Slim Thighs & Legs Workout that WORKS | Burn Inner & Outer Thighs Fat (No Jumping)

What's up guys? So you guys voted for a thigh program to get slimmer legs So here it is.

This workout targets the inner, the outer and also the back of the thighs There's no squats or jumping involved and it’s not high intensity, so don't be afraid to get started It is not going to bulk up your legs We've got four episodes in this program over 25 days and you can find a schedule here Remember to take progress photos or videos and share the rest of the community was here to support you So hit that like button, subscribe, and also leave a comment down below with your progress and let's get started So we've got 28 exercises today 30 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds off.

Lay on the mat and we're starting with some side leg raises Starting the side plank with the knee resting on a mat and lift your left leg You should feel this on your inner thighs, outer thighs, side of your butt, your core and also your resting leg This is such a good exercise Now you can lie all the way down on the mat, or rest on a forearm and we are working the right leg with some leg lifts No rests here we are going straight into leg circles, so get up on your forearm and make some leg circles with your left leg Remember to rest whenever you need to but also try to push yourself and know your limits Stay where you are and we're gonna work the right leg by keeping it off the ground, Pressing it forward with the foot flex and lifting it up.

I also press it slightly angled so away from my body and I feel it more on my inner thighs that way So remember to adjust it based on how you feel and don't forget to lift your legs No rest here we are going straight into knee touch extensions Have your left leg touch the ground and kick up backwards.

You're doing well guys It is a nice workout for your inner thighs and your outer thighs Now extend your left toes forward and touch the ground, and you're going to lift it up and back as if you're drawing a mountain No rest here we're going straight into triangle leg raise.

If you can't hold your ankle or keep your legs straight That's totally fine bend your knees and just hold your thigh as you raise your right leg This helps to work your core and abs as well and make sure you use your inner thighs to leave your leg up Great job everyone.

We’re one quarter through we're going to flip around and we're going to do the same seven exercises Just be on the other side Get on one knee and hand and we're going to do side plank with leg raises again.

Engage your core and lift your legs sideways Now lay flat on the mat or on your forearm and we're going to do some leg lifts with your left leg No break here.

We're going straight into leg circles on your right leg Stay put, keep your left leg off the ground lift it to your waist and press forward so that your leg is straight with Your foot flexed and then followed by a lift So when your foot is flexed it's kind of like flat if you know what I mean So you can do this guys almost halfway there No rests here guys.

Have your right knee touch the mat and kick it upwards and backwards Just two more exercises to go and we're reaching the halfway mark.

Stay strong guys! Have your foot extended forward and touch the ground and draw an inverted u-shape or mountain shape as you bring it backwards No rest here We're going straight into Triangle leg raise.

Similar to before, if you can't hold your ankle or keep your legs straight, just bend your knees and hold your thigh As you raise your left leg Great job everyone.

We're more than halfway through; it’s just another seven minutes or so and you’ll be done Get on all fours and we're doing some side leg raises.

This really burns the inner thighs, the outer part of your glutes, and your outer thighs No rest here guys, we’re going straight on to the other leg Stay on all fours extend the left leg outwards like so and draw out some rainbows This work for glutes, the side of your thighs and also the back of the thighs.

Keep pushing guys.

You've got this We’re not taking any breaks here, we're going straight on to the other leg.

Keep pushing through guys Stay in the same position and we’re gonna do some fire hydrants and raise your left leg outwards like so Make sure you are focusing on your inner thighs when you do this move to work those thighs No break here, we're going straight onto the other leg.

Not long to go stay strong Now get flat on the ground and raise your left knee and draw some circles doing both clockwise and anti-clockwise motion Now do your leg in the opposite motion No rest here guys; we’re going straight into the other leg Now stand up and we're going to do the last exercises upright So lower down your body like so and we're gonna lift our heels like so on our left side and then on our right side So just alternate it.

Don't worry about your calf, guys.

You're not gonna buff them up that easily Now have your hands on your hips and try to hold your balance as best as you can as you move your knees to the side and back.

You're working on your core as you're balancing and this exercise works the inner thighs too Without any breaks, we are moving on to the other leg So keeping your hands on your hips and we're doing some leg sweeps You can hold on to a chair or wall for this exercise But try to use your core to keep yourself balanced.

Just two more exercises to go guys, keep pushing through No rests again! Move on to the other leg, you should feel the burn on your inner thighs and also your outer thighs The final exercise to end the workout guys! Let's do some lunge taps, let's wrap this up That's it! That's the workout! If you're trying to slim and tone your legs stick to the schedule and if you have any questions just hit that like button and drop your questions down in the comments and I'll see you in the Next workout.


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