SLIM LEGS IN 20 DAYS! 10 min No Jumping Quiet Home Workout ~ Emi

I know you wanna change with Java nice ta watch much like coconut and clean yeah so as you guys on Instagram what fitness goals you want to achieve the most right now and what workout videos I can make to help you get there and I got so many

different requests from you guys in the next few months I'll be making workout videos that help you target these areas one by one and today we'll be starting with a 10 minute like slimming workout to get those kendall Jenner wicks all these or no jumping exercises so perfect

for those of you who live in equipment and you want a quiet workout that won't create a lot of noise for your family and neighbors these exercises are extremely effective and they're also beginner friendly so anyone can give it a try you can first start was just doing

one round and when you get better than try to rounds and finally do your outs challenge yourself and if you're ready yes first exercise is outer leg lift with circle working out left leg exercise lie on your right side right leg bent on the floor left leg straight

pulse it up and down as you engage your thigh switch to lake circle after 15 seconds they both take your left leg in small circle you should be feeling a burn in your left leg enjoy it keep it going because that's what you're here for second exercise is

the late lift also working the left leg keep lying on your right side this is very similar to outer leg lift but this time right leg straight on the floor lift your left leg up and down in a much bigger movement than the small pulses in outer leg

lift raise it as high as you can and keep it off the floor the whole time really work your left leg forward [Music] third exercises bottom leg lifts keep lying on the side right elbow supporting your torso up exercise right leg straight on the floor and cross left

leg over planting it in front working your inner right side to lift right leg up and down the burn is real remember no pain no gain work for those lemon licks [Applause] [Music] fourth exercises outer leg left and circle this time working the right leg [Music] exercise lie

on left side repeat the same movement as our first exercise remember to switch the leg circle after 15 seconds [Music] three two one switch to Lake circle engage your right leg as much as possible for each movement so we can target a burn in the right area [Music]

fifth exercise is platelets for the right leg remember the movement here is much bigger than outer lip left be mindful to work your right side to lift your leg up and down giving the whole leg a good burn keep up the good work we're done with one third

of this workout ready six exercises bottom like less this time working the left legs [Music] lift your left leg up and down feeling the burn in your left inner thigh yes it's time to remind yourself of your goal how this workout can help you achieve it so no

slacking no stopping [Music] [Music] vii is good bridge hold one of my favorite exercises look simple but you will feel the burn exercise lie on your back knees bent lift your hips up and just hold it there squeeze your booty heart and love it as high as possible

forming one straight line from knees hips to shoulders enjoy the burn in your booty thighs hamstring and calf we're not coming down until 30 seconds it's up ah it is donkey pulsus right leg first change exercise get into all fours extend your right leg through the back lift

it off the floor then squeeze you're good to raise right leg up and down and passing movement keeping it straight and after for the whole time focus on using your whole leg for each lift instead of swinging with your lower back [Music] more than halfway through nice it's

the same donkey pulses before the left leg [Music] exercise put more power into each rep effort is a choice every single effort you put in here is getting you closer to where you want to be so do it for yourself [Music] [Music] only down the street 10 is

fought with frontline hens in front squat down by sending your foot back until thighs are parallel to the floor as you come up step 1 lick to the front into lunge position folks like spent in 90-degree angle step back and sink into squat then lunch with the other

side remember to keep your chest up throughout the whole movement the burn is getting more intense that's how we do it 2/3 of the workout done xi a side takes a very fun exercise for slim thighs and legs hold your fist and front off your chest lift and

take one lick to the side as hard as you can Ott's on the sides for 30 seconds focus on the burn in each cake this is also such a good way to release all the stress and negative emotions kick as hard as you can [Music] 12 is in

an earthwork for the ultimate [Music] feet together sit your butt back into your in squat then come up step one leg out to our squat alternate between in and out squat we're not stopping make sure we're doing the full movements here each squat we lower outsides until they're

parallel to the floor no slacking you want the results you Father put in the work keep pushing almost there on me three more to go Thirteenth is reverse lunge pulses with me bring starting with right leg fast hands in front take a big step back into reverse lunge

do two pulses and then tries to fat-like upwards into a knee raise touching your hands repeat for 15 seconds and switch sides here we're working the legs and also the core and abs to maintain the balance give it your all we're not quitters make this worth your time

[Music] 14th is sumo squat houses it's a killer to burn our legs and thighs from all angles feet wide apart chest up squats out until side to parallel to the floor then start pulsing up and down without standing all the way back I know it burns your licks

is turning jelly that's exactly what we're aiming for keep the burn going let it do its work inner thighs and legs give me a few extra reps good work we're on to a final exercise already stick it out with me sumo squat hold this is just like the

last exercise get into sumo squat but this time we're not pulsing we're just holding it right there the burn is so insane I know but look at me I'm also dying right here but I'm not quitting so stay strong together with me let's get this done we can

do it we're stronger than we think just hold it a little more you can do it hold it [Music] and we're done I'm sure most of us have collapsed onto the floor at this point that's when you know we got a good workout done trust me no pain

no gain you will thank yourself one day for the hot work you put in today we're another step closer to apples I'm so proud of you remember to hashtag family and tech me or message me em you want on Instagram to share your progress and results breast and

stretch you're welcome to come back here again tomorrow and the day after I'm here for you until you get to your goal see you soon

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