Randy Santel's Weight Loss Results From 12-Week Sexification 2020!!

(groaning) (laughing) – You boys like Sea World? – You boys like Sea World? (rousing music) – Hey everybody this is Randy Santel Atlas and this video was filmedon Tuesday February 11th.

February 18th.

We just finished up week number six and I am very happily backin just my double X shirts.

I am now down over 50pounds from where I started, so we're 3/4 of the waythrough there's just two weeks left until I start doingsome food challenges again, which means there's justone week left to continue our weight loss domination.

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel Atlas, and this video was filmedon Tuesday April 7th, and I am very, veryexcited because my 12 weeks sexification 2020 is finallyover, and it's time to reveal the ending results.

You guys just watchedme get out of that pool and I'm thinking wow justlike you all, but that video was actually filmed at theend of August last year 2019 while I was in Ukraine.

Thankfully during the month ofSeptember I was able to take I think a 35 day break to losesome weight, but then anybody who's been following all of the fourth quarter 2019 tour videos, you all know that I stillspend most of October through December very, very big.

That challenge tour endedright before Christmas and I've pretty much been off from food challenges since then.

My sister and I went toSwitzerland and Italy right after Christmasto celebrate New Year's, her 30th birthday, and a great 2019.

I was able to do three foodchallenges while in Italy, country number 37, but moreimportantly we were walking over 20, 000 steps a day, and for somebody weighing over 370 pounds, that is a lot of walking.

That is very hard on the lower joints.

– He wore the same pants, Missouri State pants for the same 15 days, as wellas, the same hoodie gray.

So here's me re-enacting Randy.

So we would walk through thestreets and he would be like, (groaning) We would get back to the hotels, and he would just plop rightinto bed, and just sit there and moan the entire time.

– As my sister justsaid yeah I was probably being pretty annoying, but with all that walking in Switzerland and ItalyI was able to get down to 373.

9 pounds where Istarted this 12-week process.

And let me tell youwhat, if you don't know this already being that big sucks.

I do not recommend it, zero out of 10.

I was able to get through it, and still sexification2020 all my working out and stuff started off really gradually.

Thanks to everybody thatwatched the update videos that we posted every Friday.

If you want to go backcheck some of those out, all of the videos areembedded on one single page on my RandySantel.

comwebsite the link is down in the description.

Fitness is recommend andnutrition is required.

I've known that forever, so I as able to start out with laser focus from the very beginning with my nutrition and diet.

I also knew though that if I really wanted to get great results fast, I had to really step up my fitness game too.

Back in January my workoutswere a big struggle.

It was hard to even ridestationary for even an hour without my heart wantingto beat out of my chest.

My working out at thegym all my weight lifting that sucked too.

It was almost embarrassingwhat I was doing back at the start when Icompared it to what I was doing years ago as a college football player, but I knew if I kept on working at it, chipping away, and if Ikept on throwing strikes both nutritionally and fitnesswise that my body would keep on adapting, I'd keep on improving, and I was able to do thatall of these 12 weeks.

I kept on getting better and now sexification 2020 is complete.

All right it's time tosee how week number 12 went to finish things out.

Week one was rough, butdefinitely not week number 12.

Out of the seven days I wasable to ride for five of them each over two hours.

Now on the other two daysI just walked to lighten things up, but startedout with a spare on Monday just to get a few extra calories.

Then I hunkered down from there.

I was able to get on thescale yesterday 300.

5 pounds, which was so awesome to see.

I was really wanted to likeI said before get under 300 pounds but 300.

5 was awesome.

For the week that wasa loss of 8.

4 pounds, but for all 12 weeks I've lost a total of 73.

4 pounds, which is equivalent to 33.

36kilograms or 5.

24 stone.

As I said in week number two'svideo this 12-week process was not a temporary end allbe all where now I can go back to what I was doing beforehand.

This ends the sexification2020 video series, but there will still be morenutrition, fitness, and weight management videos upcomingstarting with the next video where I reveal the resultsfrom recent blood test I did just a few days ago.

Stay tuned for that andthanks for watching.

(upbeat music).

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