TINY WAIST & BELLY FAT BLAST | 40 Day Summer Shred Workout Challenge

hey guys and welcome to your forty day summer shred challenge this is a total free program I'm gonna beuploading a new workout video every single day I'm talking abs I'm talkingtiny waist lifting your butt burning fat we are doing it every single day forfree you guys can access

your free workoutcalendar just by going on to my website we're gonna have a brand new workout andalso the other workouts that I recommend for you to do to get the best resultsgive away alert girls you could win this exact outfit this time next week all youhave to do

is tag me in your Instagram stories and I'll be announcing thewinner in the video that I upload and I'll be doing a giveaway every singleweek check out the description for how to get involved today's workout which isall about a tiny waist and burning belly fatlet's go working out

so we're starting off with our left leg straighten rightknee bends we're going to reach across and then up to the toes pulling the corein nice and tight make sure you keeping the chin tuckedtowards the chest with this just took the neck for passing great straightchange onto the other

side I got a clicherun this is my be waited for great work for me here I want you tosupport the head– you're going to go with a side crunch and they crunchacross the body to hit your obliques so really reaching the other ankle and back great back straight

change again reallyreaching to that ankle and then across the body to get your obliques thosemuscles and the side of the waist snatching that wasted here what we now have a set going legsthat up we're going to come on up into the Crouch hug behind the back of thethigh

as you straighten the leg down the Lin one two get away from there you're dropping bothlegs over to the left the right fingertips are by your temples you'regoing to crunch across the body and back down again when I saw you on the dance alone I wasa usually first

I guess is history now in your back straight change the righton without other side the left fingertips by the temples approach inthe and back amazing from here we have a set ofhundreds working in two particularly the lower abs both legs are up we're goingto pump the arms up

and down if you can straighten the legs out the suits canfind you and milk dragon for too long support that neck if the head is soreguys and keep the eye gaze forward in between the thighs because I need you onthe dance floor think about it another that scissors

interlocking thefingers slightly different this time we're up in a crunch the elbow the waywe tap the foot down and then we combine it with a single leg stretchtap the toe down and stretch the lower down you extend the leg the harder it is super important to keep that

lower backflat keep the core engaged no overarching rip the down change Oh you're like from that forgive them upinto sitting on one that beats together the knees apart we're gonna roll backand then as we come up we were to take the body good work from here we have

a back plankso this is working pretty much the entire body the feet fingertips arefacing forward they heels are digging in we're gonna lift the butt up drop thehips back and just squeeze the booty pull the core in nice and tightgood work holding strong to make it harder straighten

those legs out squeezethe bar like that cool pull the waist in really really nice and tight now we'regonna try and lift the fit in and out good work back down we have a set ofbrushing twists high on those back bones roll back toyour biting points lift the legs

up as you rotate you straighten out theopposite leg don't forget you can win this veryoutfit this day next week so check the description and how to enter thatgiveaway is simply easy I will see you tomorrow for day two of your 40-daychallenge well done guys you smashed it please

don't forget smash that thumbs upon if it was so hit the subscribe button this is totally free and I really reallyappreciate the love more than you know what see you tomorrow for another freeworkout I thought you really loved me guess I was wrongthought you'd never leave me guess

I was

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