– What's up guys, it's Chris Heria.

Welcome to another vlog.

Today I'm gonna be showingyou a chest workout that you can do from thecomfort of your own home that's gonna replace theone you do at the gym.

And there are a number of reasons why you may want or evenhave to work out at home.

Like time and convenience, for example, or not being able to afforda costly gym membership.

But whatever the reasonis, there should never be an excuse to not workout.

And with today's home chest workout, I'm gonna show you how toreplace all the exercises that you normally do at the gym with exercises that you can do from home that will simulate the same movement path and engage the same muscle groups.

Now when it comes to workingout your chest at the gym, the most common exercisesare hitting the flat bench, incline bench, and doing flies either with dumbbells, barbells, or cables.

But these are the most common exercises that people would normallydo in a gym for chest.

So these are the exercisesthat I'm gonna be showing you how to replicate from home, and although those areexercises that are great for building your chest, there are other exercises that don't use weights andengage your chest differently in ways that you couldn'tdo with the barbell, and I'll be showing youtwo of those exercises at the end of the routine.

So if you're ready toget this workout started, all you're gonna need is toopen up the Heria Pro App to this YouTube workout, and if you don't have the Heria Pro App, you can go ahead and download it on the App Store or Google Play store.

Before we get into this routine, we're gonna start offwith a quick warm up.

The first exercise is gonna be30 seconds of jumping jacks.

Let's get it.

(techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

– Now the next exercise we're gonna go for is low plan to high plank for 30 seconds.

Let's wake up these arms.

Come down, one elbow down, then the other, and back up.

(techno music) Keep your core tight.

Regulate your breathing.

This is just a warm up.

So we'll take this nice and slow.

(techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

– Here you go five more seconds.

All right.

Now last exercise for the warm up.

We're gonna go for halfburpees, just 10 really quick then we're ready to start this routine.

Let's go for it.

We're gonna get into a push up position.

(techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

– All right, now we're readyto get this workout started.

Now the first exercise of the routine is gonna replace theincline bench in the gym We're gonna go for elevated push ups.

Let's go for 15.

With this exercise we'regonna be emphasizing mainly on our upper chest.

And to get a full effective chest workout, you need to workout allthe areas of your chest.

So first we'll engage our upper chest with these elevated push ups.

All you need to do isfind an elevated surface to put your feet on top of.

We're gonna be going for 15 repetitions, and I want you to completethem no matter how.

If you need to dividethem into two, or three, or you can do them all at once.

Get them done with perfect form and be conscious of your body alignment.

Making sure that you're straight from your heel to your shoulder, then engaging your core, making sure that your hipsaren't slouching down.

Now the next exercise we're getting into is gonna replace theflat bench in the gym.

And when you're doing a bench press, because you're laying down flat, you're gonna work your entire chest, but you're gonna really feel the emphasis on the middle chest area.

And a great thing about using dumbbells when you're bench pressing is that you can go past your chest unlike when you'reholding on to a barbell.

So we're gonna replicate that same effect increasing our range of motion and working more muscle fibers by goingdeep with these deep push ups.

Let's go for 20.

You're gonna three elevated surfaces that are roughly the same height.

That can be a couple ofchairs, or a couple of books.

Let's go for it.

Go nice and deep, back up.

(techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

– (exhaling) All right, now you can feel the increase of range of motion when you go deep in these push ups.

Moving on to the next exercise, we're gonna be substituting the decline bench press for bench dips.

This exercise is gonnaemphasize on our lower chest.

We're gonna go for 20 reps.

Now when you're doing this exercise, you wanna make sure that you'renot leaning too far back, using more of your rear deltsand triceps than your chest.

You wanna make sure thatlower pecs are involved and you're leaning forwardso that when you come down you can feel it in your chest.

Let's go for 20.

(techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

– (exhaling) All right.

There we have the 20 bench dips.

Moving on to the next exercisethat I have for you guys.

An exercise that will make youwonder how to do from home.

We're gonna be replicatingthe fly with fly push ups.

We're gonna be going for 12 reps.

Now I'm gonna be doing these on the floor, but if they feel too difficult, you can always elevate the angle.

Put your hands on a higher surface and that's gonna make it more manageable.

Let's go for it.

We're gonna start withthe wide push up position, then we're gonna go down and explode to the top of a diamond push up.

Come right back, and from this position you wanna squeeze your innerchest as hard as you can.

All right let's go for it.

(techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

– (exhaling) All right, sothere we have fly push ups replacing the flies withdumbbells or cables, and emphasizing on ourinner and outer chest.

Now those are the most common exercises that you would do in the gym, and those are theexercises that you can use to replace them from home.

Now I'm gonna show you two more exercises that are gonna engage and build your chest in a way that you don't do at the gym, and you can't necessarily do with weights.

The first exercise I'm gonna show you guys is gonna be typewriter push ups.

10 on each side.

We're gonna start down on one side, keeping our palm reallyclose to our chest.

Go to the other side, and alternate.

This exercise is gonna allow us to isolate each pec within our chest from an angle that goes sideto side versus up and down.

This is gonna engageyour chest differently working areas of your chestthat could be neglected if you're only working up anddown movements of your chest.

So if you're not already incorporating these types of movementsinto your chest routine, start today, and you're not only gonna see visible improvements, but you're gonna feel the strength gains.

(techno music) – (exhaling) All right therewe have typewriter push ups.

And what's great about this exercise is because you're at thebottom portion of the push up, you're constantly exertingforce the whole entire time and that should fire upall the areas of your chest from your outer to inner.

Now this next exercise isgonna isolate each pec, not just to make themmore visually aesthetic, but also to make themindividually stronger.

We're gonna be going forarcher push ups, 10 reps each.

Now when we're training one arm, the opposing arm is gonnastay locked out and straight just to support and assist your body while doing the archer push ups.

Let's get right into these.

Wanna make sure that yourfingers are spread out, you have a wide grip, andthat when you're coming down, you're coming down to your chest line not to your shoulder line.

If you're coming down at your shoulders you're too far back and you'regonna come more forward.

So you wanna come downon one side, back up, keep your arm straight.

(techno music) Switch arms.

(techno music) – (exhaling) Woo, allright, there we have it the last exercise tothis home chest workout that's gonna replace theone you do at they gym.

As you can see I've used no weights, and my chest is fired up.

But that's only round one.

If you were able to complete this with me, congratulations, you're on your way to building a strong, solid chest.

But you wanna continue this routine and build up your strength and be able to do at leastthree to four rounds of this to complete a full workout and to see the mostresults from this routine.

And don't forget to getthis workout on your phone, as well as full access toall my personal workouts and workout programs that I've created with specific goals inmind like burning fat and building solid musclewith little to no equipment and become a member on Heriapro.


And make sure to downloadthe Heria Pro app in the App Store or Google Play store so that you have my workoutswith you everywhere.

It's like having me as apersonal trainer in your pocket.

Start getting in the bestshape of your life today.

Not just looking strong, actually being strong no matter where you are fromthe gym or from your house.

All these exercises you can even mix into your gym workout routine.

As soon as you're dongdoing bench presses, you can do the deep push ups.

As soon as you're doing incline bench, you could do elevated push ups, and get the benefits from both worlds.

Remember it's alwayswhat you're not training that's gonna benefit you the most.

So with that said, thank youguys so much for watching.

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