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what's up so today we've got the world's fastest chest workout now of course always inspired by Jeff Cavaliere he is the fitness guy of the internet as of the shooting of this video over 9 million followers and growing strong so what I wanted to do was put my

own spin on it because believe it or not I just at the beginning of the year one of the criticism follow-along workout series for people like you and me to work out together and it was just a coincidence that Jeff decided to put these fastest into world war

counts so what I'm doing is I'm putting my own spin on it we're gonna smash chest we're gonna hit two exercises and they're gonna be fifty seconds of peace with a ten-second rest break we're just going to knock it out for ten minutes now I'm also going to

put the link in the description to Jeff's fastest chest workout because I truly feel that I want to connect you with other good quality information because it's not just about me I want to make sure that you can get in great shape and if I find some other

good content I want to be sure that you're the first to know about it so without further ado let's get this video rolling and we're gonna smash chef [Music] welcome back if you're new here what's going on my name is Franco I'm a certified fitness nutrition specialist and

certified personal trainer with my main goals on helping you improve your training techniques so you know exactly how to workout efficiently in the gym enhancing your mobility so you never get hurt and educating you on the proper nutrition protocols so you can fuel yourself correctly to have optimal

performance at a gym and also enhancing those aesthetics because we all want to look good right so I'm a little worried it's gonna be a lot of time on their attention so I'm just gonna rip this jacket off we're gonna get busy down the business and we're gonna

smash this workout like I said we've got two exercises we're doing the incline dumbbell chest press okay we're gonna do a mixed grip so some movements we're gonna have this pronated grip with the hands of knuckles and over somes gonna be a neutral grip and some is gonna

be a supinated or this slight underhand rotation with the squeeze and then that next move we're gonna have a climb dumbbell chest fly that one's gonna help open up our chest we're gonna get a big hug nice stretch in the chest and it's gonna be a perfect combo

like I said you can watch Jeff's video it's pretty wild it's pretty crazy it's intense it's a lot of exercises but I wanted to put my own spin on it give you something in my opinion that's just a little bit more simple and super effective because so many

times when I manage em and I am pressed for time I only need two three or four exercises and that's it I don't need to run through the whole ringer of every single machine in the gym so let's get down and dirty knock out this chest matching workout

in less than 10 minutes or just actually ten minutes let's go all right before we get started I just want to let you know I did use this hyper bolt I'm gonna put that link in the that was my warmup that's all I did I massaged each pack

for a minute each side three times so it's a total of six minutes all right so we're gonna get to it I am basically starting off with about thirty five thirty to forty percent of my one red max I'm gonna go with thirty five so I could probably

do about a hundred zone incline and then I'm gonna probably do about sixty to seventy percent probably gonna go with sixty percent of that so I'm gonna use twenty pounds on the fly and thirty-five pounds on the press and trust me this is gonna be hectic you're only

getting ten-second breaks in between each move each move is fifty seconds long then it's gonna be ten minutes the idea here is that we're gonna get so much time with their tension it's gonna get a massive hump of my chest whether you're a guy or girl whatever you're

gonna get diesel today all right you ready so let's get the timer and five four three two one come it down I'm getting a nice stretch and then we're gonna get a double pump or squeezing so what I'm gonna do in this press here repulsion to follow as

you can see when I am pressing up towards the top I am not locking out by shoulders I got my shoulder blades retracted back my last were actually like a pillow and I'm pressing and squeezing I'm not also bring it me the faculties together I am just pressing

these together just enough to squeeze you get a hard contraction out of my chest now if sometimes with my shoulders fatigued I'm gonna give this horn head worth actually series 1 alright swole break our chest fly just 10 seconds that bit so here we go now for the

chest fly no-look double pump which is getting a big confident oh my god big stretch of Arne Gilligan usually I do a superset and this is going to be the world's most intense chest workout I could feel it and the fastest so nice stretch the bottom when I'm

coming up to the top of getting a nice squeeze I am NOT looking for crazy fast repetitions guys we're not doing this I'm looking for a nice stretch to the chest getting a nice squeeze I'm just trying to hold this contraction at the bottom now if you can't

go this low practice your mobility get more warm up get more deep tissue massages because sometimes you may only go so low so use a weight that you can handle that you can get a nice one right there pulling if you go to stretch it one so that

was around one we got four more Lipscomb and I've already fuel up my right shoulder all right let's roll double pump so like I said you can do a big strip not every single time oh my god that you do this it's got to be the same breath

holy crap so as gypsy I wasn't spotted by a Kleenex and I'm getting my ass handed to me around through already use it the double pump getting a nice squeeze in the bottom I probably should even with liner but oh we're gonna try and finish this all the

way through so I made it up holding the top a little bit longer because dude my chest is freaking blow it up right now hungry it's so sore and ten minutes – oh all right here you go second round with the second exercise pumping it nice big fly

this is only twenty pounds but damn it's the heaviest 20 pounds of ever lifted so right now my right shoulder is saying fu so I'm gonna go oh God with underhand squeezes big hug big stretch now you see I'm getting tired so my chest fly God is turning

it to war with press like a hybrid fly price so getting that big hug getting that nice big stretch bringing it in nice big squeeze I promise you guys this is the most intense chest workout fine – it's only ten minutes oh oh hey let it these 50

10 is pillar round 3 got to do it let's go let's grow guys wow man I can't wait to tell this 10 minutes is over but like I said no matter what focus on that board I'm focusing on the technique or getting that nice breeze this is not

for beginners all right if you already getting used a light weight you can control you take I promise you by text they're fired up right now on it I feel like something I feel like 40 but I don't care I'm filming I'm gonna finish this thing all the

way through whoa five four three two thumps no matter what one my pecs no like they're gonna explode if you want to grow your chest this is a way to do it oh nice stretch nice hug I'm going with underhand rotation because my head my talents are getaway

and I mean I feel it in my chest a lot and sometimes you know since i punish you to my racial learning practice the first to go oh god it's so hard but like I said this is the world's most fastest and the most intense chest workout you

will ever do so if you're attempting this right now that is a weight control look see these flies I'm doing I'm basically timing of the – one wrestles I can't go all the way out there to one chest blowers that – more raps it's pretty crazy which if

you publish the ten minutes right oh all right so I'm gonna drop the double pump I'm going to go with the regular press not gonna try to be a bitch but my chest I feel like you say it's what I said over and over it's gonna explode my

left packages about the Plus through my shirt this should be ridiculously hard right now if you've got ten minutes you should try it at least once in your life ha oh my god so pretty hard high five to one whoa 10-second breaks no one does this this is

crazy but you've got to get a little crazy to get the results you want alright back to fly stretch we are almost done go one more round after this still trying to go with white if I can but it's so hard just getting a nice warm as best

I can see right here if I go any wider my shoulders are just blowing up so give it all I got trying to hook it out just a little bit give it a nice stretch cool so you're a hybrid or your chest flies to turn into a hyper

that's why I'm still trying to get a heart I'm still trying to get a hug oh nice but I am dying the cap corn through to one almost there less than ten minutes you got this oh this is it last that best SEC well second life that that's

that nice stretch go over to pump coming down I'll definitely be sure to let everybody know how sore I got it feels like I've been training my chest for like two hours Jojo you can see how about through my feet I want this to be over like yesterday

oh I got to last that got this right through it white bread – it's where holy crap so slower just ten minutes okay so you see dear but I've been here beep last set get the chest fly and do the best that I can oh man that's too

dear but I'm gonna get her earbuds confuse me with he's got a waffle wish but anyway we've got 25 sick oh god I can't really talk anymore cuz I'm dying by flies it's hurting in the presses but that's okay I'm doing the best I can I am not

perfect I'm the need for you no one is lean but I've seen the best I've got never done this workout before and it's so hard ah oh god I can't even press it up here we go thank God I look down that was the hardest 10-minute chats work

I have ever done in my life my chest is jakmob so pumped right now veins are popping out of my arms so again if you're new to the channel go ahead and subscribe click that notification bell so you never miss any of this latest content and if you're

struggling to grow your chest and develop your packs give this workout a shot Jeff from athlean-x soon thank you because I probably wouldn't put a video like this out for a while but I am also trying to create efficient and effective 10-minute workouts that you could do it

at home with little or no equipment so I'm gonna put a link down to a bitch and some dumbbells down below so that way you can go ahead and pick that up so you could do this easy workout I mean I say it's easy it's not really easy

but it's kind of simple you got a dumbbells you got dumbbells and you've got a bench and that's it so if you like this work out let me know give it a thumbs up really help that YouTube algorithm and get this content out to more people that can

use my help so thank you so much for watching and stay tuned and I'll see you [Music] you

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