Toning Chest Workout for Women At Home, No Equipment

Hey, guys, Chardét here with Corpão Fitness, this is your toning chest workout for women.

There is absolutely no equipment.

The only thing you might want to grab is aset of cans.

If you have them and that's it, let's go aheadand get started.

OK, guys, we're going to get started.

This workout I did a little while ago andit was a big popular one, so we're doing it again even better.

We have six movements each 60 seconds fasttransition and two sets.

If you're using cans, have them nearby.

Always nice to use, right? And we're going to get started immediatelyin your very first exercise, which is a mermaid bend, so come to all fours, shoulders abovethe wrists.

You're gonna feel this mostly in the upperchest here.

Get a little ab bonus, too.

We're gonna reach the knees off the floor.

You can always come back down if you needto bend the elbows a little bit and we start walking the legs out slightly.

It's not a full plank, which is right abouthere.

Bend the knees and straighten.

So our goal is ideally to hold the elbowsbend here.

You might find that this is really hard andyou're not alone.

In which case you can always take a breakand then try it again.

But don't give up.

Really stick with it.

I know that you can do this one with me bendingthe legs and then finding that length, holding those bent elbows.

Feel that chest work right from the beginning.

You should feel all that fire along the chest, a little bit in the abs as well.

That's my gift to you.

And know it's getting hard.

This is less than 10 seconds to go and thenthere's a break.

Pressing through with me last three, two andone little stretch and relax.

We are going to move into movement numbertwo mermaid twist.

And this serves as kind of a double warm up.

So don't worry too much about going into thiscold.

This movement is getting you there.

Lift the legs again, walk out a little bithere, squeeze the thighs together.

We're going to start with those bent elbows.

Twist the knees to one side.

Center and side.

So when you're doing this again, we want tofocus on the chest, the arms, the upper body.

So you should ideally not feel it too muchin the back if you do.

You may want to bring the legs a little furtheraway, a little closer.

And try not to twist the chest, the cheststays facing the floor.

So you feel all that in the body.

Keep breathing, rotating in that beautifulmermaid or not so beautiful.

It depends how it looks right now.

Are you breathing with me? Are you pressing through? Keep twisting those legs, twisting that littletail here.

Bent those elbows a little more.

Can you go deeper with me? We have 10 seconds here, just 10 seconds, ladies, we can do it.

We've got it.

Last three, last two and one.


Take a little breather.

That was tough, right? It is meant to be tough.

This next one's not as bad.

So you made it through the hard part, right? This is still hard, but not as bad? Grab your cans we're going into somethingI call little hugs.

Isn't that cute? Relax the shoulders.


Go out.

Make sure your cans are facing down.

If you're not using cans, make fists, thumbsover those hands already.

Relax the shoulders.

Roll them.

Now you want to feel it mostly here in thechest, starting right now, pulsing your hands in an inch and out an inch.

The straighter your arms, the better it is.

Bent elbows.

It's gonna be easier.

But it's going to take it out of the chest.

We want to tone that chest.

We want to feel it all across the body here.

If you want to bring the arms in a littlecloser, let's get a little deeper into the chest.

You can do that as well.

Can also around the elbows.

Tiny little hugs.

Breathing through.

Tiny little hugs, keep squeezing the abs.

Now, you can also do this standing, but it'sa little bit better sometimes to be seated or kneeling.

You can also sit on your bottom if you prefer, because you're not going to be able to arch your back when you're in a seated positionas much.

So that's why we're in this position here.

It's not for nothing.

Keep on coming with me.

Keep pressing.

I know you've got this for those last fiveseconds, last four.

Three, two and one.

Bring them down.

Take a moment.


Now, this next exercise is a little awful, but then the one after that is not so bad.

You can do it right.

It's a short workout, diamond push ups.

So the bigger your diamond, the easier itis.

The closer this finger and thumb are, theharder.

So we're going to get started in a few.

We're going to squeeze the abs in.

And we come down and back up tiny elbows widetowards the side and back up squeezing the abs.

You want to feel this again in the chest, the shoulders a little bit, perhaps a tiny bit in the abs.

Letting those elbows bend and back up andmake it easier to separate your diamond, a little more so going down and up in that movement, make your diamond bigger or smaller and you're trying to get it right at the chest there, right at this chest here.


That's how you want it, keeping it going.

I'm imagining your success here.

And by all means, ladies, hop to the toesif you want to make this harder.

You could always do that.

You can make your diamond a little bigger.

Sticking with that nice big pulse in thatdiamond.

You have ten seconds working through thatchest.

Last five seconds, can you do three more? Three, two, one, knees down.



As promised, the next two movements, yourfinal two movements before we have a little break are not as bad.

In fact, it's the same movement just onceon each side, 60 seconds so we're rolling down.

I'm going to take your hand behind your headjust like you're laying out relaxing and you gonna bend your elbow in and back out.

Joining me when you're ready, bending downand back up now, some of you I recognize a little stronger.

You may want to go straight up into a fullplank, OK? And that's fine.

You're going to also feel this in the shoulders.

Which is important.

Because the shoulders help support the chestright? The chest, supports the shoulders.

Coming up, squeezing those abs, bringing thatelbow down.

This also works the back, which supports thechest and back up.

Squeezing the abs.

I really want you to engage the abs so thatyou can feel your core strong enough to support your chest here.

Can you give a few more here? Keeping it going, maybe go to this toes ifyou haven't tried it yet, give it a little try.

See what you got here.

We're going to do four more.



And one.

And relax.

That's not so bad, right? Other side.

Break is right after this one.

So again, starting on your knees because younever know how it's gonna go.

Reclining and begin into the work, liftingit up and down.

Really pulsing.

Now in order for this to work, you reallyhave to keep your elbow wide.

Don't let the elbow come in like this, becausethen that's going to change it into more of an Ab movement.

We want it wide.

Like you're strutting your stuff.

That's what we're doing right? Bringing it down.

And the more you can keep that elbow, wide, the more you're going to go into the chest, the more you're going to feel it in thosetough areas that we struggle with.

Can you rotate a little more? Can you give more on that next rep? We're coming into those final fifteen seconds.

So this is where if you can hop onto thosetoes, breathe through, give more here.

Three more.

Rotate more.

Three more two last one and release roll theshoulders.

Take a break.

Rock it.

We have one more set.

But I know you can do this.

You've got that one more set from the top.

The good news is we're only doing 30 secondsfor this second set.


So we'll move so much faster for you.

You're going to come to all fours.

First we have that mermaid.

Set it up.

Bend a little deeper because it's shorter.

Are you ready? Squeeze the abs in, bend those elbows andbegin bending and straightening those legs.

Maybe bring the legs a little further.

Maybe come a little deeper into those elbows.

We're not doing it for as long as times Ireally want you to try and reach deep into the strength you have here.

Keeping it going.

Those are those last four.

Those last three, two and one quick littlebreak.

Our breaks are faster now because we haveshorter times.

You don't need as much recovery, I hope.

Coming into this twist again, bend your elbows.

Set it up.

Bend a little deeper.

And let's start right now.

Rocking side.

Center side.

Control it so that you're not moving yourchest so much as you're moving the knees from the waistline.

And squeeze the thighs a little closer together, if you can really make it like a little fishtail.

Bending closer into the floor.

I know this one is not pretty, but we're nearlythere.

Five seconds.

Last three, two and one.

At least you get to get to the nicer one now, right? Third, move your little hugs, giving it acute little name.

Grab your cans if you're using them.

Otherwise, making those fists, make sure yourshoulders roll down.

You want to feel it right here by the shoulders.

In the chest.

Now, small pulses.

Feeling, it here.

Hugging that belly in.

Guys keeping it going a little more pulsesbecause it's not as long.

And I know that you can manage a little morepulses straighter arms rolling those shoulders back.

And next time, you can always get heaviercans.

Five seconds.

Three, two, and one down.

Moving on to your diamond push up.

Set it up.

Remember, we make that diamond thumb and pointerfingers, knees or toes.

I challenge you to go to toes here.

Belly in we go in three, two and one.

Let's go.

Bring it down and up, maybe start to deepenthat diamond.

And if you feel your wrist, you go ahead andcome back to making it smaller here.

Sticking with it a little bit deeper intoit.

Come to your toes with me if you can.

Separate that diamond if you need to but keepbreathing, stick with it.

Breathe in with me five seconds, that's allwe got last.

Last, three, two and one.


Gets right into the shoulders, doesn't it? Going into our tiny little rotations here.

So knees or toes reclining back, opening upthat chest, we start now bringing it down and up.

Remember to keep that elbow wide and awayfrom you.

So you should feel it right where the shoulderconnects to the chest.

That's where we want to feel it, keeping thatmovement going, really rotating here.

Even a little deeper into that rotation.

We have four more, three more last two, And one come out of it.

We go to the other side.

Final bit, you're nearly done here.

Final bit, setting it up hand comes behind, opening up that elbow, belly button draws in for support.

And we begin now rotating and back up, squeezingand up.

Can you hear me breathing? I want to hear you breathing, I want to hearyou doing this with me really rotating, squeezing the abs.

Coming to the toes, if that's a possibilityfor you.

We're almost there.

Keeping it going, can you do two more? Last one and relax.

Shoulder roll, we're gonna take a quick stretch.

You made it through this really well done.

Stretch it out now in the future, if you dowant to go heavier cans or you do want to get a hold of some weights, you can, but youdon't need to because you just go deeper into that movement and you will feel it more.

Go ahead and bring the head to the other sidestretching here.

And this is going to tone up this whole area.

So it starts to be a little firmer aroundthis area, just doing these kind of exercises two, three times a week, two times even isfine it's gonna make a difference for you.

Let's roll the shoulders because they weresupporting the chest.

And I want to make sure that they relax, thatyou feel them release, nice big stretch and then taking it forward and stretching it out, four, three, two and one hands behind final stretch, pulling down on that neck.

Always stretch your neck whenever you canin upper body.

And then you are done.

Thank you so much, guys, for joining me.

I hope you found it tough, ladies.

Let me know in the comments how you did inparticular with that diamond push ups and let me know what other workouts you want tosee if you haven't subscribed to the channel already.

Please do so that you'll always know whenthere's a new workout or a new video up.

And I would recommend, if you want a littlemore work, that you move into the ABS video, which you will be seeing here.

Thank you so much.

See you in the next one.


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