The 100 Push Up Workout Everyone Can Do!

everyone knows that push-ups are very effective not only because they use a lot of different muscles at the same time but also because you can do them nearly everywhere it doesn't matter if you are at home in the park or in the gym you just need a floor

and you're ready to go another benefit of push-ups is that there are lots of variations you cannot only make them easier for beginners or harder for advanced athletes you can also target different muscles or even train for different goals if you can't do normal push-ups on the ground

do knee push-ups you do martial arts and you want to be more explosive try hand release push-ups you want to learn challenging exercises like the handstand pushup just start with Pike push-ups and work your way up to your goal your triceps is a weak point and you want

to target it directly to Steinman or Sphinx instead of regular push-ups this list goes on and on the only problem is that people don't really know how an effective push up workout should look like there are different ways to design a good workout but to make it as

easy as possible we show you a hundred push of workout that can be done by everyone if you like our scientific approach and don't want to waste your time with random workouts that lead to nowhere you should visit Kelly move calm and check our progress don't waste your

time and get the best results with our help all right back to the workout you do 100 pushups but these 100 repetitions are split into three different phases first you choose a really hard pressure variation that you can only do five reps second you choose a medium push

a variation with that you can do about 10 reps third you choose an easy push-up variations that you can do about 15 reps now you do 15 reps with a hot variation 35 reps with the medium variation and 50 reps with the easy variation so in total you

do 100 reps when it comes to the rest times you should try to complete the hundred reps as quick as possible without breaking proper form we recommend longer breaks like two to three minutes when it comes to the heart and medium variation and shoulder breaks like one minute

or even less when it comes to the easy variation a good time to complete the workout would be around 20 minutes this workout is much better than the usual 100 push upward because you choose different variations and different rep ranges in this way the program can be adapted

to your level and to your goals no matter if you just started or if you already got some experience the hot variation with the low amount of reps improves your strength the most the medium variation with the medium rep range puts the most muscle and the easy variation

with the high rep range improves your strength endurance and the blood flow in your muscles when it comes to the progressions you can choose anything you like as long as you take an eye on the rep ranges here are two examples let's say you are a beginner and

you can do five proper push-ups on the ground now you just do negatives as your heart push up variation negatives are easier than normal push-ups and a great way to improve your strength for normal push-ups for the medium one you could do knee or incline push-ups and for

the easy one you could also do incline push-ups just on a higher object the higher the object the easier it gets so just choose the right height for the medium and the high rep ranges the second example is for an intermediate athlete here you start with Pike push-ups

as the hardest progression continue with Archer push-ups for the medium rep range and finish with Diamond push-ups as the easiest version of course these are only examples there are other variations you could do as long as you choose the right variation for the right rep range to make

sure you got the right progression we suggest to do a test two days before you start with the workout on the test day you should try different variations and find the right one for all three rep ranges two days later you can start with this modified 100 push

up workout if you like this workout and want to take it to the next step you should definitely check our workout programs every program is designed as a step-by-step online course and comes with high quality videos and animations you will train your whole body with the best exercises

the best methods and the best workouts no matter which go you have or in which level you are we offer the right program for you just visit Kelly move calm and get started if you have further questions just leave a comment thanks Alex

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