Rowing Machine: Rowing for Weight Loss, Part 2

[Music] guys welcome back to part two of the rowing weight loss series with Dark Horse guys we are talking today about getting up and getting down as critical pieces of your weight loss journey okay now why am i holding this PVC pipe behind me well we are going

to start talking about hinging at the hip and why that is a critical phase of movement so if we are to be able to protect ourselves as we are relearning to move we need to be able to as well hinge at the hip because this hip is a

very critical piece to human movement so last time we were starting to work on the feet right articulating and holding us to the ground being our foundation well now as we start to move we also need to know how to move properly and that means being able to

stabilize my spine and being able to articulate at the hip so why do I have this PVC pipe well I'm using this as a guideline if you will so what I'm going to do is take this PVC pipe hold it over my head and then hold it below

my button what I want you thinking about here is moving and maintaining contact with this PVC pipe and not that the PVC PVC pipe moves away from my body so I'm using this to learn how to just move at the hip and not move with my spine okay

so make some time to practice this align it along your spine and move maintaining contact how far can you hinge before you start to break and that's as far as I want you to go don't continue to move once you disconnect from the PVC pipe can you go

super far maintaining contact and then stand up again that's a really great gold standard for helping you learn how to move the hips because that is called a hip hinge so being able to hip hinge is really critical to being able to get up and get down or

to pick up groceries right if I'm picking up bags of groceries this has to be able to stabilize my back has to be able to be safe these are all important things to movement now the next part is we're gonna practice getting up and getting down off of

the floor so this is how I want you to think about it now first you are going to spread your feet and plant one hand from here I want you to kick a foot out and sit then straighten both legs so you're just in a seated position to

get out of this I want you to bend this leg pull it as close to you as possible plant this hand again and bring this leg through so that both feet are underneath you and stand I want you to spend a healthy amount of time now getting up

and getting down now you can go to the other side from here plant hand comes underneath our feet comes underneath and I stand again now why are we doing this well if you ever hit the ground you need to be able to get yourself back up and again

this is a core tenet of good human movement if you ever have any hopes of playing with your kids or rolling around in the grass or being able to fall and get yourself back up you have to be able to do it under your own power without grabbing

on to something or using something else for leverage now this can be a real challenge okay don't overestimate how simple this looks it's going to be frustrating but that's okay we're reintroducing new movement expect that you're going to go through frustrating stages what matters is that you persevere

and push through even though it may be frustrating to you once you've gotten comfortable getting down to the ground now I want you to focus on getting on to all fours now we would call this quadrupedal movement being able to move with all four limbs so I want

you to get on to your hands and knees place your hands underneath your shoulders knees underneath your hips and pull your toes underneath you so hand's underneath the shoulders knees underneath the hips and toes tucked underneath from here you are just going to lift your head and imagine

you have a cup of hot scalding coffee balancing on your back I want you to imagine that this has to stay put so that it doesn't burn you okay think of this as your plank except now we're having to coordinate between the arms and the legs from here

as you get comfortable and as you can hang out for a longer period of time you're going to start to move you're gonna start to walk and when you do that you're gonna go opposite hand to opposite knee think crossbody so as my right arm moves my left

knee comes forward we're gonna start small and you're balancing that cup of coffee on your back okay now this movement again is about coordinating your body it's so much of what we're talking about here is balance coordination it's not this strength and explosive and it's not cardio as

much it's all about just getting your body systems back together and functioning this is one of the best ways to do it it's learning how to get up get down hinge at the hip move your body together okay think of it as in we're trying to get back

to childlike play if you can learn to get on the floor and play around like a kid again you are well on your path to weight loss and it is one of the healthiest ways to get you to weight loss because it improves not just your body but

it also improves your spirit and your mental state now of course we're gonna come back to the machine as always so in the last video we were talking about one to three minute range of time on this machine and just working on the basics well today I want

you to start thinking in five minute increments can you start to establish five minutes of consistent good movement and starting to apply a little bit of slow force so not taking the stroke rate up but just learning how to press a little bit more and taking your time

in the rhythm to establish your work periods of five minutes okay so think start with two to three rounds of that two to three rounds of five minutes on the machine from there as you get better at it I want you to spend several weeks per video here

right don't just jump through all three and try to implement them all at once last week's video really wants you to spend two to three to four weeks there then jump into today's video another month or so if you can so starting with two to three rounds of

five minutes by the end of the month can you get up to five rounds of five minutes in a workout with what we talked about before doing some quadrupedal movement okay working with all fours gettin up gettin down practicing the hip hinge because guess what that hip hinge

also applies to the rowing stroke okay guys this has been part two of the darkhorse rowing weight loss series we look forward to having you back for part three and as always make sure you head to our website dark horse rowing comm where you can sign up for

the hustlers guide to rowing as well as the dark horse Academy which is our instructor course for the concept to machine built in conjunction with concept to teaching coaches how to teach their athletes to use this machine effectively and for athletes looking for any kind of coaching and

training we've got you covered guys we will see you on the other side [Music]

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