Small Waist (ABS) & Round Butt Workout 🍑26 Days Hourglass Program ⏳

Hey everyone, welcome to the 26 days hourglass program Now this is episode 1 this is going to target your abs and butt at the same time.

You can find the calendar this free program over here So this hourglass program is perfect for beginners and intermediates and will help to prepare you for my upcoming booty program that involves resistance So hit that bell icon so that you get notified for my upcoming videos smash that thumbs up button and don't Forget to share your progress so that I can put together a results video at the end of the program and let's jump into it Guys, alright, we've got 22 exercises today 30 to 60 seconds on and 5 to 15 seconds off We're going to start with some high knees Do a slow high knee if you want a no jumping low impact version Only the first four exercises are standing while the rest are on the ground We've got a quick 5 seconds rest and we're doing a whole minute of some lunge leg raise Lunge backwards and as you come back up give the same leg a raise then move on to the other leg You're going to feel this on your glutes Next we've got some alternate toe-touches lift one leg while touching the opposite hand without stumbling your coordination, like I always do Alright time for some squat leg raise this is the last standing exercise so squat down as low as you can and raise your legs to the side and Alternate we've got a whole minute of this.

So make it burn guys All right now get a flat on the ground and we're going to do some single leg glute bridges Make sure you keep your core tight and thrust those hips outwards.

Just keep thrusting guys Now onto the other side Now flip around we're going to raise you leg to work that booty Then bring the leg back in and make sure you really squeeze and engage that core as well We've got a whole minute of this guy's so really work those abs and butt Now with your belly on the mat we are going to do some frog kicks this will really work the glutes So make sure you squeeze those glutes as you kick your legs upwards Now get on to a plank again and imagine the ground is a vertical wall and scale that wall like you're spider-man this really works those abs and obliques Now flip around again and it's time to work that core with some bicycle crunches Focus on your breathing and exhale each time you crunch up Now get on all fours again and we've got fire hydrants lift your legs up in a 45° angle like so and this really works the side of your glutes and also your core as well We're halfway through the workout guys.

You've made it this far, so don't even think of stopping now Now onto the other side Now sit on your butt and we're doing some Russian twists, I have to remind you again to engage that core and squeeze those abs Now get on the low plank position and we are doing some donkey kicks as you keep that words Remember you're trying to work your glutes here guys So be sure to engage the glutes and also that core while you're doing this exercise.

It's challenging, but you'll get easier Now get on all fours and we're going to work on one leg at a time with some leg raise followed by a pulse Now onto the other leg All right now for everyone's favorite we got mountain climbers just 5 more easy exercises to go guys don't give up now Now stay where you are and we're doing some plank jacks Now stay on all four and we're doing some donkey kicks with your left leg And now onto the other side Now get on a high plank position And we're doing a bird dog where you lift one arm and the opposite leg This works the whole body, especially the core and your glutes and just two more exercises to go guys And for the final exercise.

We're doing bridges thrusts those hips up into the air and squeeze those glutes We've got an entire minute of this.

So just keep thrusting guys And That's the workout guys I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to smash that thumbs up button and turn on notifications, so you don't miss out on the other upcoming episodes, and I'll see you guys in the next workout.


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