 37 percent mechanically separated chicken that sound quite nasty I know I'm supposed to sausages what I'm having very I have hundred calorie privilege apparently and I'm trying to make up the calories because I'm supposed f 1200 plus hundred from being a male there we go it is perfect macros today I'm gonna put the macros up here and last and all day – I will see you tomorrow on day three hello today is day three and today's Breakfast is going to be some crackers same as the other day two and a half crackers and apple and I do have slightly more cheese because I Swiss cheese with protein cheese the protein intake was quite low today the colors will be 1211 hundreds plus 100 privileged this is going to be last day and quite low on calories something I noticed I am actually starting to understand why this data structure that way is kind of a rewarding system you kind of start yourself all day and at the end of the day in the dinner time you have your favorite thing now the problem comes if you're a healthy eater my favorite thing is not a process hot dog or ice cream I would rather have couscous or rice or some other alternative carbohydrate source I get their logic just doesn't work for everybody [Music] and the lunch is served I have a slice of bread and an egg as you see I have some cheese on top of the bread because I had some cheese from morning you know the extra cheese I had so I didn't eat all of it so I put it on top of the toast and I think much better than a plain bread and egg to be honest today I really wanted to go outside and ride my bicycle but couldn't because we are living in the UK and it was raining two days ago it was sunny everybody's Oliver took their top off sunbathing while walking it's pissing down rain incredible and cold as well for dinner I have half a banana with some tuna juice not great one in the ice cream I adjusted quantities so that it fits the exact color is required my macros gonna be up here and that will be the last meal of this military diet for me personally it wasn't a complete lifestyle change all I have done was to reduce down calories more than half and there we are you're not allowed to have any snacks instead the reason is the means that you're having is already snacks they're not actual meals so I would have these as snack on top of what I normally eat in a day yeah I wouldn't have this ice cream daily yes nice addition I haven't had ice cream for a while I am not sure about the combination of it I mean what is it with banana ice cream and tuna it doesn't go together I would rather have my banana or fruits as a snack and have my two cans of tuna a couple 290 dinner with some veggies so I would love to have some spinach right now but if not on that there's no real reason not to have that extra veggie in the end but I don't understand you decide for yourself it is mostly the deficiency of carbs and volume in your body that Christ change on the scale and you won't have much stuff in you to have any weight okay that can't you stay three and I'm gonna see you tomorrow morning for the last Wayne good morning that's the last one day I have to tell you something though don't get caught up on the weight on the scale because it will be mostly water and the lack of food in your body so please but I have weighed in and it came up eighty nine point five kilograms so I lost 1.

7 kilograms in the last three days you know it ends you gotta like share subscribe and I will see you next time [Music].

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