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Hey guys, welcome to the balcony of myhome, I hope you guys are doing well wherever you are in the world right now.

A lot of us have been advised to stay home but we still won't find a way to stay active and fit during this period so I've decided a 15-minute high-intensitybody weight workout to maximise your calorie burn.

And don't worry if you're a beginner, this workout was designed with you in mind.

All my workouts are completely bodyweight based, you don't require any equipment at all, so if you're ready let's go! We're gonna start with some jumping jacks to warm up.

This is going to get your heart rate up, get you moving especially if you've been sitting or lying down all day and to keep that energy and spirit high.

If you have any knee injuries you can always do a modified version or jog on the spot for a low-impact alternative.

Our first set in this workout consistsof lower body, upper body and total body movements.

We'll do the whole set twice before moving on to our next set of exercises.

When you're doing alternatingreverse lunges, start with your feet together and step back then step forward alternating legs.

Keep your weight in your front leg and step into your heels to bring your body back up to a standing position.

Keep your chest up and makesure your knee doesn't go over your toes throughout the exercise.

You should beengaging a lot of your core and maintaining your balance throughout this workout.

Plank get-ups.

Start in a forearm plank position with the elbows directly under your shoulders.

Keep your body straight, straighten one arm and then the other until you're in a full plank position.

Then go back to your starting position one arm after the other and repeat.

Make sure your back doesn't come up too high or go down too low in this exercise and keep your core engaged the entire time.

This is a great upper body workout that is an alternative to your regular push-ups.

Modified burpees are a great low impactcardio exercise for beginners.

Start by bending over and placing your hands on the ground.

Hop both your legs back to a plank, and immediately hop back to your hands before standing back up.

This is a modified burpee because I've taken out the jump that you would have at the end of a regular burpee.

Alright, take a quick breather.

We're gonna do that circuit one more time starting with the alternating reverse lunges.

You got this! We're done with the legs.

Now get down to our plank position and work those arms.

Don't stop.

Your body must be on fire now but let's finish this round strong with the last burpees you will need to do today.

Let's get it over and done with! For our second set, we will be doingthree different ab exercises.

Same thing as before, we'll repeat the entire set two times.

Bicycle crunches.

Start by lying down with your knees bent.

Put your hands behind your head and as you exhale, bring your right elbow to your left knee.

Do the same to the other side and twist.

Alternate between each side and you should feel your entire core being engaged during the exercise.

When doing leg raises, put your handsbehind your back to support your tailbone.

Lift your legs up straight with the feet together then lower them down until they almost reach the ground.

Lift them up again and repeat the motion.

For a modified version, you can also bendyour knees.

Get into a plank position with yourhands shoulder-width apart, squeezing your abs.

Bring one knee towards your chest as much as you can, then switch legs.

Repeat this as fast as you can and make sure that you keep your core tight this entire time.

I know this is an exercise that a lot of my clients hate and detest but let me tell you, it is going to incinerate your abs.

You're really gonna feel the burn in your core and you're gonna feel like you have a flat stomach by the end of this workout.

I promise you, 30 days of this, and you are going to be walking out with a six-pack.

One more round of those 3 abs exercisesand you're good! Starting off with those leg raises, you're gonna get those toned abs in no time.

We're almost done with our workout, justtwo more exercises to go and this is what I call a burnout.

Burnout help you make the most out of even the shortest workouts, which is why I love including them at the end of a session For air boxing, your feet should beslightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Make sure you're sinking in low intothe squat and flex your abs when you box.

You should also be engaging your corewhen you do this exercise.

Make sure your movements are fast and remember to exhale consistently on the punches.

This is going to be your final burnout so make sure you're putting in as much energy as you can, just expand all the effort you have, your frustrations, your restlessness.

You're gonna feel amazing after this, trust me, keep going! Squat with torso twists.

Start in a squat position, keep your weight in your heels.

Push off from your heel and twist your torso as you bring one knee to meet the elbow of the opposite side.

Repeat this movement alternating between each side.

You should also exhale with each twist and focus on crunching your abs throughout this exercise.

This is a power movement and I guarantee you that at the end of this 30 days, if you do this regularly, you are going to see results.

Alright guys, I'm done with my 15 minutehome workout and gosh that was insane! I've got such a great sweat just from my home, from my tiny balcony.

After this I have a salad for me, nicely stocked up and if you guys want me to do more like home recipes for healthy cooking at home during this time, then do let me know in the comment section down below as well.

So that wraps up our 15-minute high-intensity workout, you guys did amazing, I'm so proud of you, you should be so proud of yourself and if you like that workout, you would love the workouts that I've designed on the No Sweat App.

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So I hope to see you guys in the next video, remember to stay home stay safe and take care, bye!.

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