The Skinny On The Latest FDA Approved Weight Loss Pill

losing weight can be very difficult somuch so that people will try all kinds of weird fads and diets today at bestiewe're going to talk about a new diet pill that has just been approved by theFood and Drug Administration or the FDA before we get started be sure to hitsubscribe and click the notification bell so you never miss our daily videosthe key to losing weight in general is to consume less calories than you'reburning proper diet and exercise are a surefire way to lose weight but withtoday's climate this can be difficult that's one reason why companies arecoming up with new diets and pills to help assist with weight loss we want toacknowledge that there's a case to be made for folks needing some help when itcomes to losing weight if you've ever tried to drop a few pounds yourself youcan attest to how difficult it truly can be this video is designed to give youall the facts about the new diet pill so you can have the proper informationbefore deciding it's right for you remember this pill is prescription basedas well so you'll need to talk to your doctor before making any decisions oneway or another first let's talk about what the product is the pill comes froma company called jealous and the new product is called plenty it's designedto help with proper weight management all the while being paired with ahealthy diet and exercise this product comes in a pill that you can take withwater about 30 minutes before eating inside each of these pills are thousandsof water absorbent hydrogels that can increase 100 times in size once ingestedthey increase by absorbing water and once these hydrogels have expanded totheir full size they sort of trick your stomach into thinking you're fuller thanyou really are literally by taking up space in yourstomach that would normally be occupied by food the whole idea of this pill isthat it's derived from natural building blocks made up of cellulose which iscommonly found in plants and citric acid and is supposed to help you feel fullerso you don't need as much during meal times the company says that hydrogelswork in the same way as if you ate a bunch of leafy greens the hydrogels willstay hydrated until they reach the large in 10where they'll be broken down naturally and will continue to be digested as foodnormally would so that's how the pill is designed to work because this pill isdelivered on a prescription basis it's only suitable for adults who have a bodymass index or a BMI of 25 to 40 your BMI is a measure of body fat based on yourheight and weight that applies to adults most adults who have a BMI betweeneighteen point five and twenty four point nine are considered normal weighthowever there are always exceptions to this rule basically anything abovetwenty five starts getting into the overweight range which is why plena teais only recommended for those with specific BMI readings the results of thestudy had encouraging results however we feel the need to mention that thejealousness loss of weight study otherwise known as glow was paid for byjealous who are the makers of plena tea this is the study that the FDA basedmost of their approval upon according to health line in this study glow thecompany recruited four hundred and thirty six adults with a BMI betweentwenty seven and forty and tracked their results for almost six months or 24weeks researchers conducted a double-blind study which means thatneither the participants nor the researchers knew which pill was the realplena tea product or which one was the placebo this is likely to lead to moreaccurate results people who were given the new weight management pill wereshown to lose about 6.

4 of their body weight over the following weeks ascompared to those who took the placebo who only lost about four point fourpercent this isn't really a huge difference but according to the clinicalparameters this was considered significant so what are the side effectswell while the study hasn't raised any major health concerns or red flagsparticipants in the study did report some cases of gastrointestinal issueslike diarrhea abdominal pain random bowel movements bloating and gas howeverthose who took the placebo also experienced some of those effects aswell so the results do seem promising withoutany surgery or major side effects this is why the pill is so attractivemost people want any help they can get and if that only involves a little extragas then I think they'll be okay with that another thing to note about theparticipants in this study is that they were put on a pretty low-calorie dietthey were instructed to eat 300 less calories in a day if they normally wouldand these diets consisted of pretty healthy food aka no takeoutthey were also required to partake in some form of exercise every day asyou've probably guessed a low calorie diet paired with exercises the actualrecipes of losing weight so you have to wonder how much this pill is actuallyhelping if these folks were already adapting a healthy lifestylebesides suppressing the actual desire to eat consuming low-calorie healthy mealsand exercising regularly should have positive results when it comes to losingweight another concern when it comes to this study is that participants wereonly studied for about six months in the grand scheme of things that's actually apretty short period of time losing weight and committing yourself to ahealthy lifestyle is a lifelong journey so short studies like this althoughfairly positive with results might not be so accurate when it comes to yourlong-term weight loss goals remember if you're looking to get some outside helpwhen it comes to losing weight it's very important to speak with a professionalproper exercise and diet will always be a part of any weight loss plan put intoaction but there are things out there that could potentially help you alongthe way remember to always be safe and get a trusted opinion from a medicalprofessional since the pill isn't set for releaseuntil the year 2020 there's no fixed price on the pill another reason why itmay seem so attractive is no matter how expensive the pill ends up costing it'lllikely be way less expensive than any surgery used to help with weight losslike gastric bypass surgery jealousy's is slated for late 2019 limited launchwith plans for a full release in the year of 2020so what do you think about this new weight-loss pill are you currentlytrying to lose weight and are interested in something like thishave you tried weight loss pills before what was your experiencewhy not let us know in the comment section below what you think about thisnew fda-approved pill enjoyed this video hit the like button and share with yourfriends also subscribe to our channel for more videos like this thanks forwatching.

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