SHREDDED BACK and BICEPS WORKOUT – GoldenArms and RipRight

Bringthem arms up some more.

There you go.

All right.

All right, Golden Arms! Talk to the people, man.

Let them know what'sgetting ready to go down.

– Yo I'm here with my boy Rip Right, and Rip said we're going to do a little back and arm routine.

Before we start man, let them know where we're at, man! – My bad, man.

Yeah! Montclair/ Bloomfield at the park over here.

Yeah, we'rein Jersey, man, all right.

– Representing New Jersey, and we're going to do thislittle routine with Rip Right.

I'm going to follow hisroutine, you know what I mean? Thats what we going to do.

All right.

– Something light, nothing crazy.

– So first, we're goingto hit them biceps, so we're going to alternate.

So we're going to go from biceps to back, biceps to back, biceps to back, so I'm going to do every routine.

And depending on if you'rea beginner, intermediate, or advanced, depends onthe sets and the reps, and depending on if youcan't do a pull up or you can you could switch it up.

There's different variation progressions.

So right now we're goingto go to the basics.

You all know this is also goodfor back as well as biceps, so we're going to focusmore on the biceps here, so we're going to do themslow and concentrated.

We're going to do chin ups.

You got me? Ready? We're going to go for a10 count of the chin ups.












– So they're always asking about'what's the difference between chin ups and pull ups.

' So it's really the grip.

And pull ups is always harder.

But if you look, if youactually look at the back, they say, they mentionthat chin ups hit the back and the lats more than pull ups do.

But a lot of people liketo go with the pull ups because they're harder, because the chin ups helpyou out a little bit more because of that bicep.

Good money, Golden.

What count you on? Ten.

– Ten, Good Money.

You see that back activation? But we're focusing on the biceps.

Show them those biceps baby.

This is all pure, man.

No Synthol in there, man.

– Yeah, this is no steroids, and now my man's going vegan.

So now, what we're about to get into, we're about to get some back activation, because we just did the biceps, so we're going to dothe Australian pull ups.

So we're going here, and we'realso going to hit the biceps with this too because we're going to do the Australian pull up like this.

So we're going to go for a ten-count.

Ready? Slow and constricted.

Concentrated, excuse me.




Watch the back activation.








Work GoldenArms.

– So we just hit bothmuscles with both exercises, but on one we was focusingmore on the bicep, so we were tighteningin with the chin ups, and now we're going tosqueeze our lats a little bit and arch our back with these also.

Although we're hitting biceps too, we're going to hit more of the back.

See it? Do you see it? We're going to hit more of the back.

Yo, you can't buy this in a store, man.

Even people using steroids, you got remember, they've got to work hard still.

This is all natural, man.

And he's been vegan for about two weeks.

So, once that get into the play, its going to be awhole different spill.

I'm a little tall for that one, but it's okay.

– Good money.


– Sucks being tall sometimes.

– So, we focused on bicep, then we hit the back, now we're going to hit the bicep again.

We're going to do pseudo-push ups, which is naturally for the anterior delt, but you've got to know onething about calisthenics, it's that they're compound movements, so if you've got an injury, youcan't really work around it, because you're going to beusing so many different muscles.

So some people think, “oh, this targets just one muscle, “.

No, it targets many muscles, that's why calisthenics is so good, becauseit's compound movements.

So we're going to hitthe biceps with this.

With the pseudo-push ups.

I'm going to lean forward.





Back activation.








So you see, with these exercises, you're hitting multiplemuscles at the same time.

So he's going to dip in, lean forward.

He's going to roundoff the back coming up.

Yeah, see that? Nice, round it off.


That's good money.

You see, and he's hitting the lat as well.

But it's particularlyfor your anterior delt, but you could change this exercise depending on where you put your hands, to also hit those biceps.

So look at my man joint just poking.

You've got to get this top view, this aerial view, the indents in his back.

Look at the muscles this is working.

The pseudo-push ups.

This is ten.

That's ten.

Good money.

Okay, so we're going to go back over here, and we're going to hit the high bar.

So we're going to do five muscle-ups.

So you know what the muscle ups is for? is to hit that back.


To get that rounded-off back, to get that turtleshell.


Lets get it Rip, get it Rip.

– You ready? – Money.

So we down here.











So watch the back activation.



All back work.


Give us two.

Watch his back, y'all.

Watch his back, pay attention.

That's two.

See the slow coming down? Then we got three going up.

Three, that's hitting all the lats.

See the slow coming down? It's intense, it's almostlike an impossible dip.

That's four.

He making it harder.

Make sure you all smash that like button and that subscribe, man.

He ain't got 80, 000subscribers for no reason, man.

Everything is good money.

Oh, that's good money.


So now, we just hit the back, right? So we went bicep, back, bicep, back, now we're back with the bicep.

So what we're going to do is we're going to do some negative chin ups.

For one side.

Negative one-armed chin ups.

Now, we're going to go for a ten count.

This ain't nothing easy.

So let me show you.

Five eacharm, or ten each arm? – Five each arm.


– So now, if you've got a resistance band or something where you could grab it to make it a little harder, or use two fingers, or one finger, you know, either way, butyou're focusing on one arm.

It's like an archer chin up.



Check the biceps out.

That's three.

That's four.

That's five, y'all.

That ain't nothing easy.


If you needto rest in between that, you know, get yourself a rest.

– We're going to go for it, we're going to go for it.


I've got to dealthis with my long arms up there.




Whoo! One more, y'all.


Whoo! Forearms and biceps on fire.

Watch my man work.

We're going to nicknamehim, not just Golden Arms.

But when you see him, call him the Bicep Bully.

My man, Double B.

Bicep Bully, we're giving him that.

Watch it.

– Pulling up with the right arm, right? – Pulling up with the right arm.

Try to get that chinover as much as you could.

It's hard, y'all.

Look at his.


Do you see what I see, man? Do you see what I see? You want bigger biceps? That's it.


Tell them how hard it is, GoldenArms.

Can you talk? He can't even talk.

He can't even talk.

Archer negative chin ups, man.

Y'all seen it here first, man.

That's good money.

Tell them, yeah.

– Shake that out.

– Shake it out, negatives! Here we go, money! One.

Biceps on tilt.



Good money, get up there.

He got this.

Four, easy money.

One more.


That's good money.

So, we've got one more, and like we've said, show them that back, man.

One more for the back.

One more for the back.

So, we're going to dowhat they call ice-creams.

This is how you work on eventuallygetting your front lever.

Yes, sir.

So, we're going to do a five count on the ice-creams.

We're going to try to keepthat chin over the bar.

You could do it pull up style, that way you just hit your back, or you could do a chin up style, and you could hit yourback and your biceps, so we're going to do a chin up style.



I don't like that first one, that's one.




Money, five.

– [Woman] Are you a gymnast? (laughs) – Yeah, no.

– [Man] Are you professional, or what? – Yeah, no, we've got a YouTube channel about 80, 000 subscribers.

– Yeah.

– [Woman] And what is thechannel, what do you do? – We just work out and showpeople different exercises on how to get bigger arms, how to get a six pack, and we've put guys from all over New York, there's a lot of different people.

– Amazing.

– What is the name of your channel? – It's called 'That's Good Money'.

– That's Good Money.

– But are you gymnasts? – No, we just work outin the park regularly.

– Normal people, normal people.

Just working out, takingcare of our bodies.

– When you do good sets, in good form, we call it good money, likeif it's money, it's in a bank.

So that's why he named thechannel, 'That's Good Money'.

Cause the form is perfect.

– I'll look into it.

– All right man, thanks.

80, 000 subscribers! Thank you.

– [Woman] Good luck.

– All right.

– How long would it take me to get.



– Man, listen.

If you do 90 days good eating, because you've got toremember, eating is the key.

– Drink water only.

– What happens is.



– [Woman] Oh darn it, I've already failed.

– What happens if you get injured? You can't work out.

So what you have to rely your diet.

So if you're not eating right, then, that's the first step.

80 percent.


– [Man] Cut down the calorie intake.

Ah, you know it! You have a good day.

– [Woman] You too, good luck.

Thank you, thank you.

– [Woman] Bye.

Bye bye.

– Okay now, watch myman, back-lat activation.

Up, ice creams.

One, look at that.

Look at that.


Look at that, he's all the way up.

Look, that's three, bang, yeah.


Easy five, man.

Easy five, man.

We're out here, man.

That's good money, man.

Montclair, man.

All right, Golden Arms and Rip Right, talk to the people, man.

Let them know what just went down.

– That was beautiful, man.

Back and arms, you know.

One of my favorite parts to workout on.

Rip Right broughtsomething to my attention.

I'm going to utilize thatand add it to my entourage of workouts and add a few more reps to it, and good money, baby.

– Yeah.

Yo, we're going to see how welook hanging from this bar.

Head hold, right here.

Me and my man GoldenArms on the head hold, so you all can check that back out.

This is how we finishing the video, man.

There you go, y'all.

Yeah, look at us, man.

Get up a littlehigher, Golden, if you can.

Okay, you all see that man.

Make sure you all subscribeto my man Rip Right and Golden Arms YouTube channels, make sure you followthem on Instagram, man.

All right? Good looking now, fellas.

You already.



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