ChloeTing Chloe Ting got me snatched I am the first guy to do this challenge It's Ting time everyoneToday we got abs, we got booty, and we finally, finally got some guys So it's been a while since my last results video and you guys are not making it easy for me.

They are like 97 videos to do.

That's insane.

That's 13 hours 15 minutes.

I'll probably be able to review a couple videos today I'll do another one next week.

All these results are amazing.

Oh my god This has to be seen and I know how much effort you guys supposed to filming yourself over like 14 days or 30 days So I'll try my best to include them all I wasn't committed to it I was just eating and the more I ate I just kept getting bigger and I felt more gross I'm like, okay kay I gotta start grinding.

I was just not happy anymore.

I started going to the gym Very seriously in September.

Chloe, I love you and I hope you love my results just as much as I do So this is a video of when I first started the challenge I just wanted to show you guys what I started off with Wow.

Looking back at it.

It's like was I really that big.

Holy shit You're so toned.

Is that 35 days are you sure that's just 35 days? It's really short that We're but I'm definitely really for this I did good we're starting to see something here things I definitely feel like this challenge made me longer You can see the definition on your abs and your butt.

Girl!!! I definitely feel like this challenge made me stronger It just opened my mind to a lot of things, you know, like made me really consider more muscle mind connection why I do my exercise is more about Squeezing squeezing Thrusting, feeling all about that stuff.

I am appulse For the people who took this challenge for me for people watching this video and for Chloe Ting herself So amazing.

OMG, I love that your sore combination.

It's so cute.

It's so amazing what you can do in 35 days, like a.



I'm so impressed Thank you so much for making this video.

All the links of everyone's videos are in the description box so go and check them out and give case some love.

You know, give everyone some love, This is amazing, yes so much more confidence now I can see you're really happy.

So I'm really really happy for you I am the first guy to do this challenge.

I am doing the Chloe Ting challenge now This challenge is designed to give you the ABS you want.

It is designed to turn that fat into all that it is designed To transform your body.

You guys are gonna see the before and after results of my abs.

It's so much more convincing than I am It's gonna be in all my video then us.

Day for a Ting! Alright just once just finish the video and I got some pretty good results and I'm very very happy about it I feel a lot more of my abs.

I feel tighter.

I feel like lighter too Chloe: So happy to hear that My couraged a lot of more men to do this challenge And actually Yes, men do this challenge too! (Laugh) I just can't believe without every way.

But anyway, I'll show you guys one abs for me.

Let's showtime.

Result!!! So so excited! Wow! Holy shit, I can see like the six-pack forming.

Yo Obliques Oh my god, I love your result Thank you so much for filming your results video.

I'm so happy that your results for you and you're my high man.

It is designed to transform your body.

Why do guys get so shocked that they can get results on my workouts? Like it's design for everyone.

Just because I'm a girl Doesn't mean that it won't for guys, you know.

So I want to preference this video by saying I didn't do a very good job with it Well insert a picture of what I look like like that or these two weeks So that concludes the two weeks of the Chloe teen ad workout series.

I'm feeling good I think part of that was definitely my diet I cleaned it up from the holidays and try to eat as clean as possible without further ado.

I think we should just Look at my results So you can definitely do that right now definition I'm not bloated I've eaten today so it's not like I haven't eaten But yeah, so this is what we're looking light.

So there's lot more tones So I'm like speechless right now because he looks so freakin amazing Guys go son, actually some love because she is so amazing.

Just two weeks guys.

No way if can do it So can he don't procrastinate? I'm telling myself that too don't procrastinate just do it.

The first few days are always the hottest You can check out her video for Johnny.

Oh I don't think she talks in this video.

So we're just gonna jump straight into her results.

Oh my god Fur is also impressive her app definition of bad information and You know the line over here like at the back roll no go on the side That's amazing guys.

Look how little looks I have never been this.

I've never had a skinny waist like this before It was a front All right girl I just wanna say a few things because I think you were sound so amazing he only did one work out of the whole program just ten minutes for two weeks and you results so impressive because my ab workout is kind of like a poop, you know, like when you do some ab exercises It's almost like a full body workout.

So it's gonna tone your entire body and that's what happened to you Your butt looks amazing your abs look amazing! Oh my god! This is why I do what I do This makes me so happy you can see how face lifts up like at the end of the 14-day.

She's so happy girl I'm so proud of it.

I love you.

I'm really happy for you.

And yeah, keep going Only 10 minutes You only needed 10 minutes to complete this workout on those days when I didn't go to the gym It wasn't like there was a wrench thrown in my day at any point in time like oh my god I gotta do this challenge.

I was like 10 minutes.

That's how men should have been sitting on Instagram.

That's three songs It takes no time out of your day.

You can easily squeeze it into your routine It wasn't fun to begin with so because during the first couple of days I really struggled target your abs With every workout if it wasn't to be trusted Today's a la oh shit.

We got me fucked up.

I was in all types of pain.

I couldn't even laugh I can't even laugh without being in pain no pain.

No gain Let me show you how Chloe chains on me From this side you can get a little definition Look at that look at that But so Tolan don't Cut About one thing I really love about the newer don't know is that Chloe? She made sure that she targeted those stubborn ass lower abs there's so many workouts out there so many fitness gurus and they will give you all these ab workouts to do and guess what you will forever have that little Fupa at the bottom and my fupa wasn't crazy, but you know Something I felt like it was more than it needed to be and after this week It's like my Fupa is like I can show you okay? Like I got a Google this Johnny has such a giant food.

He probably can see Why would someone use that as a definition like an explanation Okay, so basically it is just the fat upper pelvic or pubic areas right here your Lower belly how they I don't know this I should know these things What fupa baby? I could barely, there's nothing to grab.

Hopefully she had the booty workouts cuz I'm trying to get some Booty, I do have a booty program cookie and you're gonna love it picking off booty Workout, we're gonna look at some booty results I decided to do Chloe teens hundred glute bridges the date on now I want you guys to see weapons if I see any changes.

I'm gonna measure myself right now first I might say the time of day and stuff and make sure it's accurate and you guys like the boys and afters I'm still gonna be doing my normal workouts that I do so that might help with grind process So when I did this challenge I was doing my normal routine.

I just added this after my workouts so remember to do this on top of your Current routine because if you don't then you're probably not gonna see much of a result but if you're new to working out then doing a good British challenge is totally gonna be Because ya need to working out and also remember you gotta eat more because if you want to grow muscles you gotta eat a little bit more to grow that muscle, you know, I mean So I'm thirty five and a half about like great Okay, so here are all the variations that she had on her video.

They just rotate Throughout each week so each seven days.

So each one is different and these are pretty awkward movements, but just keep doing it No one cares.

No one cares.

Did you look like it doesn't really matter.

I'm all good, but drastic Today was the last day that I finished my challenged and I'll show you guys the results.

I'm nor the same exact thing I worse.

Do you guys feel like really see the difference? Nice booty girl.

Oh, you have a nice booty to begin with? And now she's interest pretty good hey, oh no after every workout for a while That's actually a lot like how small my body is? I'm pretty proud.

I think I grew one inch And that's really really hot.

So my biggest advice is to make sure to eat don't go on a restricted diet or wine I especially when you're trying to bury boots and also don't be, you know, don't compare your progress is someone else's progress I think some people grow to three inches, obviously It's a little bit easier When you have beginner tutorial glutes or it could be a lot harder because you don't have much glute muscle start with sorry Yeah, I just want to say don't compare.

How about everyone's gonna throw at this renovate? Everyone's gonna get leaner at a different rate Hi guys, it's Alex.

I started on January 17th And these were what I looked like I don't like the back fat.

I kind of had a fat roll oh, I kind of got stretch marks and I'm like I am way too young to be having that to go along with my weight loss journey.

I Got a little package here.

I ordered myself a But if they're like over $50 Then I probably won't get it cuz I think that's way too much to spend on just like workout clothes So guys I did a little wardrobe clean And I read a covers a lot of people want my clothes They wish that they had some of my clothes so I actually donated a lot of my clothes.

I can't buy a little bit I'm gonna be streaming live on Twitch.

I'll be giving away my workout clothes and also some of my other clothes as well So do check out my twitch.

So moving on this is after a week I will put my photos here so you can see them and Honestly, I can already feel a difference in my body It may not look like it in the pictures But definitely I feel it and I just feel a lot better and more strong And yeah, you can see it my little line.

Yeah, I have this like fat rule.

That's like above my bigger fat roll so is that you're getting similar and then my back fat roll is getting a lot smaller and that's only one week's inspired me to do this challenge per se is because I Saw Chloe Tings workouts being done and people showing their results and I was like I could do this Yes, you can and now you're in one of my results video but all gonna be supporting you and watching you through your journey So keep going you can do this.

It is hot, but it is gonna be worth it settle something up guys go Channel She knows she knows what we want and she gives me ass and that's what we need My muscle conviction I say that all the time Now for the part that you guys have, you know 24 is my lovely style.

So my strategy program I weighed in 69.

6 kilograms, which is 115 pounds My butt measures about 40 inches and my waist Mended at 28 and a half inches.

I had also also all for hips before this challenge my hip dips and how they were.

Oh My god girl you have no epic anymore.

I was at five point five kilograms in total I lost 4.

1 kilograms almost home And that wasn't me Whatever.

I wanted not being cautious and so on but I did end up gaining one inch which I am super super species about because I didn't actually think I was gained anything at all because I have been doing like At the gym for the longest time and gaining Girl you did amazing like a super impressive you lost some fat but also Beautifully so I know I love you guys Often ask me about growing a booty get rid of hip dips and also get a smaller waist at the same time bodo check out Her journey to learn more and yeah My mom and my dad trying the to meet Chloe ting our workout.

I love how I'm already pulled out Nathan Swift here getting ready to do the Chloe T challenge being forced Against my will I'm a daughter just fifteen scary.

So I'm hoping for like muscle toning It's really nice to see family doing my workouts together I wish that I could convince my my family to do it with me Wow, it was really difficult To work out.

I only take a break like two times so impressive I Just realized today that this has more episode so like on day one You're supposed to do – I'm day – you're supposed to do three They have like certain videos for certain days But we're just gonna stick to the one video just the one 10-minute ab workout and we're gonna see how that goes so guys, yeah, you just follow the schedule or just adjust it based on how you're feeling but if you want maximum Results or if you don't know what to do following the schedule my help So much harder than yesterday, but that yesterday was bad Today it was worse just on top of the sore muscles already.

I love them.


She's always Like she's struggling but she's laughing at the same time.

Oh I'm all done.

I need all 14 days.

I never missed a day.

I'm just so excited It was great to have known that I did that and stuck through it it Progressively got easier as two days went by so that is nice Nathan lost two inches on the waste.

That's really amazing just 14 days.

I seriously and Mackenzie got a lot more time She was already told to begin with but she got more time.

So that's really really impressive I'm so happy for Nathan and Mackenzie.

Like I need to get my dad on here get him to do my workouts We do that all the time But oh my god, it's really amazing My bed is Legitimately right here and I just have to crawl over here and I just did not want to do that So I wanted to record the first day and the last day just in case I didn't get the results I wanted I still wanted to be able to see the things you can't see so yourself getting stronger Sometimes I'm really hard of myself and I don't see the results that I want right away.

And I neglect that I'm actually getting stronger and putting in the effort and trying so I should be proud of myself for that at the very least I can totally see from a form that you have got there's so much stronger It's not always about how we looked it's about how we feel the reason why I got into fitness I really wanted to feel stronger so yeah, I'm really really happy that you mentioned that because that's actually really really important not just physical appearance It was really weird cuz after every workout, I'd be like man that was so hard I bet I have ABS already and I would go to this mirror over here and I would like lift up my shirt And just be like so disappointed that there weren't any ABS yet? But like of course, you're not gonna get abs after her like one 20 minute workout Hey, I don't know if other people feel that way or I'm just like a super impatient impractical individual.

Oh Do that Sometimes your look more bloated after like a cardio workout because you're pretty in so hard and sometimes after an abaca You look more defined.

So like it really depends a lot of you guys always ask me that like, oh my god I look more built up.

I workout because just feel massive workout.

Are you breathing in and out and you work your muscles? So this is gonna be a little bit of inflammation It's been a water-retention around the area, but it's gonna like it's gonna pass, so don't worry about that results takes time I've had a lot of different feelings about my body and I'm not like ashamed of my body at all I just think that I don't treat it the way that I should and That's more what this is about rather than trying to see my body looking like an Instagram model or something I think I've gotten myself to a place where I do.

Love my body It is but that doesn't mean that you can't try to improve yourself or be more healthy.

I'm through the same Still about 30 to 31 and a half I do feel like there's been some progress and maybe I'm just not the best seeing it in myself Most of the results videos you see on YouTube aren't crazy amazing results because why would anyone want to post any differently? That's kind of why I decided I'm gonna put this video up You'll see that my measurements.

I ended up pretty much staying the same I thought you know I still want to upload this video just so that you guys can see another person getting through the challenge in their own way and that it's not all about like your waist or your weight or whatever it may be for me this challenge definitely taught me a lot about like the things that my body can do and I Wanted to post this as a celebration of me completing the 30 days and Not giving up and a celebration of the fact that not everybody is gonna get crazy results But it's a great way to get started getting back into fitness She summarized it so well Like not everyone's gonna have drastic results this because these girls have amazing results doesn't mean that everyone is gonna have it Everyone's gonna react to workouts differently the most important thing.

Like I said is that you're doing it for the right reasons Ellen? thank you so much for creating this video because now I can share your video with other people that watching my video because Everyone has different results and I don't want everyone to have this crazy expectations of how Someone should look like after 14 days of working out 30 days.

It's about realistic expect and also realistic goals I'm so proud of you.

And thanks for keeping it real and yeah, that's a foot today's video.

I hope you guys enjoyed it I have tons of results video die but even got to watch it So I'm gonna be making more results videos so I do watch out for that And also I have a new program coming out in a whole week.

So watch out for that tree And yeah Hope you guys enjoyed today's video do check out my twitch if you wanna see some live workouts Or if you want to get some free gym gear or clothing Check these girls out give this video a thumbs up, and I'll see you in the next video.


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