Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes – Dr. Berg

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Berg here in thisvideo I'm going to show you the five weight loss mistakes that everyone makesnumber one thinking it's not working when it really is working many times theperson is being successful burning fat but not weight loss because the muscleis increasing which is heavier as you're losing fat so really the goal is to burnmore fat increase body fat percentage or some of the testing that I do is moresophisticated I can look deep into the body to see if you're burning fat and ifthe person is not is not losing weight they're kind of frustrated but really itis working so the last thing you want to do is give up or change something whenit's really working so here's what you do measure this focus on the size the clothes how the clothes are fitting forget the scale okay that's number one number twousing the calorie model so they do this a lot in Weight Watchers where allcalories are equal you know doesn't matterwhat kind of calories they are as long as you keep them lower that is not truebecause certain calories affect the weight differently for example let's sayyou have calories from protein like chicken or fish right and you havecalories from fruit fruit will block fat burning especially if your metabolism islower sugar will do the same so it's the hidden sugars so you really want to lookat the type of food not necessarily the calorie so that's a huge mistakeespecially with hidden sugars like fruit yogurt and you know about the grains andthe pastas and the cereal and all that starches but I think the big one is isthe fruit people don't realize that will stop fat burning especially applesnumber three eating too many nuts so here the person is they go on theeating plan and what do they snack on tons and tons and tons of nuts and theproblem with nuts is it's very hard to eat just a little bit at night you evenpistachios next thing you know you're eating the whole bag so when you eat toomany nuts what it does is it interferes with the gallbladder the liverand that creates bloating and that creates right shoulder pain so manypeople have that problem there's eating too many nuts now the problem with nutsis that yes they might be low in calories whatever and they have someprotein but there is about a bit of fat in there and I'm not against fat but youcan overdo it there's a thing called ketosis which is fat burning and you canmeasure it through the urine if you're in ketosis that means you're burning fatand the ketosis diet is all about eating more fat the problem is if you're olderand your metabolism is low you may be burning fat but the fat that you'reburning is those nuts and not your own fat so yes you can overdo it with toomany nuts and too much fat number four everything in moderation don't you hearthat all the time you know it's okay as long as everything's moderation just alittle bit it won't get you well here's the thing the purpose of fat is toprotect you against the starvation of sugar fat is there as a backup fuel incase you run out of sugar that means that most people don't burn in the fatbecause they never starve themselves of sugar they go on a low-carb diet whichmight not be enough starvation of sugar when you read labels always look at thesugar grams okay those must be zero you literally if your metabolism is slow youcan't do moderation of sugars you have to do zero sugars to even be get intofat burning why because just a little bit of the wrong thing juice or candy orsugar can literally bump you at a fat burning for 24 to 48 you leave sometimes72 hours so let's say you drink glass of wine on Monday and then Wednesday andthen Saturday well good luck you just blew the wholeweight you're not going to lose anyway because that a little bit of the wrongthing can bump you out of fat-burning so this whole theory about everything inmoderation is not workable if your metabolism is slow now the other thingis that we don't there's certain things we don't want to go in moderation wewant to go very very very high and that would be vegetablesand I know you probably need to increase that so an average body needs between 7to 10 cups of salad or vegetable every single day why because that will providefor the at least the minimum amount of nutrients especially potassium magnesiumand a lot of the other electrolytes you need those foods to get that nutritionand if you're doing a little side salad 1 cup it's just not enough to get thenutrition and then you create all sorts of other problems and I'm not going toget into all the benefits of that but you don't want to go moderate with yourvegetables you want to go a lot unless you're bloating okay but you want to govery high with those moderate protein and no sugar okay so that's number fourlastly we have number five focusing only on the weight this is a big one so thetruth is you don't really have a weight problem you have a weight symptom theweight is the tip of the iceberg what's deeper is a lot of health issues likesleep problems let's say you're not sleeping if you're not sleeping you'renot going to lose weight so you want to fix the sleeping let's say you havedigestive problems constipated so you're bloating well that's what you need tofix because if you're eating a lot of vegetables and you're just bloated thatcould be the reason why you're not losing weight so I look for instead ofthe way they look for sleeping digestion inflammation your menstrual cycle hotflashes that would be hormones I look for your energy level your mood yourstress tolerance those are the factors that go beyond weight that will reallymake you successful with weight loss if you focus on them versus just the weightand calories okay so I hope you learned something from this but these are themost common mistakes with weight loss that everyone makes I'll see in the nextvideo.

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