Quarantine Workout Class

(rooster crows)(lion roars) (Rhett exclaims) (Stevie and Emily laugh) – I haven't looked at it, I haven't looked at it! – Don't look at it.

All right, Rhett, since you called tails, if it's heads that means that you have to put peanut butter on your lips and have Barbara lick it off.

But if it is tails, I have toput peanut butter on my lips and have Jade lick it off.

– Okay, here we go, it is.

Tails! (laughs) Tails, brother.

– You know what, usually I already have peanutbutter on my lips, but– – You know, it's easier for you anyway.

You don't have a beard.

It gets super nasty when Istart letting dogs lick things off of my mouth.

– Welcome to “GoodMythical More”, by the way.

– Yeah, it's totallyfine when Link does it.

– We've got not only Stevie with us, but we've got EmilyFleming is gonna teach us– – Hey, what's up?- Hey! – What are you gonna teach us? – I'm gonna teach you some exercises to do with various things around your house.

– Wow.

– This is my family.

(Stevie laughs) – Okay, this is my family.

So I mean, I don't.



Whoa, I don't wanna drop her.

I don't really like Jade tolick me in the face that often.

– That's the wholepleasure of having a dog.

– Oh, God.

She's like looking at you in your eyes.

Like, she's making eye contact with you.

– Oh no, she is.

I didn't wanna part mylips in order to talk.

She don't want anymore.

– Dang, well, if I had have lost, Barbara would be going back to my molars to get that peanut butter.

– She seems so sad.

– Look at her, look at her.

– That you didn't lose.

– Barbara's like a hummingbird.

Her tongue is 11 inches long.

– Now she won't look at me.

– Yeah, it got awkward.

– Look at her.

– It got awkward.

– Okay, it's over.

– You need to work on yourphysical contact with your dog.

(Stevie laughs) – All right, Emily, so you have asked us to collect some random stuff.

– Yeah.

– And I got the stuff.

– Oh, cool.

– Do you guys have the stuff? – I got the stuff.

– I got the stuff.

– Did you have anAmerican Girl doll, Link? – Of course.

(Emily gasps) – Oh, you did? – Wait, which one is that? – Yeah, which one is that? – This is one-eyed Tammy.

– No.

– Oh no.

– Like, that is not.



This is an eye, but this one over here, there's no eye in there.

– Oh no.

– That is at your house?- One-eyed Tammy.

– Well, I may have to recalculate the weight of that doll regarding the eye.

But I've weighed all these objects.

– That thing's got ademon attached to it, man.

That's got a demon attached to it.

– Yeah.

– I had a United StatesPostal Service scale.

– Oh, yeah, yeah.

– And I weighed a few things.

These are a few things that are one pound.

A copy of “Bleak Creek”, almost exactly.

– Oh, really? – Yeah, we planned that.

– And a canned good.

– We got a one pound book, Rhett.

– Hey, there you go.

– Stevie, do you have anAmerican Girl doll at your house? – No, I don't.

– I have three, I couldhave mailed them to you.

– Have you seen this, there'slike a scavenger hunt thing going on, or it was going onfor kids in neighborhoods, where you would like, I guessone of the things is like hanging a teddy bear in the window.

– What? – So that they can see it from the street.

I don't know, Cassie wassaying there's some kind of scavenger hunt, because we say a neighbor had a teddy bear like hangingin a very violent looking way in their window, and it'sapparently a children's game during the quarantine.

– Okay.

– I don't have a teddy bear.

– Well, you don't have tohang the American Girl doll at Link's house, I thinkit's been tortured enough.

– 'Cause I don't havean American Girl doll, I just have this.

This is the closest thing, not kidding, that I could find in my house.

– That looks great.

– It smells like fruit, and it's like a weird– – It's a squishy thing, squish it.

That could be an exercise, Emily, what do you think? – Oh yeah, that's a great exercise.

– All right, take the reigns, what do you want us to do? – Okay, so first thing we gotta do, this is gonna be an upper body workout, for people who work at home, 'cause everybody's sittingin front of their computers.

I'm gonna stand and move around for the people who, I guess, aren't working at the moment.

(Stevie laughs) First we're gonna do some arm stretches.

We're gonna try to get Madonna arms.

That's the point of this.

So let's stretch it out.

– Madonna got nice arms? – Oh yeah.

– Oh yeah, that feels good.


– I saw a click bait photo of.



Shoot, what's that blonde chick that's not Gwyneth Paltrowfrom “Something About Mary”? – Cameron Diaz.

– Cameron Diaz.

– Cameron Diaz got like some deltoids.

– What are deltoids? – And apparently she doesn't act anymore.

That's what the click bait said.

– Top of your shoulder, here.

– Right here? – Yeah.

'Cause the things that I focus on, these are exercises I've learned from taking like one exercise class.

– Good.

(Stevie laughs) – And doing some online tutorials.

– Sounds about right.

– But my arms are sore, so I must be doing something right.

Okay, so first we're gonna do a warm up.

And my favorite thing to do is just get a little loose.

Oh, geez.

– All right, get a little loose.

– So okay, you know how Kermit only dances with his arms out like this, and then he just kind of.



– Yes.

(Emily exclaims) – Okay.

– Yeah, Kermit dance.

– I'm doing it.

Rhett, you're not doing it.

(Emily and Stevie laugh) Okay, all right.

– I'm already sweating.

– Yeah.

– This is great.

So next what you're gonna do is it's an exercise I've named, the things that old ladiesdo in the pool at my gym, so that no one else can swim laps.

– Oh, diarrhea? – Yeah, take a crap.

– Hold your arms all the way out.

And a forward motion.

– Go brown.

– Oh yeah, this is a good one.

– Yeah, I like this one.

And then let's do that for 10 seconds.

– Okay.

– And now backwards.

– For like two seconds.

– Yeah, no, I'm not.



You didn't hire me for math, did you? – When are we getting to the doll? – I don't know.

– When do we use theseprops that you made us get? – I'm using a prop.

– I'm gonna do that.

I'm gonna do it in a second.

– Nobody wants to warm up.

– Okay, now we're gonna use, do you have canned goods? These are a pound each, roughly.

Rhett, I know you have some back issues, so if you'd like to grabsome Sharpies, that's fine.

(Stevie laughs) – What do you have? – Dang, Rhett.

– I have Annie's Tomato Soup, and Annie's No Chicken Noodle Soup.

It was on the giveawaytable at work one day.

– I have diced tomatoes.

I use these, because thesewill never be opened.

– That's not soup.

– So since you're sittingin front of a desk, we're gonna do a bicepcurl, that's out lateral.

So we're gonna do this, but then we're gonna turn your arm and moveit to an overheard press.

– Oh yeah.

– What's funny is, Rhett's armsdon't look like they're his.

(laughter) – They're so white and long.

– So are mine.

– Long and white, that's me.

– So let's do this for 10, guys.




– Seven.

– Pardon my pit stains, by the way.

– Eight.

– I did wash this shirt.

– I was gonna ask, how isyour sanity being maintained in this quarantine, Emily, but I think I've gathered the answer.

– Oh no, what does that mean? – You're playing with dolls and cans.

(Stevie laughs) – Okay, don't slack though, Link.

You gotta do four more.

– Ten, there we go.

– I've been slacking all day.

That's a work joke.

– Super speed.

– Oh yeah, let's get thoseproduce items shaken up.

They'll be nice and frothy.

All right, next we're gonnawork on our Paul Bunyan arms, with the “Bleak Creek” book.

You're working on your triceps, so it's like you're chopping– – One pound, huh? – Yeah.

(Link exclaims) – Ringo thinks I'm playing a game.

– You know, this is alsoavailable in paperback now.

And it says New York Timebest seller on it, or Times.

– Not quite, but soon.

– Everybody keeps a copy of this at home? That's pretty cool, thanks for that.

– Yeah.

– Hey, speaking of which, I'm not gonna promote the book, even though you can buy it.

But I do want to remind people, if you haven't participatedin the Mythical Census, we're giving you a discount on the store to complete that.

So sincerely, we wannathank you for participating.



Write that down, you need something to do, so hey, I got a fewminutes, what am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? I'm looking around thehouse, mythicalcensus.


Whap, whap! – Okay, next, we're at themiddle of this workout.

You're gonna take two items that are roughly this size, or you could take, you know, one item.

Maybe you could use the doll as one.

She weighs approximatelytwo and a half pounds.

– This is the closest I hadto an American Girl doll, was this little robot.

– It's cool.

– That's the closest you got? – What I was gonna do– – A demon.

– Is we're gonna do some front arm raises.

Ah, what is that? – It's a demon.

– Is it from “Gargoyles” the cartoon? – I asked Shepherd, what is that? He said I don't know it was passed down from cousin to my brother to me.

(laughs) I was like, wow, it's an heirloom.

– All right, so what you're gonna do is, I know you might have toscoot back a little bit, 'cause we're gonna dosome front arm raises, with something of your choosing.

You could do the Sharpies still, Rhett.

No one will judge you.

– I'm okay, my back's fine.

Never better.

– So do this, and then you'regonna pull back like that.

– Hi, baby.

– And then say, hello.

– Hello.

– Hello.

– And then out and then down.

And then up and then back.

And then down.

Let's do three.

– While you guys are finishing that up, I do wanna show you somethingI discovered on TikTok, 'cause yeah, I've beenwatching lots of TikToks.

You can start with your hand like this, and without ever turning your wrists, you can end up like this.

Watch this.

Okay, so my palm's up, but I'm never gonna turn my wrist.

Keeping the wrist still.

Let's see if I canfigure out how to do it.

– I think that's the closestyou'll ever get to voguing.

– Look, look! Did you see what just happened? – Oh no, I didn't it.

I missed it, 'cause itwent to the other screen.

But that was a good trick.

Okay, I'm gonna keeptalking and do it again.

I'm gonna keep talking to whole time, I'm gonna keep talking the whole time, as you can see, I am not moving my wrist, but I put my hand upside down.

– Oh.

– What? – I started like this, ended up like this, with never moving my wrist.

– Okay, do it.

– TikTok! – Okay, one, two– – Okay, so start like this, come up here, go like this, and go like this, then come back, and go down, and then come front.

– That's so cool.

– Isn't that crazy? – I can't decide if it is cool.

(Rhett laughs) – I think we might be missing something.

– Oh my god.

– It's all happening in your elbow.

You've basically done– – You've seen that? – Honestly, I don't know how it happened.

– Lincoln is over there doingit, he's seen it on TikTok.

– That's cool.

– You can go outside, yeah.

– The thing I'll tell you guys to do, but you don't have to do it, is you can do all those arm exercises while in lunge positionor in squatting position to add more stuff.

– Oh yeah, I've been in anair chair this whole time.

– You have? (Link grunts) So if you wanna do that, that's cool.

But we don't have to do that.

(laughter) – I love the attitude.

– What if that was what a trainer said? You know, you could do, but we don't have to.

– Technically, I'm nota registered trainer.

– What?- So everybody who stays at home thatlike stretches and stuff.

– I am shocked.

– Don't look so shocked, Stevie.

– Oh my god.

– Let's see, so we're supposedto do like a cool down now.

– Oh yeah.

(Rhett and Stevie laugh) – So I was thinking about that stretch, Stevie I kind of showed you this one for like upper back andstuff, with pinched nerves.

– Oh yes, I had a really bad pinched nerve in my wing bone area.

– Yeah, I get those too.

So you're gonna be like the “IDream of Jeannie” character, but you're gonna hold on to your elbows, and pull equally on both sides, and feel the stretch in your back.

– Oh yeah.

– Like pull to the point tothe point where you're shaking.

– Or ripping your blazer.

This is my jean blazer.

– Why'd you wear a jeanjacket to workout, Link? (Stevie laughs) – That feels good.

– Yeah, it's good.

– I mean, that's kind oflike doing a cat pose, isn't that what it's called, Rhett? – The like, arching your back? – Yeah, it's similar.

This you can actually, you can collapse it into loving yourself and then you can do that.

– [Emily] Like right here.

– I saw that on TikTok.

– What? – What Rhett's doing.

– Oh.

Oh! – Oh no.

Oh, now everybody's doing it? (Rhett laughs) Oh god, this is what we've become.

– Yeah.

– This is how every oneof Emily's workouts ends.

– Yeah.

(Stevie laughs) Well, I was also wondering– – Making out with yourself.

– What's y'all's favorite workout song? – I listen to books ontape when I workout.

– Oh god.

(Rhett laughs) – Really? – Really gets the energy going.

– I can't do that.

– I'm a pop and I also enjoy, and I think you could'veguessed that about me, and I also like a good throwback, mainly a '90's situation, pop.

– Really?- Thank you for asking, yeah.

– That's cool.

– I use a Spotify playlistcalled, “Beastmode”.

– That's awesome.

– Yeah.

– What's mine? Thank you for asking.

– What's yours, Emily, sorry.

– Anything by BettyWho or Nine Inch Nails.

– Oh, Nine Inch Nails.

– Yeah.

– Well, guys, I don't knowhow much time's passed.

(laughter) – Plenty.

– It doesn't matter.

– I think this has been great.

– My mustache is sweating.

(laughter) – Hey, we did it, I feel kind of warm, mostly in the heart region, because I have a new friend.

(Emily exclaims) – Is that who you were makingout with this whole time? – Yeah.

I just put my tongue in her eye socket.

– Oh, gosh.

– Put some peanut butterin there first, Link.

– Oh, sorry, missed opportunity.

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