The Jonas Brothers Attempt Nick's "Baby Shark" Workout

-We're herewith the Jonas Brothers.

-Whoo!-Whoo-whoo! -I'm happy you guysare calling in.

Thank you so much.

Joe, where are you –where are you calling from? Where are all of you guysright now? -I am in Los Angeles right now.

-Kevin, where are you at? -I am in New Jersey.

I'm home here in my dining room, just chillin'.

-And, Nick, where –where are you? -I am in Los Angeles, as well.

-Is this — Is this the longestyou guys have ever been apart? -I thought –For a minute, I thought you were talking aboutme and my wife.

I was like, “No, we're together in the house.

” But you're talkingabout the Jonas Brothers.

[ Laughter ] Yes, this is the longest, I think, in this new era.

But, you know, whenwe were not working together, there was timeswe would not see each other for three, four monthsat a time.

But I thinkthat's about the max.

[ Laughter ]Oh, look.

-Kevin, there's a really cute person popping their little eyeballsin there.

-Come here, guys.

Want to say “hi”? Yeah, this is –Well, this is life, right? This is Alena.


-This is Valentina.

-[ Laughs ] -Hi.

-Oh, my goodness! Oh, hi!-Hi, girls! -Oh, they're so cute! How old are you?-Alright.

How old are you? -6.

-[ Gasps ]My daughter is 6, too! Oh, my goodness.

-His daughter's 6, too.

That's cool.

She's doingschoolwork right now.

Aren't you supposed to be doingschoolwork right now? [ Laughter ]-Yeah.

She's laughing.

-You're really cute.

I love your hair.

-She loves –He loves your hair.

Alright, guys, say, “Bye.

” -Bye! -Bye!-Alright, bye, guys.

-That's — That's awesome.


-I mean, it's — it's hectichaving the kids running around, but it's also kind of cool, isn't it? -It's kind of amazing.

Yeah, they brought me a — well, my latest K'NEX build of aroller coaster, actually, is what they built –brought me.

I don't know –they felt proud of it.

They wanted to show it off.

-Can I see? What –What are you doing with K'NEX? -I've built a couple thingsover — while we've been here, but this is the latest oneI've built.

It's the roller coaster.



-That's impressive.

-What in the what.



Oh, no, dude, I could never do.



-Oh, cool.




any of that stuff.

-It actually — And it goes.

Look at it.


So impressive.


-Whoa! -That's amazing.

-Way to go, Kev.

-I'm proud of my work.

-Hey, let's get toa little business here just 'cause I want to askyou guys while I have you.

Last time, I think, Nick, you were on the show, we were talking aboutmaybe you guys were working on a new album.

Has that slowed because of this? And what happens? -Well, actually, we –we had the album nearly finished when I last saw you, and then, right after that, we did finish it, but then, obviously, the world changed quite a bit.


-So we — we kind of rallied together and — and, in our various locations, thoughtabout what we could do — something special for the fans in this time where, you know, we're not really sure what the rightnext steps would be, and just taking into accountall that's happening and trying to besensitive to that.



-So we quickly workedwith the team at Amazonand Anthony Mandler, the directorof our concert film, and put this thing togetherfrom our tour last year, the “Happiness Begins Tour, ” and released iton Amazon last night.

So we were able to release some, and there are new songsin the movie, but the new album as a whole — we're just gonnakind of wait a second and see what all happens.

But we're so thrilled to be ableto put this together for fans while they're at all home and.



-Yeah, that was — -.



treating itlike an experience.

-That was great.

That came outat midnight last night — “Happiness Continues, “which I think is genius, because –like, the first documentary that I saw with you guys, that was like — Aww! There she is again.

I love her.

[ Laughter ]-Sorry.

-She's –No, what are you showing? -I'll do this right after, okay?-What do you have — new stuff? -It was just mefixing her schoolwork.

She was on to her next thing.

She didn't know what to do.

I'll do it right after, babe, okay? -So cute.

[ Laughter ] -Sorry.

-The — The — The first documentarythat came out was basicallyhow you guys got back together and actually wherethat all came from and where youkind of got your start and then what happenedand then the big comeback, but this one is what happensonce you do come back.

-Exactly, yeah.

And it also catches us buildingthis show that we put together for 90-some citiesand the nerves around that, what it's like sharingthe stage again together, a lot ofthe behind-the-scenes stuff that we've only been ableto tell people, but to actually see itin real time — You also see us forgettingthe cameras are rolling most of the time.

-For sure.

-So what it's likein our dressing rooms and we're actually tryingto get prepped and ready and usin our own individual settings.

And we have, like, a shared dressing room, and then we hadthree different rooms so we could all at leasthave our own “me time.

” -Yeah.

-Which I think was important so we didn't, like, go crazy on the road.

-Who has the weirdestpreshow ritual? -Oh, Joe.

-Probably —For sure it's Joe.

-He needs to get slapped.

-What? -Yeah.

I need a good slap in the face.

Need to do — do some push-ups.

You know, normal thingsthat you would think before the stage, you know.

Jumping jacks.

I usually try to blast Queen.

We couldn't, obviously, get the — the rights to have that in the film, so we had to figure outa different solution, but.



[ Light Laughter ] -So, what — what songis it in the movie? When we hear “Baby Shark, “is that supposed to be Queen? -It's pretty much — -No, “Baby Shark”is a different situation.

-What do you mean?-Well, in this quarantine and, you know, leadingthe workouts at my house, I created a workoutusing certain songs, and “Baby Shark”is one of those songs.

And it's actuallyreally effective.

So if you needa good workout tip to get the heart rate up, get a good pump goingbefore you work out, it's — I can –I can show you, actually.

-I'd love to –I'd love to see this.

“Baby Shark” workout?-“Baby Shark” workout.

-Are we all doing this workoutwith you right now? -Yeah, you probably should.

I mean.




-It's a good — It's a good workout.

I got to — I got to play it.




Joe, can you play it?You're the deejay.

-I got you.


-Alright, so here's what you do — basically, you jog in place, and then, every timeit changes characters, you know, from Mommy to Daddyto Grandpa, Grandma, you do a burpee.

-Oh, no.



-I hate burpees.

-Hit us, Joe.



[ “Baby Shark” plays ] -♪ Baby Shark ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Baby Shark ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Baby Shark ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do ♪ -Get ready!-♪ Baby Shark ♪ -♪ Mommy Shark ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Mommy Shark ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Mommy Shark ♪-Keep going! -♪ Do do do do do do ♪-Push yourselves.

-♪ Mommy Shark ♪ -Burpee!-♪ Daddy Shark ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Daddy Shark ♪ ♪ Do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Daddy Shark ♪-Come on! -♪ Do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Daddy Shark ♪ -♪ Grandma Shark ♪ -Stop, stop it.

Stop it.

-♪ Do do do do do do ♪ ♪ Grand– ♪-Ohh.


That is a workout.

Dude, you just changed”Baby Shark” for a lot of people.

That's actuallya really good workout.

-That's a lot.

-It's very effective, Nick.

-How does that feel?Get that heart rate up? -Oh, my gosh.


-My toupee is slipping off.

It's melting.

[ Laughter ] Hey, guys, I asked everyone –This is real.

[ Laughter ]I asked everyone.



I'm not acting.

My acting is not.






to bring up a charity and –every time they come on, and I thank you againfor coming on the show.

You know, I'm –I'm such a fan of you guys.

But your charity you choseis Feeding America.

-Yeah, Feeding America –everything they're doing with every –all of the families in need, especially right now with the — the lunches inschools that they couldn't get, and now they're being ableto provide those at home — it's just fantastic.

-And one of the things that we always try to tellour fans at home, the things that we align withand we support, is that it's not about — you know, especially in thesetrying and difficult times, it's not about one persongiving a lot — it's about a lot giving a little and trying to do what they canto help.

And so we want to encourageeveryone to do that.

And they're doing somegreat work at Feeding America.

And we're happy that we're ableto spotlight them with you today on the show.


-I love you guys.

Kevin, Joe, Nick, thank you so much.

-Thank you.

-Please give your family and loved ones a bighug from me, a virtual hug.


-And I can't wait to see you in person soon, guys.

-Same to you.

-Thank you!-Alright.

-Keep up the amazing work.

Love the documentary.

-Thank you!-Yeah, we'll see you soon.


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