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Month of Ramadan has started with it's blessings.

All Muslims are spending their Ramadan at homes due to quarantine.

So, I was thinking that quarantine has it's disadvantages but it has some advantages too.

As you have got a chance to spend time with family.

everyone is making their Suhoor and Iftar at home because of quarantine.

which is a healthy thing.

Otherwise everyone was living their lives on fast food.

😂 Home deliveries were ordered on daily basis.

But this is a positive change that you prepare your suhoor and iftar at home.

This video is a complete package which is divided in three parts.

I will tell in the first part about the healthy diet which you should eat in the month of Ramadan.

In the second part, I will give answers of all those questions about workout in Ramadan which create confusion in your mind.

In the third part, I will tell all those exercises which help you to reduce weight or maintain your muscles during Ramadan.

So, let's start the video.

But watch the video till the last minute, because there is a surprise for you at the end.

😃 If we discuss about diet plan in Ramadan, so I tell you honestly that you have no need of Any diet plan in Ramadan.

Because if you eat healthy in Suhoor, then keep your fast whole day, Then eat healthy in Iftar from the blessings of Allah, which are obviously healthy.

Then eat a small portion between Iftar and suhoor.

But avoid overeating.

This is enough for reducing weight and maintaining your muscles.

If you adopt crash diet, it becomes the reason of breakdown of your proteins.

It also breakdown your muscles.

So, never do crash dieting.

I tell you about those foods which you should include in your Suhoor and Iftar.

First of all, carbohydrates are very important for you.

Include carbs in your diet and eat the meal which contains carbohydrates.

Which foods have carbs? Carbohydrate foods are rice, roti, porridge, oats, brown bread etc.

You can include these foods in your suhoor and iftar.

We have discussed carbohydrates.

Now, let me tell you about Proteins.

You must have to include proteins in your diet.

Like meat, eggs, yogurt and milk also contain proteins.

Include all these things, Not all, but, small portion of these healthy foods include in your suhoor and iftar.

Don't eat all these things at a time.

Because overeating can harm you, rather than you get any benefit.

So, which fruits are high in protein? Those are guava, avocado, kiwi etc.

Eat those fruits which are easily in your approach.

Like you can inlude guava in your Iftar.

Add guava in your fruit chat.

So, it has a lot of benefits.

Proteins help you feel more full.

Fats are at third number in our discussion.

You consume fats automatically when you eat any fried thing in Iftar.

But even after that you have to include fats.

Like nuts are the good source of fats.

You have no need to eat a lot.

Few raisins, almonds or walnuts are enough for you.

Fats are essential to give you all-day energy.

Till now we have discussed carbs, proteins and fats.

Let's discuss fruits.

Must include fruits in your Iftar.

Make a try to include fruits in your Iftar.

You can pick banana, grapes in your Iftar.

As I tell you earlier, you can chose guava.

You can include any one of them in your Iftar.

If you can't afford fruits then vegetables is another good option for Iftar or Suhoor.

Furthermore, intake a lot of water.

Drink atleast 7 to 8 glasses of water between Iftar and Suhoor.

Because you fast the whole hot day of summer season.

So, try to drink a lot of water.

Otherwise, there are the chances of weakness and dehydration.

This is the turn of part 2.

I will give answers of all those questions which are mostly asked related Ramadan workout.

The very first question which everyone asked the most is, what is the best time for workout in Ramadan.

So, it depends upon your goals.

If weight loss is your goal then the best time for workout is, before suhoor or before Iftar.

I know it's very difficult to workout before Iftar.

So, you can do your workout before Suhoor.

Mostly people think it difficult also.

Then, But there is another option for weight loss workout too.

That is, break your fast with water and eat one or two dates.

Rest for 10 to 20 minutes after it.

Then do your exercise.

And intake water during exercise.

Drink at least one litre water during workout.

Add cardio in your workout as it is best for weight loss.

And if your goal is to gain muscles then, the best time for workout is after Iftar.

When you eat your full in iftar, then take a rest for 30 to 45 minutes, And after that, give your time to workout.

Question number 2 is, How many days per week should we workout in Ramadan? If you have a routine of exercise, then you can do your workout 5-6 days a week in Ramadan.

But if you are not regular in exercise, then do your workout 3-4 days a week.

and do it in alternate days.

If you did workout on Monday then skip Tuesday and do another session on Wednesday then skip Thursday and so on.



Make your routine in this way.

Another question is, what should be the intensity of workout in the month of Ramadan when we are observing our fasts.

As you all know, this is not intermittent fasting.

We don't eat or drink anything during our fast, It is obvious that we have deficiency of water in our body in these days.

So, Decrease the intensity of workout during Ramadan.

Workout should be 30-50% less in intensity than your routine workout.

Which means, increase the rest time.

Furthermore, decrease the number of repetitions.

Less than you do normally.

Choose exercises which are easy to do.

Like don't include jumps in your exercise.




Don't do tough exercises.

The next question is, which exercises should we include in our workout.

As you all know, the month of Ramadan is going on and we have to fast in this month.

So, we have not enough energy to do difficult and tough exercises.

Focus on strength training than cardio.

If you really want to do cardio, then 2 days a week for 20-30 minutes is enough for you.

Another question which always creates confusion in everyone's mind is that, what should be the duration of workout in Ramadan? Duration of regular workout can be 20-45 minutes.

If you do high intensity workout then 20-30 minutes are enough.

And if you want to do light or moderate workout then 40-45 minutes are enough for you.

So these were the answers of all those questions related Ramadan workout which create confusion in your mind.

I hope all the confusion has cleared now.

And if you want to ask anything related this topic then leave a comment below.

And I will surely reply to your comment.

😊 I will tell some exercises in the third part which would be helpful in weight loss and maintaining muscles.

First of all you have to warm up your body before starting exercise.

I am telling some cardio exercises to warm you up.

You have to do any 5 cardio for 1 minute each.

Choose any 5 which is suitable for you.

It all depends upon you.

So cardio number 1 is jumping jacks.

Jumping jacks are very effective for you.

It warms you up completely.

It's helpful in toning your triceps.

Cardio exercise number 2 is burpees.

I hate burpees but these are so much effective.

Exercise number 3 is mountain climbers.

Squats is the fourth exercise.

Squats help to tone up your legs.

It also reduces your abs.

Cardio exercise number 5 is high knees.

If you can't jump during high knees in Ramadan then you can skip it.

But high knees is a very effective cardio.

6th cardio exercise is lunge.

Lunges are also very very effective.

Exercise number 7 is push ups.

Bird dog is the eighth exercise.

It reduces your back.

It's also helpful in reducing your abs.

It also tones up your legs.

So this is a very good exercise to stay you fit.

Cardio exercise number nine is box step up.

And jogging is the last cardio exercise.

So, your task is to choose any 5 exercises from all these 10 which I have told you.

Those 5 which are easy for you.

When you have completed your cardio, your body is fully warm up.

Now do some exercise which is helpful in reducing your abs.

I am telling 5 exercises to reduce your abs.

Your task is to do 5 exercises, 1 minute each.

It would take 5-7 minutes and your exercise is done.

First of all, do sit ups.

Sit ups are the best to reduce your abs.

Leg raise is the second exercise.

Do it for one minute.

Russian twist is the third exercise.

As you all know, everyone recommends russian twist to reduce abs.

This is the best exercise.

Do it for one minute.

Scissors crunch is the fourth exercise.

You have to lay down straight.

Raise your legs slightly.

Then move your legs like scissors.

At the last, you have to do one minute plank.

Plank is the very best exercise for reducing your abs.

Exercise is complete and your body is fully warm up.

If you want to cool down down your body, then yoga is the best option.

So, let's finish the video.

I think all confusions of your mind are clear now.

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May Allah accept your prayers in Ramadan.

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