let's talk about superfoods there arevery few foods that are actually worthy of this title it's really more of amarketing term that was coined by the food industry when they're trying tosell you something generally speaking though super foods are nutrient densethey have special properties and supreme benefits compared to other foods theybasically pack the best punch it's the best bang for your nutrition buck and Iwholeheartedly believe into super foods that I'm about to give you because I eatthem every day and this is the physique that I'm able to maintain and I know fora fact that they worked extremely well for other people because these are theexact same foods that all my students inside the fat loss accelerator eat andthey've all got to see some amazing results but just know that there isn't asingle food that's gonna be the magic cure-alllike if you start eating avocado for example but you're still eating Doritosevery day it's not really gonna work like I don't want you to come back tothis video and say Carlo these superfoods don't work yeah no kiddingthe good thing is this video isn't sponsored by anyone or anything I guessI'm the sponsor so I'm not gonna sell you a supplement or protein powders oranything like that these are just superfoods that I personally believe inand I know for a fact that they work extremely well like I don't remember thelast time I got sick maybe I don't know four or five years agothese are newbie Fitness Academy approved if you are now if your goal isfat loss there are three things in your diet that you need to optimize nutrientdensity fat and protein content so all the superfoods that I'm gonna give youare going to meet all those three criteriasplus they're gonna be extremely delicious so let's talk about thosecriterias real quick nutrient-dense foods are going to be extremely fillingbecause they're usually high in fiber which is going to activate that stretchmechanism in your stomach which is then gonna activate leptin which is thehormone that signals your body that you're full and turn off ghrelin whichis your hunger hormone I want you to remember those two things now why am Italking about hunger hormones well weight loss in its very essence isn'tabout counting calories otherwise you should just drink diet soda all day it'szero calories good luck with that weight loss is all about controlling hungerwhy because being hungry sucks let me repeat that because that's a veryimportant concept that you need to understand weight loss isn't aboutcounting calories it's about controlling hunger going back to nutrient-densesuper foods they're also packed with micronutrients and your body needsmicronutrients in order to be healthy that's why Jerry dough's are not goodfor you because they're extremely nutrient deficient your body is stillcraving nutrients when you eat this stuff which then causes you to eat theentire bag let's talk about fats and protein fats and protein also activateyour satiety hormones fat activates cholecystokininor CCK while protein activates peptide YY or p YY and they're deliciousthink about a piece of rib I weighed some butter for example mmm adequateprotein is also key when it comes to maintaining and building muscles whilealso losing fat and no fat doesn't make you fat like if you're not eating enoughfat and this is some real talk you're probably fat in factdietary fat and cholesterol and they usually go hand-in-handis essential to every cellular function in your body including your brain againit's not bad for you but again I don't want you to just add sour cream to yourDoritos and call it a day okay since I've brought up Doritos a couple timesalready let's talk about carbs real quick carbs are not essentially theenemy I've mentioned a few times in my videos already that I love cheesecakebut it's more of a cheat meal for me if we're strictly talking about fat loss amajority of the population will do better on a high fat moderate proteinand low-carb diet because it's the best diet to moderate your insulin levelswhich is your storage hormone it's the hormone that controls your body weightand carbs especially refined carbs like Doritos and sugar triggers a high bloodglucose response which then triggers a high insulin response to store all thatsugar that's in your body right now which then causes a blood sugar crashyour body then freaks out because it thinks that it's gonna go in a state ofhypoglycemia which is gonna trigger your body to crave all the food this is whyyou can't just have one Dorito after a while you want to eat the entire bag nowwith those criterias in mind I'm gonna give you the top 7 newbie fitnessAcademy approved superfoods that promotes health fat loss and awesomenessbefore we continue give this video like subscribe to my channel and hit the bellto get notified every time I post a new video every week superfood number onegreen leafy vegetables specifically cruciferous vegetables leafy greensinclude arugula spinach romaine lettuce Swiss chard I guess I'm gonna includekale here as well even though I don't think it tastes goodwhile cruciferous vegetables and these are my absolute favorite includebroccoli cauliflower Brussels sprouts bok choy and I guess I'm gonna includeasparagus here as well because they're delicious even though they make your peesmell funny Lee the greens and cruciferous vegetablesare extremely nutrient dense this video is going to last an hour if I list allthe benefits of eating them but they're extremely loaded with vitamins mineralsthey're anti-inflammatory they're full of antioxidants and a whole lot of othergood stuff for your body they're low in calories they're extremely low in carbsand they're also high in fiber which is again gonna activate that stretchmechanism in your stomach and really maximize the volume of your meals whichis then gonna activate leptin and turn off Relan remember those two cruciferousvegetables as if there weren't superstar superfoods already also contain proteinso cruciferous vegetables meets two of their criterias for a superfood they'renutrient dense and they contain protein and they're delicious like I'm thinkingabout roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts right now hmm and it doesn'teven matter what your goals are you should be eating this stuff all the timeand this is literally the best weight loss hack on the planet that I couldgive you half of your plates or even two-thirds of your plate should containthese vegetables and just watch the pounds come off you're welcome superfoodnumber two animal protein ideally you're eating pasture raisedchickens or grass-fed beef or something that came from a good source like yourlocal farmers market and the animals were raised without antibiotics or addedhormones if you can't do that that's okayjust buy the best quality protein that you can afford and if you've beenfollowing my channel you'll know that I am a big proponent of incorporating keyconcepts from the primal way of living because that's how we evolved from twoand a half million years of evolution and we as human beings evolved to eatplants and animals that's why I mentioned plants as superfood number oneanimals superfood number two we evolved to eat meat our stomachs for example areextremely acidic it's more acidic than purely carnivore animals like vulturesand wolves for example basically the human body loves meat and animal proteinsatisfies three of our major criterias for a superfood its nutrient dense it'salso high in fat and protein and you should know this animal protein is someof the most satiating food on the planet again going back to my ribeye with somebutter example it's extremely filling and it's absolutely deliciousthere are also essential vitamins and minerals that the human body needs thatwe can only obtain from animals like vitamin b12 and vitamin k2 for examplenow vegans and vegetarians might say oh but I got this pill fromsee yeah there's one problem with that you're only getting the precursor andthe synthetic version of that vitamin which means that the bioavailability ofit when it comes to your body actually absorbing it is honestly almostlaughable when it comes to a piece of steak for example the bioavailability issomething like 80% again that's why we evolved eat this stuff and a lot ofnative tribes who still live a hunter-gatherer life are perfectexamples of this and some of them even eat mostly a purely carnivore diet andthey have extremely good health so when they catch these animals for examplethey would actually go after the fattiest parts and organ meat becausethey're the most nutrient dense part of the animal this is why you cannot liveup of lean cuts of meat and this has been proven because at least issomething called rabbit starvation it's only a complete meal if fat is includedso they'll be scared to eat dark meat instead of white meat when you eatingchicken like a chicken thigh tastes way better than white meat for example andeat the fat on your steak it's the best part anyway and we actually don't needas much protein as we've been led to believe your body only needs 0.

7 gramsper pound of lean body mass that is it even if you're active even if you go tothe gym some experts even recommend less than that but we're gonna stick with 0.

7so you don't ever need to take BCAAs pre workouts or protein powders when you'repumping iron at the gym it's a complete waste of money you might as well likeyour money on fire or donate it to charityprotein powder specifically are extremely insulin a genic becausethey're extremely processed and they're usually sweetened with sugar orartificial sweeteners superfood number three eggs my favorite the humble egg isone of the most nutritious foods on the planet it's basically nature's versionof a multivitamin and the yolk specifically is actually the healthiestpart of the egg it contains something like 13 vitamins and minerals includinglutein and choline which are crucial for your eyes and brain development andthat's also where the cholesterol is which is again essential for everycellular function and that includes your brain function you would literally diewithout cholesterol so throw away your box egg whites and think about it froman evolutionary standpoint animals would literally risk their lives trying tosteal a bird's egg for example because they know how nutrient-dense they areprotip because there are about a million different types of eggs atyour local grocery store you really only want to look for one thing one specificthing pasture-raised eggs like Free Run eggs for example doesn't really meananything it just means that there is a tiny door somewhere in a tiny crampedspace going back to our criterias eggs check off all three boxes they'renutrient dense they're high in fat and protein and they're extremely deliciousI eat like three or four eggs every day superfood number four is the number onereason why millenials can't afford a house because they're eating too muchavocado toast superfood number four is avocado but hold the toast I don'treally know any other fruit that can even come close to what avocado bringsto the table while most fruits are high in fructose so that's the predominantsugar in fruit avocado has a grand total of zero sugar instead it's high inheart-healthy monounsaturated fats and they're also high in omega-3 fatty acidsin the form of ala which can prevent heart attacks and atherosclerosisit also contains antioxidants like lycopene and beta-carotene it alsocontains something like 20 vitamins and minerals again another version ofnature's multivitamin and again it meets our 3 criterias it's high in fat proteinand it's extremely nutrient dense and they're delicious I eat like half anavocado every day sometimes more superfood number 5 extra virgin oliveoil part of the popular Mediterranean diet olive oil has been a dietary staplefor some of the world's healthiest population especially for those peopleliving in the Blue Zone study after study have shown that the fatty acidsand antioxidants in olive oil specifically oleic acid has been foundto reduce inflammatory markers in the body this is important because chronicinflammation has been found to be the major driver of many diseases includingheart disease cancer metabolic syndrome diabetes and arthritis if you have cheapvegetable and seed oils at home like sunflower oil safflower oil canola oilor just any cheap oil in general you need to cost it up and then you want toreplace it with this awesome super foods superfood number 6 sweet potatoes I'vekind of developed a rap as an anti carbs guy but I'm really not I think you canenjoy them occasionally especially as a treat but I would make an exception forsweet potatoes as a possible everyday superfood for one specific reason sosweet potatoes are a type of root vegetable which comes in differentvarieties and colors like purple yams for example and they're extremely richin antioxidants vitamin and minerals including fiber protein fatvitamin A C and b6 and it's got manganese potassium and other good stuffbut the main benefit of sweet potatoes and this is why I included it in mysuper foods list lies in the fact that it's resistant starch if you've neverheard of resistance starch before it's basically a super food for yourdigestive system sweet potatoes contains two different types of fiber soluble andinsoluble your body can't digest either type so it goes through your stomach andsmall intestine in digested eventually reaching your colon which then feedsyour gut flora and your gut basically acts like your second brain in your bodyand this is how you feed it taking care of your gut health keeping those goodbacterias happy is essential to good health because everything starts in yourgut the native Catawbas and Okinawa's for example which are known to be thehealthiest people on the planet thrive on eating tubers like sweet potatoes andthey have very few cases of modern Western diseases again like obesitycancer diabetes cardiovascular disease obviously be sensible about your intakeof sweet potatoes especially if you still have a lot of weight to lose butfeel free to incorporate them in your daily diet and they're absolutelydelicious superfood number seven dark chocolate and this is for all youdessert people out there dark chocolate has a special place in my heart when Ifirst discovered it and I read about it for the first time as a superfood fromthe primal blueprint my favorite fitness book next to my book obviously it was anabsolute revelation for me because I have a sweet tooth and dark chocolatemore than satisfies that craving without my diet going down the drain darkchocolate is actually loaded with a lot of vitamins and minerals including letme just read it out to you fiber iron magnesium copper manganese potassiumzinc and selenium just to name a few it's also rich in antioxidants more thanblueberries and acai berries and that's why people eat that stuff and it's alsobeen shown to increase HDL so that's your good cholesterol while reducing LDLwhich is your bad cholesterol try to buy at least 70% cacao if you're juststarting out but the sweet spot is 85% where it still tastes like a treat it'sabsolutely delicious and it doesn't feel like you're eating chalk this is myfavorite brand right here of dark chocolate as you can see I am wellstocked dark chocolate is still extremely rich in flavor it's stillsuper rich and creamy especially compared to like regular chocolate Iusually eat two squares as desert or sometimes three if I'm reallyfeeling like treating myself and I want to cry every time because I can'tbelieve that I'm eating something that tastes that good but it's actually goodfor me okay last superfood shoutout goes to nuts and seeds and that includesalmonds pistachios walnuts Brazil nuts chia seeds and flax seeds becausethey're also high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and they'realso absolutely delicious I eat pistachios and dark chocolate everysingle day just to recap our newbie Fitness Academy approved superfood listinclude green leafy cruciferous vegetables meat eggs avocado olive oilsweet potatoes dark chocolate and nuts thank you for coming to my talk aboutsuperfoods the next question that becomes how areyou actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight because here's the thing80% of your body composition is determined by your dietyou can't just freestyle this part you have a proven plan that you can followto help you with that I want to give you a free copy of my lean body blueprintthis is how I melted all the fat around my stomach without depriving myself ofmy favorite foods or wasting hours at the gym it's a simple four-step processspecifically designed for busy professionals and it's the exact sameblueprint that I teach to all my private coaching clients and they've all gone tosee some amazing results if you want to be the next success story then downloadyour FREE copy of the lean body blueprint right now there's gonna be alink somewhere at the top here or in the description box just click on it type inyour email and I'll send it to you right away alright that's all I've gotgive this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with yourfriends please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already I post a newvideo every week and hey leave a comment below if you have any questions aboutthis video thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video virtual highfive.

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