The Truth About Weight Loss (lost 16.8 lbs in a week)

Hi there.

I am Mike Gales for EverlastNutrition.

I often get asked which diet is the best one to follow to loseweight.

I wanted to edit and splice together four videos that we shot lastyear, into this one shorter video.

I'll leave a link in the descriptionbelow to the old videos.

Here is the shorter version, the truth about weightloss.

The reason why weight loss seems to be so mysterious is because if you ask10 different experts you get 10 different answers.

This one tells you notto eat carbs.

This one tells you when you should eat.

This one tells you you shouldonly eat soup.

This one tells you to eat only every second day.

They can't all beright can they? What I'm going to show you over the next few videos is a proofof concept.

I will show you what all of these diets have in common.

Thatproof of concept is going to be the first law of thermodynamics.

The firstlaw basically says that energy can't be created or destroyed.

It can only changeforms.

All of the energy that you have in you right now, actually comes from theSun.

Plants have captured that energy via photosynthesis.

Then you either ate aplant or ate an animal that ate the plant.

When you consume food, your body will use whatever energy that it needs.

Then it will store any extra remaining energyas body fat.

You could think of all that body fat as just stored energy.

Inorder to start losing body fat, you're going to have to change thethermodynamic equation.

That means that I'm going to start wanting to burn morecalories than I consume.

Forget about scales and pictures with Photoshop thatcould be manipulated.

I'm going to show you a live video of myself, today April8th.

Then another video of myself seven days from now.

I'm going to provethis video by holding up a newspaper of today's date April 8.

You'll be ableto check the publication link at the bottom of the YouTube video.

Thereason I switched to the black background, is to give you a bit bettercontrast.

In full disclosure, I knew I was going to do this video this week.

I really really overindulged on Easter weekend.

Yet the concept will still bethe same.

Make note of the muscle definition, especially around themidsection.

Hopefully within seven days, I'll be able to show you a realreal contrasted difference.

Here is the newspaper.

As you'll see in amoment, the date is April the 8th.

I'm going to weigh myself in theexact same clothes.

This is just as a frame of reference.

Pay no attention tothe weight because that's always easily manipulated.

My whole point of doingthis over the next seven days is to show you that every successful diet is basedon this concept of the first law of thermodynamics.

That is going to behow much energy you consume versus how much energy you expend.

That was truein 1715 and it's also true in 2015.

The diet that I'm going to follow isgoing to be based on one simple idea.

That idea is energy density.

That is to saythat certain foods take up more volume for the amount of calories that theyhave.

For example, both of these items here may have 40 to 50 calories.

Yetyou can see that the chocolate takes up nowhere near the amount of volume asthat green vegetable.

As a proof of concept, I'm going to show you over thenext seven days exactly what I eat.

How I made it and when I went to the gym.

What I want you to focus on, is not the weight.

That could be manipulated.

I could dehydrate myself.

We're going to focus on the definition and theamount of actual fat loss that will occur over these seven days.

In fulldisclosure, I usually don't eat meat but for the sake of this video, I wanted toput together a diet that the average person could probably stick.

Themain concept here, is that I've chosen foods that are not energy dense.

That meansthat they're going to take up a lot of volume for the amount of calories thatthey have.

That will make you feel satisfied for a little bit longer periodof time.

Without loading up on all the calories.

The biggest tip I cangive to everybody, is that I'm going to switch almost everything that I drink towater.

The only thing that I'm going to drink that's not water, is the cup ofcoffee that I'm going to have in the morning, to start off the day.

Also theprotein shake that I'm going to have mixed with water, after I go to the gym.

For some more protein, I'm going to add some chicken to my salads at night.

Here is a bunch of chicken breasts that I'm going to pre cook.

I want to make sure Ihave my chicken ready for the week.

For some extra protein during the week, I'mgoing to use some eggs.

I'm usually going to scramble them.

When I have mycoffee in the morning, I'm going to use a creamer.

You could use one sugar, onemilk and you'll be fine.

For breakfast in the morning, I'm going to have some English muffins.

They are 130 calories each.

I will use some low sugar Jam.

Or a bowl of Honey Nut cereal.

Instead of using milk, I'm going to add a scoopof the protein.

With some water.

For the morning cereal, here I have everythingready to go.

I got my Honey Nut cereal, the protein and for this one I'm going tochop up four strawberries.

I'm going to add about two cups of cereal.

That isgoing to come to about 300 calories.

I'm also going to add a scoop of proteinto that.

By adding protein instead of milk, I'm getting a full 22 grams ofprotein for only 110 calories.

In fact, this total bowl of cereal, may come insome around 450 calories.

I'm going to add some cold water, that I had in thefridge.

Add as much water as you normally would milk.

I'm just goingto use my spoon to stir the whole thing up.

Make note, that I'm not cuttingout carbs out of this diet.

In fact, I'm starting the day off with carbs.

That way, Ihave energy to power through the day.

Here it is your final product.

A bowl ofcereal, fortified with some protein and some strawberries added for flavor.

During the day, I'm going to eithersnack on an apple, a banana, cut strawberries or some fresh vegetableswith some salsa sauce.

The reason why I'll add the salsa sauce.

is because I like it and it is only ten calories per serving.

If I'mhungry for a snack, I'm going to add some yogurt to this diet.

This yogurt is only 40 calories per serving.

Even if I ate this whole container, it isstill going to be under 300 calories.

If I'm really hungry for a snack, I'm goingto take the same yogurt and add some chopped up strawberries.

Half a scoop ofprotein, to add to its thickness.

Sometimes in the afternoon, I might optfor an English muffin with some scrambled eggs and somesalsa sauce.

In the evening for dinner, is when you're probably going tofeel your hungriest.

What I'm going to do, is I'm going to take a whole head oflettuce and chop that up.

I'm going to add a whole chicken breast.

Then asmany vegetables as I could stuff in there.

Here you're going to see, that I cooked up enough chicken for the next five days.

I'm going to keep that in a Tupperware Bowl, in the fridge.

That way I'll have it when Ineed it.

This is crucial.

If I don't have the ingredients that I need, chances are that I'm going to stray from this diet.

I'm going to slice up thechicken into tiny little pieces.

Then I'm going to use a whole head of romainelettuce.

Slice up the whole thing.

You can slice or dice whatever you like, cucumbers or zucchini.

It's up to you.

I'm going to take some carrots.

Slicethem up into little chunks.

Then I'm going to use just a few heads ofbroccoli.

Slice those up as well.

Finally, I'm going to slice up a tomato.

You can dice them or slice them.

Do whatever you like.

You can exclude them alltogether.

it's completely up to you.

I'm going to add a little bit of low-fatsalad dressing.

Then mix the whole thing up into this monster salad bowl.

Thissalad is huge.

The chances are, that I wont be able to eat the whole thing in onesitting.

So I might have a little bit later onthe evening as well.

To ensure that I'm not going to be missing any vitamins andminerals during this diet, I'm going to take a daily multivitamin.

I will also take adaily dose of Omega 3.

A calorie is just a measurement of energy.

The one thatyou see on food labels, refers to how much energy it would take, toraise one kilogram of water, by one degree Celsius.

Itwould take 3500 calories to burn one pound of fat or 7700 calories to burnaround a kilogram of fat.

One more thing to notice is that carbs have 4calories per gram.

Yet protein also has 4 calories per gram and fat has about 9.

While we're on the subject of energy, each of us has a certain amount ofenergy that is required for us to sustain life.

Before you have even begunto move or exercise your body requires a certain amount of energy, just for it tosustain its tissues and organs.

That basic minimal amount of energy is knownas your basal metabolic rate.

You can think of that as the basicamount of energy that's going to take just to keep you alive.

In my case, I'm nolonger a spring chicken.

I'm almost 39 years old.

According to thecalculations, my basal metabolic rate is somewhere around 1900 calories per day.

Then you will also be moving around, digesting food and doing some otherstuff and that will also raise your metabolism.

I have more muscle mass than the average person.

Through trial and error, I know my own metabolicrate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2900 calories per day.

Before we get into the specifics, remember the first law ofthermodynamics.

It says that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

It can onlychange forms.

I'm going to prove to you that the laws of physics, not only applyto the rest of the entire universe but to the fitness and weight-loss industryas well.

What I'm going to do, is change my ownpersonal thermodynamic equation.

I will simply decreasing my energy consumptionand increasing my energy expenditure.

It sounds kind of simple doesn't it? That's the whole idea.

Let's go over a day by day what I did.

If you'reinterested, you could always click on a link in the description below, to theoriginal third video.

Everything that I did is displayed in more detail.

That gives us a grand total caloricdeficit of the week of 13840 calories.

Remember that it takes 3500 calories to lose one pound of body fat.

We takethat 13 840 and divide that by 3, 500.

That gives us 3.


I should expect to drop about four pounds of pure body fat.

Let's take a look atthe beginning of the week and what I look like seven days later.

Here'sjust a quick reminder April the 8th.

This was the video that we saw in thefirst day with the black background for contrast.

Once again, I want toemphasize that I specifically over ate to gain weight for this video.

People have no problem believing that if I ate extra calories, that I would gainweight.

Yet for some reason, they don't believe it if I cut calories, I'll loseweight.

That is kind of strange.

Focus on the muscle definition and we'llhopefully see a difference.

This was the scale on April the 8th.

I will beweighing myself in the exact same clothes.

That way there's no discrepancy.

Also the exact same scale.


4 pounds Finally, here we are seven days later.

April 15th 8 a.


I'll be weighing myself on an empty stomach.

You'll see in a moment, that'll make adifference.

Right away, you can see that I've dropped weight.

There's moredefinition around the midsection and the chest.

Make note, that a persondrops weight everywhere and not just from one specific spot.

You can see from theside view that the stomach is definitely a lot less distended.

A big part of that is because my system is no longer holding a bunch of extra food.

For theskeptics out there and to show you that there was no hocus-pocus, I'm just goingto show you a quick clip that these videos were posted both on Facebook andon YouTube on April 15th.

Unless I was good friends with Mark Zuckerberg, Ihave no control over the publication dates of the videos.

Here's the scalenow on April 15th.

Remember we're going for fat loss and not necessarily forthe weight on the scale.

This is just for reference.

Let's take a look as wezoom right up close.

Wow 195.

6 pounds.

That seems crazy.

That's like 17 pounds in one week.

I did not lose 16 pounds of fat.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

I'm not going to sithere and lie and say this diet is magnificent.

The math will tell you thatI lost about 4 pounds of pure body fat.

I'm telling you this is so youdon't get deceived.

You're going to see a lot of commercials telling you to drop10 pounds in 10 days or 5 pounds in 5 days or whatever the case may be.

That's not going to be actual fat loss.

When somebody drops weight in thebeginning, a lot of that was just residual food and extra water that theywere carrying.

It was just purged from their system.

That's the same sort ofprinciple as when someone does a cleanse.

They're not really dropping any body fat.

They're just dropping extra weight by getting rid of some residual food andwater.

Why did my diet work? I'm not a wizard or magician.

Yet my body is agreat mathematician! The whole point of all of this was to show you, that itwas all about the math.

That it always came down to how much energy I was consuming.

Versus how much energy I was burning.

To drop weight during the week, I justended up burning a little more and consuming a little less.

I'm notgoing to try and convince you of anything.

Do yourself a favor and just say it out loud.

See what makes sense to you.

Either I'm a total anomaly or a freak of nature and this justmiraculously happened.

Or the diet worked because every successfuldiet is based on this first law of thermodynamics.

How much energy youburn versus how much energy you consume.

Which one sounds more plausible? Everyyear you're going to find that a new diet comes along or some new method of losingweight.

Then six months to a year from then you never hear from it again.

The reason why is that, if it wasn't based on this first law ofthermodynamics then it probably didn't work.

Another point I want to bring up, isthat a lot of people demonize carbs.

You'll notice that I ate carbs in thisdiet.

Yet I still lost weight.

If carbs were really the devil then Iwouldn't have been able to do that.

The one thing that I need you to note, isthat I could have done a diet of pure chocolate and still dropped weight.

If Iwas eating just the right amount of it.

If I kept that thermodynamicequation, of burning versus consuming less, if it was pure chocolate, I stillwould have lost weight.

The real truth about weight loss, is that there is no one secret exercise or one magic pill that you can take, that isjust going to melt everything away.

The truth that nobody wants to hear isit really always comes back down to the math.

Once you realize that it's notall that mysterious, you can start to use that math to work in your favor.

Idon't recommend doing anything as drastic as I did.

That was done simplyto prove a concept, that the math actually does work.

I wouldn't cut morethan 500 calories a day out of your diet.

What I would recommend, is that you cutout calories wherever you can.

A big thing that you can do, is start switching most of your drinks to water.

Also ensure that you have enoughprotein in your diet as you don't want to lose muscle mass.

In the long run, that's going to have a negative effect on your metabolism.

That will make it much harder for you to keep the weight off.

Another concept I would focus on, is thatconcept of energy density.

Choose foods that you like.

It doesn'thave to be the foods that I chose but foods that you like.

Foods that take up acertain amount of volume yet do not have a huge amount of calories.

Whenyou're on a diet, it is so important that you choose foods thatyou like.

The only successful diet that you were ever going to follow, is going to be the diet that you can actually stick to.

The reason why Idid this video and the reason why people find weight loss to be so difficult, isthat they are often deceived by people pushing their own agenda.

Of coursethere will be factors such as, how the human body absorbs certain foods or howit stores them as energy.

Yet those factors are insignificant to the overalltrend of thermodynamics.

The math, of how much you consume versus how much you burn.

That is the real key to fat loss.

Once people realize that they andthe rest of the universe are bound to the laws of physics, then they canmanipulate that math to achieve the results that they always wanted.

This hasbeen Mike Gales for EverlastNnutrition.

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