Trying Chloe Ting's Abs Workout after a long break 😂😵

What's wrong with my hair What should I do should I tie it up? Leave it down? I look so bloated and so dead today, I dunno what's going on? Woo.

That felt good So today I've decided you know, I'm gonna do something great for my body I haven't worked out in a while now like I'm gonna do you know, I'm gonna smash myself With an ab work out today.

So some of you guys do not know what happened to me, why I stopped working out I burnt my leg about a month ago, five weeks ago now I think.

So after about two weeks into my burn.

I decided to film an arm program because that was in my schedule.

I've practiced it I just didn't get a chance to film it because I burned my leg the day before I decided to film it So after two weeks into the burn, I filmed the program and I thought I'll be fine You know, it's been two weeks in no biggie.

I don't have skin on my leg, but it's fine But when I came back, I open up the bandage.

I checked my leg.

And guess what? I got a few more blisters So I was like I'm not gonna work out for the next couple of weeks until I feel better So I haven't been working out at all But ever since then I started eating a lot more because I needed all those nutrients from all different types of foods to heal my skin To get back my skin, okay It took me a long time to get back my skin.

I think it took about three to, close to four weeks to recover So that was the situation So I've been eating a lot more and I feel like I'm getting a little, a little bit like pudgy like a bit soft Because I'm eating and I'm not really working out because I can't work out and having worked my abs for a long time So today I'm gonna try to work out my ass I'm gonna struggle because I actually haven't done a proper ab work out for a long time now I'm not gonna try to loose weight for the next couple of months because I don't want to do that to my body I just wanna feel strong again I have this addiction of being strong because I've always been that really petite small short girl that's been pushed around So, you know that's the reason why I started lifting like weights and also like getting a bit stronger and get some muscle mass on my body So now that my leg is better and I'm gonna start working out.

I'm gonna work my ass today.

I'm gonna smash it I'm gonna smash it like how I smash you guys in the video and I'll see whether I can survive it.

I've got a feeling that I'll be struggling.

It's a Chloe Ting challenge for Chloe Ting! No pressure Great Ahh! Ah! Sh, sh sh sh Leg Raise Clap Oh my god no rest time So painful What happened to my abs? It's gone! Let's do this Yeah, I'm feeling a little bit better now, the body's a bit warmer Oh, I'm so tired Okay here we go Let's keep going! It's fine Let's do it Squeeze! This is actually really hard guys.

I'm not joking.

you touch us.

Why did I hate your touches? Heel touches! Why, I hate heel touches I need a break Yeah, you're really pushing us, bloody Chloe Ting Is this workout over yet? This is like the longest ten minutes ever I really don't like straight leg crunches because, it's really challenging Okay, up and down plank We can do this.

We can do this! It's just the last exercise.

I know I created these workouts but I train for my workouts Okay, so when I filmed that workout, I've already trained it a few times so my abs are like getting used to the moves and getting stronger But I haven't worked out my abs for a while now, I'm not talking about three weeks.

I'm talking about more I know I shouldn't be saying this because I'm supposed to be like fitness goals or what ever but I don't work out all the time.

Like I have my off days and I've been having my off days for the last couple of months Ever since my two-weeks shredding program I haven't been really working out that much to be honest because I've been like traveling around Quite a little bit and then I came back, I burned my leg I had to go to Japan for a work event and I had to come back and in Sydney Anyway, I just had a lot going on for the last couple months.

So I haven't really worked out.

I know that's not excuses I should, you know, schedule it in but I didn't so, You know what, life goes on and now I have a weak-ass abs Which I will get back in a couple of weeks in a week.

I feel like after a week, I normally get stronger so It's fine.

Alright So for those of you who are doing my shredding program or if you want to get stronger Eating well is quite beneficial.

It is not compulsory Obviously if you're eating clean if you're eating well, you're gonna see better results It's better for your body, it's better for you know, reducing inflammation if you're eating clean But that does not mean that you need to do it.

If you're eating too much of clean food You're also gonna see weight gain.

But again, if you want to have a treat every couple of days, it's totally fine Now you have a cheat meal a week or two cheat meals a week.

It's okay Like, it's not the end of the world, man like you live your life.

You eat your food, just don't have pizza every day So now I'm trying to get back on working out again But I'm not trying to be shredded this time.

I'm just trying to be stronger be healthier I don't mind getting a bit of weight.

I don't mind getting a bit of a booty So working out makes me feel good about myself.

So sometimes it's not about looking a certain way It's about having that time to just you know, pump out the weight or do some cardio.

I personally really love cardio I like how it makes me feel but I know a lot of people don't like it But at the same time I also really love lifting heavy weights.

So I like both I'm not Discriminating either one or the other.

I also personally want to take up boxing and also calisthenics So there's a lot of things I want to do and I'm really really excited I'm just waiting for my leg to heal up a little bit more I can do workouts now, but I just can't do super high-intensity workouts as of yet because it gets really hot, around the area And, I don't want it to be too hot because it got burned So I hope those tips helped you guys out, you know, just, you know be kind to yourself get into working out But you don't have to judge yourself, you know take your time to be stronger.

Take your time to be leaner Take your time to do whatever you want to do.

Just be kind to yourself Because I know for a fact that I can be quite harsh to myself as well, and this is a reminder to everyone To not lose sight of that and just be kind To yourself and to other people and I'm also gonna show you guys what I eat for today I'm gonna have three main meals and maybe two snacks depending on how I feel I'm super excited to get in to my fitness routine again, I have a new program coming up very soon I'm training for it today and tomorrow and day after and I'll film it next week and it should be coming up Soon.

So yeah, hope you guys enjoyed today's video! Smash that thumbs up button, subscribe and turn on notifications Do all those nice things.

I mean nice things to me Alright, I hope you guys have a great day and I'll see you in the next video! Byeeeeeee!.

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