– What's up guys? It's Chris Heria, welcome to another vlog.

Today I'm going to beshowing you the best way to start working out for beginners.

The first thing people want to do when they start workingout for the first time is build muscle or burn fat without the proper foundation, experience and skill set, which in reality that limits the amount of potential progress and gainsthat can actually be made.

When you don't have the properfoundation doing exercises, whether you're trying tobuild muscle or burn fat will be a lot less efficient.

Sometimes you can begoing through the motions, but not engaging your muscles properly, resulting in very littleprogress or none at all.

This is why the first thing you need to do and the best way to startworking out for beginners is to master the fundamentals.

Which are pull ups, pushups, dips, squats, L-sit and even handstands, starting from theirvery first progression.

These fundamental movementsutilize every muscle in your body and the main motions that consist of fitness training.

Every exercise stems fromthese fundamental movements.

And the best part of all, these exercises are scalable and you're able to increaseor decrease the difficulty and amount of force requiredby changing the angle and intensity on how you perform them.

Which over time will not onlyburn fat and build muscle, but teach you how to train, progressing you onto harder exercises.

And when doing exerciseswith the proper foundation and knowledge, you'll beengaging your muscles properly, which engages more muscle fibers.

Which will develop waymore strength and muscle and burn way more calories.

That's why the properfoundation and knowledge of their progressions is so important.

They are, in a sense, what themachines would be in a gym.

Just like if you went to the gym, you wouldn't go straight intoattempting to curl 60 pounds and only use the 60 pounddumbbells to learn how to curl.

You would start withsomething like 10 pounds, master those, and slowlywork your way up the weight.

This way, not only will youprevent the risk of injury, but you'll also develop theproper form and strength, not only to do this exercise but also to progress onto harder exercises that will demand greater effort, but will deliver greater results.

And this is why masteringthe fundamentals is not only the best way to startworking out for beginners, but also to ensure that you will continue to progress through your training.

Training this way, forexample, you may start off with beginner progressions, like Australian pull ups.

But you will eventually developthe strength and experience to progress onto pull ups, which will progress to one armed pull ups versusalways trying pull ups and wondering why youcan't do more than 10 and why your strength has plateaued.

And best of all, once you'velearned all the progressions and mastered your foundation, you can begin to teach other people.

So now I'm going to giveyou guys the workout routine that's going to haveyou master the basics.

And once you've built asolid foundation and can comfortably perform therequired repetitions with perfect form, you would'vealready seen significant results in muscle development, strength and fat loss.

And then you're ready tostart taking your training to the next level with aproper workout regiment and programming.

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Alright, now the very first exercise we're going to get into, is pull ups.

Now, pull ups is one ofthe main fundamentals for all pulling exercises.

When it comes to training, you're either pushing or pulling.

Which is why it's extremely important that you master thesemovements from the beginning.

Whenever you workoutyour back and your bicep, you're always pulling.

So mastering this movementis going to teach you the proper engagement in your muscles.

For a pulling motion, developing more strength for back and bicep exercises.

Now, when you're gettingstarted with pull ups, the first thing you want to do is master the very first progression.

That's going to be Australian pull ups.

You want to use every grip, wide shoulder, enclosed as well as a supinatedgrip to ensure you're using all the muscles in your backand bicep and to develop even greater and morecomfortable pulling strength.

The more comfortable you arewith these different grips and positions, the morereps you're going to be able to perform, the strongeryou're going to get and the faster you're going to progress.

In fact, once you can do10 Australian pull ups, with perfect form, you'reready to move on to the next progression, which isgonna be jumping pull ups.

You want to practice thosewith every single grip as well.

And once you can do 10 jumpingpull ups with perfect form, then you should've developedthe strength to be able to do at least a couple jump negative pull ups.

That's when you're goingto really start to feel your entire body weight during the ascensionportion of this exercise, getting you more used tohandling your body weight.

And by that time, afteryou can do 10 of those with perfect form, youshould be able to do at least 1 perfect pull up.

You basically want tomax out each progression starting with yourhardest, working your way all the way down to the easiest.

But to master the pull up, you're gonna need at least 10 reps with perfect form.

Let's go for it.

(hip-hop instrumental) All right, moving onto the next exercise.

Next we have push ups, let's get it.

All right, now to master the push ups you need to be able to doat least 15 repetitions with perfect form.

Let me show you what that looks like.

(hip-hop instrumental) All right, so there we have the push ups.

Now, just like the pullup is the main fundamental for all pulling motion, the push up is the main fundamental for all pushing motions.

So the better you get atpush ups and the more reps you're able to perform properly, the better you're gonna get and the more reps you're going to be able to perform for allother pushing exercises.

Increasing your benchpress, increasing your dips, your core strength andevery other chest, tricep, and pushing compound exercise.

And of course the more reps and exercises you're able to perform properly, the better results you're gonna get.

Develop your chest andtricep muscles even more, allowing you to progresson to even harder exercises that will give you even greater results that you couldn't have achieved otherwise if you had not mastered the push up.

So if you're just gettingstarted with push ups, really pay attention to your form.

You want to do theseas perfect as possible.

And at the beginning ifyou're really struggling to make sure that you canreally focus on your form, definitely start on your knees, maxing your repetitionsout from that position.

Once you increase the volume and you can do about 20 knee push ups, you'll definitely be able todo at least a couple push ups with perfect form.

And to master the push upsand to complete this exercise for the routine, you're goingto need to do 15 push ups.

So start off with the hardestprogression, max those out, work your way down.

And then let's go to the next exercise, that's gonna be dips.

All right, now to master thedips, you need to be able to do at least 10 withperfect form, in a row.

And that's also goingto be the requirements for this workout routine.

The dips is another pushingfundamental that engages your chest and your triceps, along with your core.

To lift your body andpush in a downward motion.

And the very first progression to start working on thisexercise is gonna be bench dips.

Choosing a high or lowsurface will determine the level of difficulty for this exercise.

So the higher is it, the easier it will be and the lower it is, the morebody weight will be applied, making it harder, working your triceps more but also getting you closer to being able to perform actual dips.

So I'm going to show youwhat bench dips look like.

We're going to do a set of 15.

(hip-hop instrumental) We'll have full range ofmotion all the way down, all the way up and leanback on your triceps.

All right, so there wehave the first progression to mastering dips.

That's bench dips.

Once you can do about 20of these with perfect form the next progression you'regonna start working on is jump negative dips.

This progression is goingto be more difficult but it will also get you used to working with your own body weight.

And eventually, once you'vedeveloped the strength to be able to do at least 10 of these, you should be able tostart doing some dips with perfect form.

So now you want to start trainingas many dips as you can do and start working yourway down the progression until you're able to doat least 10 real dips with perfect form.

And for this workout routine, it's actually 10 dips to complete this exercise.

If you can't do 10 real dips, go ahead and choose a progression that challenges you.

Complete the repetitions and then go ahead and drop set that exercise by doing the next easier progression and maxing out that exercise.

And the next exercise I havefor you guys for this workout, is going to be squats.

We're going to go for 20.

Now squats is one of thefundamental movements for all leg exercises.

Before doing any legexercises with weights you should first master you body squat.

Without mastering yourbody squat and going into other weighted exercises, you're asking to risk injury and very little progress to be made.

So we're gonna go for 20squats with perfect form.

If you're having trouble orif you're just getting started with squats, try sitting down on a chair and standing back up 20 times.

Having a firm stance on theground, shoulder width apart, squeezing your glutes, core, and keeping a straightposture in your body.

After just a couple days of training that, you should definitely be ableto do some perfect squats.

And of course once you'vemastered these squats you will eventually be able toprogress on to pistol squats.

But for now, let's get these 20 squats.

(hip-hop instrumental) All right, now for this next exercise, we're gonna be working on our core.

And to truly master yourcore, the fundamental movement that you want to perfect isgoing to be the L-sit hold.

But for the sake oftoday's beginner workout, we're going to be using a bolt hold.

The first progression to getting started and developing your corestrength, to being able to eventually perform the L-sit.

You want to be able tohold this move in for at least 45 seconds.

If you're doing this for thefirst time, it may feel tough, but you can definitely manage it.

Eventually it will get easier over time.

And with the help oftraining the fundamentals like your push ups, pull ups and dips, you're gonna get very comfortable with being able to handle your body weight and you're gonna be ableto do the L-sit in no time.

Let's get right into the bolt hold.

(hip-hop instrumental) All right, we are movingon and we are almost done.

And the last fundamentalwe're going to touch on is gonna be handstands.

A whole body, compound exercise that really puts thedemand on your balance, stabilizing muscles, corestrength, arms, and shoulders.

Now just a couple weeks ago, I uploaded a video titled 'How To Handstand With 5 Easy Steps'.

If you're looking for aneasy, step by step guide that breaks down exactly how to handstand from the very beginning, go ahead and check out that video and leave a thumbs upif you found it helpful.

Now for the sake ofthis beginners workout, I'm going to have you guysworking on pike push ups, which is the very firstprogression, developing your shoulder strength progressingyou to handstand holds and eventually, handstand push ups.

Now for these pike push upsyou want to be able to do at least 12 with perfect form, keeping a pike from yourhands and feet to your hips.

Let's go for it.

(hip-hop instrumental) And that's gonna be the last exercise to master the fundamentals.

But I have one last move for extra credit.

This is gonna give you a littleboost during your training.

That last exercise is goingto be hanging on the bar.

Hanging on the bar increasesyour grip strength, as well as the muscle connectionthroughout your entire body and in most cases yourgrip is the first thing to give out before your actual muscles do.

So training your gripis going to allow you to have better form in your exercises and be able to last longer, do more reps, which are gonna progress you on, giving you way more results.

So we're going to go ahead andhang for at least one minute.

And eventually when youguys get really comfortable with this you will havedeveloped a significant amount of grip strength, you should be able to hang for at least one arm, on eachside for one minute each.

Let's go hang for a little bit.

(hip-hop instrumental) All right, that's gonna be round one for this whole entire routine.

Definitely make sure youhave already downloaded the HERIAPRO app on the app store or Google Play store sothat you have this workout with you, on your phone andbe able to do it anywhere because as you can see, this workout routine is all body weight movement.

It doesn't require any equipment.

The most you're going to need is to find something to hang on.

So to complete this routine, you're gonna have to do three more rounds for a total of four sets and then you're well onyour way to getting started to develop real muscle, real strength, and a real solid foundation, that's gonna ensure, not only are you going tobuild muscle and burn fat but you're gonna stay progressing in the best, most efficient way possible.

And so with that said, thank you guys so much for watching.

Remember, for this to truly be effective you have to master it.

Each exercise, as eachone will help the other and develop all the muscles in your body.

And once you develop the solid foundation, you've mastered the basics.

You're ready to start taking your training to the next level by adding more weight to your exercises withthe Heria Weight Vest.

You can go ahead and pickone up at CHRISHERIA.


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