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Welcome to today's toning and fat burning workout We are going to be working on toning your arms your booty your abs your credit This is the workout.

That's gonna fix your credit.

I'm kidding.

I'm kidding.

Let's jump straight into the warm-up with our rotations Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and you are changing directions.

Once you're in the mood to do so, yes I'm so excited to see here today.

You're getting these workouts in and I'm so proud of you I'll tell you more about this workout as we go along, but let's move on to plie rolls You want your toes to be pointed out your feet as wide as possible you basically want your legs to look like a bench and then you bring your shoulders in and Really be deliberate about it put those shoulders as low as they will go really get that whole body moving I love it Give me 360 raises.

You're going to raise one knee at a time.

Keep your palms open and just rotate your arms I want your shoulders to be warm your arms warm suck your abs in We have one more warm-up move after this That was perfect give me those reverse lunges now, let me tell you more about this workout the first hop of this workout We're going to be focused on toning So your arms your abs your butt your thigh your legs your heart your credit statement what I keep talking about credit We're gonna tone and then the second half we're focused on a little bit of cardio and fat-burning First move of the day we have lateral brackets You want to raise your arms up bring them down? But when you bring them down your arms should stop at parallel to the floor.

You got it.

Okay, let's go Raise your arms up.

Bring them down good.

You don't want to bring your arms all the way down They should be parallel to the floor and then you just push back Keep your palms open Beautiful.

That is so elegant.

I like how you're doing that tuck your abs in Keep a slight bend in your knee and just keep marching.

Oh when the saints Go marching in Penguin crunch you're going to pull your knee in You want your knees to go as high as you possibly Can and to lock your fingers and bring your knee in between that that loop that you're making with your arms If you have shorter arms, this will be very difficult, but do your best go through your own range of motion That looks good engage your core Do this very slowly so that you can feel your muscles working You're almost there ten seconds to go You will be surprised by how quickly this workout is gonna go by Next up we have arrow squats.

You want your arms parallel to the floor and then you're gonna drop low into a squat Do your best to keep your chest as high as you can Let's go Keep your palms open like an airplane a Squatting airplane go down low sit back as you go down.

Keep your feet flat on the floor Point your toes out just a little bit Good go down.

Squeeze your booty as you stand up beautiful After this you have one more exercise and you get a break Go down squeeze stand up that was literally perfection We're going to do a reverse leg raise.

I recommend holding on to a wall a chair something so you don't lose your balance and You're just raising your leg one at a time Let's do this the key here Make sure you're not just swinging your legs really control that leg as you raise your leg squeeze your glutes squeeze your butt cheek Good get ready.

We're gonna switch legs in a minute and a moment here Go ahead switch your legs do the other side raise that leg as high as it will go The leg that's moving doesn't ever rest it's gonna graze the floor and go right back up One time go ahead and take a quick break Hi just a kiss you're new here, I'm Cola just like coca-cola and I am married I have a son with my husband now we live in Texas I love pizza with no tomato sauce.

I am a certified personal trainer I am also certified in nutrition and I wanted to personally invite you to check out my website Kabocha fitness calm on there.

You can find an All-inclusive all-access pass to all of my workouts and this includes premium 30-minute workouts that are not available on YouTube My eight-week booty program my 21-day belly fat focus program I get this your whole year of workouts planned for you January through December You never have to think about it ever again you can access all this content directly from my website by logging in or You can download the iPhone app or the Android app and just have everything in one place in your pocket It's so convenient.

Go ahead and check out website cuoco fitness comm it's totally free to try.

So give it a shot See if it's right for you Welcome back.

We are jumping into our cardio fat burning get your heart pumping It's a party over here section of the workout Are you ready? You can just start from the preview if you're ready to go.

We are doing side hug punches Just a very gentle hop in place and then you punch from side to side Remember to follow your fists as you punch Doesn't this feel so much easier than the first time you had to do it The more you do these workouts the easier they get keep going Tuck your abs in You're almost there If you do not need the previews You can start the exercise right from the preview if you are an a master kabocha working out person We should have levels master.

Cocoa puffs, baby.

Cocoa puffs level one cocoa puffs Let's go into speed bag punches Are you ready? Let's go Just shift your weight from one leg to the other raise your arms just a little bit very good You want your fists to be at chest level and you just rotate? Imagine there is a punching bag in front of you or your exes face.

That was very aggressive.

Keep going Keep going, make sure your core is engaged Swing those hips Next up we have side steps Get ready Let's jump right in step as far to each side as you possibly can Each time you step just bring one foot behind the other cross your arms in front and gauge your core Very good.

You are killing this workout You have only one more move after this one more and we're done here, can you imagine that went by so fast Keep stepping keep swinging Last move of the day, you know, how did you do this already? We are doing jumping jacks, if you're unable to jump you just toot you're just done do the modified version on the right Which is step jacks, you're stepping instead of jumping.

Are you ready? Take a deep breath? Good, let's go Keep going just keep moving you can do it.

It's the last move of the day after this you will be done Think about that keep going Move those arms move those legs keep your core tight ten seconds ten seconds, baby Keep going.

Keep going.

You can do it.

You're almost there.

Keep moving those legs.

Keep your core tight Time you did it Look patch yourself on the back.

You have earned that you wiped out today.

Oh, man Let's go ahead cool.

That was so good mornings.

I am so proud to be your trainer.

Put your feet together abs Engaged and just bend forward namaste sensei Let's stretch out your hips and Also loosen up your ankles.

So just pull your knee up you can hold on to something if you need to I Just rotate your ankles switch legs do the same thing on the other side Finally I want you to a slight bending your knee give yourself a huge hugs Today, I just want to tell you that you're amazing.

Don't let anybody tell you different.

Not even you look in the mirror You're gorgeous.

You have something to offer.

I Love you Thank you so much for working out with me today Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't done so already and I'll see you in my next workout video.

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