Slim Down Calves FAST! BEST 12 min Beginner Friendly Slim Calves Workout, No Jump (Eng Sub)

Day 0 Mark it with permanent marker for next measurement Day 7 (Keep doing this calf workout for 7 days) Hi everyone, this is April Today I am going to share a slim calves workout which slims down the calves effectively by burning fat correcting stand and walk postures stretching and massaging the calf muscles Ok, let's start the workout While doing these exercises I will explain the causes of big calves and how do these exercises solve these problems to make the calves slimmer OK, let's start today's exercises First let's do Bicycle This exercise can burn fat well Please bend your toes towards the leg hard This can keep the calf tense and accelerates fat burning also help to stretch the calf Please do this exercise slowly and well controlled Try your best to straighten legs as you step up and be perpendicular to the ground When your heel move towards the hip keep it as close to your hip as possible OK, next exercise is Ankle Circles You can do it wearing shoes or with bare foot holding a pen This could be done lying or sitting either way works First, make circles with right foot in clockwise direction Slowly increase circle diameter as much as you can Lead with your big toe and keep all the toes well controlled all the time This is also the reason for holding a pen It can remind you of keeping toes tense Ok, take a rest for 10 seconds Do you feel your foot is sore? OK, let ’s make circles counterclockwise for 30 seconds.

Another reason for bulky calf is edema Turning the ankle can promote blood circulation and eliminate puffiness in the calf This exercise can slim down the ankle also OK, let's switch to other side 30 seconds Keep your toes tense all the time This exercise can strengthen the arch of the foot since there is another important reason for big calf Fallen Arch If the arch resilience is weak Our body will use calf muscles more to perform motions thus the calf becomes bigger and bigger Therefore, strengthening the arch of the foot can also slim down the calf Ok, take a rest for 10 seconds then opposite direction for 30 seconds This exercise could be done whenever we have minutes even sitting in the office It can also ameliorate the symptoms of cold feet And help to correct the position of pelvis to return to the normal The third exercise is Plank Toe Taps This exercise can burn fat all over the body Also, it helps to stretch the calf muscles Most importantly, it strengthens core very well ensures our correct standing and walking postures Thus reduce the burden on the calf and make the calf slimmer For beginners, you can do regular plank which works well also Please tuck the abdomen in all the time Keep your hips are in alignment with your body and legs straight when you tap toes to the side Okay, the next one is Reverse Lunge This exercise can burn fat strengthen the hip and thigh and stretch the calf Squat until the thigh of the front leg are parallel to the ground The calf of the front leg should be perpendicular to the ground Don't touch the ground with the knees of back legs Please tuck belly in and squeeze hips hard this helps to maintain balance and get better results An important reason for big calf is fat accumulation so we need to do some fat burning exercises OK, let's switch to the other side The second reason for having big calf is the muscles of our hips, thighs and abdomen are not strong enough thus leading to some incorrect standing and walking postures which cause calf muscles being overused The more you use the calf muscles the calves are getting bigger and bulkier So, strengthening the muscles of hip, thigh and core can help to slim down the calf OK, let’s do some stretches Big calves are often caused by muscle tension and stiffness which could be ameliorated by stretching First, Straight Leg Stretch Right thigh is perpendicular to body and straight left leg Lift toes while keep heels on the floor Bend upper body and keep it as close to your legs as possible If your back hurts you can hook toes with a towel pull them towards the body Please make sure to lift toes towards your body This will help to stretch calf muscles, not thigh OK, let’s switch to the other side straight right leg Bend your toes toward leg Try to push your belly closer to your legs Do not bend to try to reach the legs with your head The two largest muscles within the calf are gastrocnemius and soleus muscles tightness of these muscles is main reason for big calves Stretching can make these muscles loose and turn their short and strong muscle fibers into long and thin Thus, the calf is slimed down Then we do the Downward-Facing Dog Stretch This is a good exercise for stretching calf muscles Hip points to ceiling keep elbows near ears shift body weight to heels please keep the heels touching ground If your wrist hurts then can do the Step Stretch You should feel the strong stretch of the calf OK, let’s lift the heels in turn slowly The sixth exercise, Standing Soleus And Achilles Stretch This exercise can slim down the calves also thins the ankles Slowly bend your legs and squat The center of gravity is evenly spread on both legs Please keep your heels touching the ground Can you feel the stretch above the heels? The stretch fells strong, right? For slimming down calf, stretching is very effective but the best way is avoiding these factors that make calf muscles getting bulky OK, switch to the other side For example, the gastrocnemius muscle is mainly involved in actions that require explosive power so we should try to avoid sports like jumping or fast running In addition, posture has a great influence on the thickness of the calves For example, if you have hyperextension of the knee both the front of the thigh and the back of the calf will become thicker and thicker to help doing the motions Or if you walk on your toes the gastrocnemius become bulky for sure Okay, 7th exercise is Standing Calves Stretch Please bend the knee of behind leg and keep the front leg straight Lift your toes When lift your toes closer to your front leg or bend your body closer to leg you will feel stronger stretching Let's talk more about walking posture There is another very common wrong posture is not using the power from hips and thighs Which means calf do all the job while walking thus calf will get bigger definitely OK, let's switch to the other side The correct walking posture should be like shown in the animation tuck your belly in and tighten your hips raise thighs first to drive the calf forward the heel hits the ground first and then transitions to the toes This knee of front leg should be straightened when heel hits the ground If we can walk in this correct way the calf will getting thinner and thinner Okay, let’s do some massage with the foam roller This is also a very effective method to slim down the calf If there is no foam roller on hand You can do the previous stretch again or massage calf with hands The standard way to do foam roller massage is putting both hands on the ground to lift body to up off ground then shift body forward and backward to get massaged But what I want to share today is an easier, more relax and effective way I have been using Just sit on the ground and do it like this Divide the calf into three sections in the longitudinal direction Rolling from the ankle First swing foot left and right to massage about 12 times Okay, turn your big toe inside shift back and forth 12 times Then turn your big toe outside massage longitudinally Ok, let's move up to the middle of the calf where the gastrocnemius muscle is Massage in the same way as before Okay, turn your big toe inside move leg back and forth for 12 times Okay, the big toe turns outside then You can also lean your back on a sofa do this massage while checking your cell phone Ok, let's move up to back of the knee Massage horizontally first Ok, let's massage the inside muscles About 12 times Then we turn the big toe outside Move back and forth, about 12 times OK, let ’s switch to the other leg also start from the ankle Swing left and right first For my calves, this foam roller massage is the most effective way to slim them down First, it can eliminate edema Second, it can well eliminate the tension and swelling of the calf muscles soften the muscles knots completely Thus, the calves become slimmer OK, turn your big toe to the outside and massage about 12 times Let's move up to the the gastrocnemius Swing your foot left and right about 12 times Okay, turn your big toe inside Shift back and forth for 12 times Massage with a foam roller is way better than our manual massage because it can access to deep muscle knots better and gives a much better relaxation Okay, move to under the knees massage it the same way OK, then massage the inside muscles Still around 12 times OK, big toe turns outside Massage longitudinally OK, let’s step on the Massage lacrosse ball to relax our feet you can also use tennis Roll under the whole foot for about 15 seconds then find the sore spot and supply pressure locally This can ease the tension in the Plantar fascia restore the elasticity of arch of the feet Also help to move the gravity center of our bodies back to the center of the feet As a result, correct the Pigeon-toed or splayfooted walking OK, switch to the other side The most painful part of my foot is the inside of the arch I finally found out why my inner gastrocnemius is big Where do you hurt the most? You can tell me in the comments OK, in the end, let’s do a Standing Forward Bend Keep legs straight and touch the floor with hands Bend your body closer to legs Keep this for about 30 seconds This exercise stretches the back of the entire leg very well It can also slim down ankles and make your legs look slimmer Alright, this is what we share today The first 4 exercises can be done once or twice a day The parts of stretching and massage You can do it whenever you want And please try to correct standing and walking postures in daily life Which is most important for slimming down the calve muscles OK, hope you enjoyed this video And see you soon in the next one Bye bye~.

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