The ONLY Workout You Need For STRONG Shoulders At Home

– What's up guys it's ChrisHeria, welcome to the vlog.

For the last couple of dayswe've been training at home, with dumbbells, without any equipment, and we've been burning fat right here.

And for me, it's home, but really you can dothese workouts anywhere with little to no equipment and still get super strongand in amazing shape.

So today we're gonnasum up this home series with a shoulder workout routine.

This is gonna be another workout routine you can do anywhere, all you're gonna need is the floor and the wall.

But like I said in the last video, if you went over to chrisheria.

com, picked up your weightvest, then we're ready to take this workout routineto the next level.

You're gonna maximize your gains, make a lot more progress, and you're gonna be able to do the same thingwith all your other workouts when you add your weight vest.

So let's go ahead andget this workout started.

Open up the Heria Pro app on your phones, hit “strong shoulders”.

we're gonna go ahead andget this workout started.

Alright so for the warmup wehave 50 pushups and 50 squats, for a total of 2 rounds, andyou guys know how it works, if you need to check your form or if you don't know how an exerciseis supposed to look like, go ahead and click on the video.

Go ahead, check your form, and then after, we'regonna go ahead and input how many reps we actually did.

So lets knock out this warmup real quick.

(slow electronic music) Alright, so let's go ahead, input those last reps.

50 pushups and 50 squats.

Perfect, now we're ready to get started.

So for the first exercisewe have handstand pushups and keep in mind whenyou're training shoulders, you wanna hit all the heads in your delts.

Your frontal, medial and rear so throughout this workout routine, we're gonna be trying toget a full shoulder workout.

So the selection of exerciseswere carefully chosen and it's important to train each one if you really wanna get stronger shoulders and avoid muscle imbalances.

And what I specifically likeabout handstand pushups is it starts to emphasize more on each delt depending on the depthof your handstand pushup as well as the angle of yourbody so make sure to get full range of motionwhen doing this exercise.

If you can't do handstandpushups against the wall then go ahead and do elevatedpipe pushups or pipe pushup.

Let's get it started, 10 reps.

(slow electronic music) Yeah that's a whole lot tougherwith the weight vest on.

Let's go ahead, checkthat move off the list.

So if you wanna go aheadand check your form, click on the move.

Perfect, lets go aheadand put how much we did.

10 reps, we're ready for the next move, it's gonna be wall walks, one of the best moves in my opinion for shoulders.

If you've never tried this move, well, here's your first chanceand for those of you with the weight vest on, good luck, which by the way you canalways adjust the weight vest if it's too much weightwith all the weight.

You can go ahead and openup the flap, take some out.

Train with the vest lighter, and when you've gained some strength, put the weights back in and get to work.

So we're gonna go for thesewall walks right here.

Wooh! So that's a pretty tough one, we are just getting started.

Let's go ahead and put howmany you did, wallwalks, 5.

Now this next one is gonnabe wall walks side to side.

Now for this exercise, instead of going up and down, we're gonna go all the wayup against the wall and then we're gonna to the side and back.

And what I love aboutthis exercise is that as you're moving to one side you're engaging more of yourmedial and rear delt, depending on the angleand position of your body.

A lot of exercises startwith one engagement and emphasizes on that one engagement throughout the entire repetition.

But when it comes to theseexercises specifically, as you're going through themotion and the full range of this movement you're gonna start to transition theemphasis on your delts through a range of motionand through a repetition.

It's a lot different than just pumping lateral raisesand it's also gonna take a lot more effort in yourshoulders because you're gonna need the strength ofall three heads combined to really execute this exercise.

So let's go ahead and go for it.

For those of you that are having trouble with the wall walks, you can go ahead and just walk up to ashigh as you can comfortably and do this exercise with me.

Same thing for the wallwalks that we did previously.

Let's go ahead and get these started.

Alright, so I don't know about you but my shoulders are startingto burn for sure.

Alright let's go ahead and knock those out right off the list and next wehave handstand shoulder taps.

Now if you're feelingfatigued at this point or if you're just not yet readyfor handstand shoulder taps you can go ahead and do this move in an elevated pipe positionor in a normal pipe position.

Let's go ahead and go for 10.

Alright, now my shoulders are burning.

Let's go ahead, knock those out.

Next one we have is aplanche 90 degree hold and for those of you thatcant yet get your feet off the ground, you're gonna go ahead and hold the bottom of a pseudo pushup.

Let's go ahead and do it.

For a total of 15seconds.

Let's go for it.

Alright, now if you'venever tried that move, you definitely need to.

Holding is a great method forbuilding muscle and strength.

Builds crazy endurance and also hits those deep muscle fibers.

We're gonna go ahead, check that right off the list, howmany you actually did, and now we're gonna do an exercise that really emphasizes on the rear delt.

On of my favorite, another isometrics, it's gonna be a reverse plank hold.

So you're gonna put yourhips up, as high as you can, arms straight, hold for 30 seconds.

Try to push your scapulasdown, push your arms down, as hard as you can while lifting your hips as high as you can.

Phwooh! Alright, we are making ourway through this routine.

Let's go ahead and check off that move.

We have one last exerciseto go, its gonna be side plank up and down.

Side plank position, make your hips drop, bring your hips all the way up, and since we're reallyemphasizing on the shoulder, try to get a nice stretch, go as high as you can, and then bring it all the way down.

Make sure to emphasize that lift from your shoulder aswell as your obliques.

And there goes round 1, let's go ahead, input that last exercise.

Congratulations guys, we just passed round 1.

We got 3 more rounds to go.

I'm gonna finish this workout routine but thank you guys so much for watching.

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