Quarantine MMA Workout To Do At Home

props to you first of all for wanting totake initiative during something like this there's a lot of people that youknow are taking this as an excuse more than like a reason to improve right alot of people are thinking that oh no like this is a pandemic we can't

goanywhere we can't work we can't do anything first of all don't get me wronglike this whole situation sucks but this is also in a way in its own weird waythis is also an advantage right you get this advantage because everybody elsewell people are making excuses while people are

doing all this stuff you canstill work on your stuff you can still do your grind you can still do whatyou're passionate about so by the times all you know comes to an end you'resuddenly you were right here you're suddenly like right here you're not aton better but you're

better than where you were and then all these other peopleare getting worse because they're not doing anything right so that being saidprops to you guys for taking the initiative now in this video we're goingto be doing a quarantine at home work out something you could do during thisis

corona virus pandemic thing where you can't go anywhere all the gyms areclosed but you want to improve your MMA now honestly I didn't know how I want toformat this video I at first I was thinking that I'll actually go and dothose exercises myself on camera but I was

thinking about it and I thinkespecially right now it'll be really hard because I don't have somebody torecord so what I'm gonna be doing instead is it might be talking aboutevery exercise Amit literally lay out the full planet then of the video mightput it on a full screen so

you guys can screenshot it if you want if you reallywant to skip to the end go for it but I would recommend staying because I'mgonna explain a lot more in detail of what I expect from each thing so youguys get like a more solo to work out okay

so first of all for all of theseexercises you're gonna do them for one minute and you're gonna be doing fiverounds total okay five rounds total of the whole set okay so you're gonna dothese exercises and you're gonna do them in a certain order then you repeat fivetimes and

you can modify these and I give you guys little modifications youcan do for each one right now that being said this is how you're gonna do it oneminute on and then you get a one-minute break one minute on one minute breakwhen you finish the whole set instead of

one minute you get a minutethirty seconds break okay so this is how tuna work before the set starts you'regonna start with a warm-up okay this warm-up is gonna consist of about 1 to 2minutes of jumping jacks you know just get yourself warmed up for the actualworkout so exercise

number one is shadow boxing now shadow boxing is literallythis is how you shadow a box okay you imagine somebody in front of you andyou're throwing punches you're throwing kicks you're throwingknees you're throwing elbows if you just want to work your boxing you're onlythrowing punches but your work and

make sure your you guys are working thatfootwork you're being you're working your hands on keeping your hands up hereimagining somebody throwing punches at you so you're defending and then you'recountering you're literally pretending there's an opponent in front of you ifyou are doing MMA not just boxing you can

finish off preferably finish offeach combination that you do throw with either a kick or a knee I personallylove doing tips so I'll finish my combo off of the teep which is a push kickwhat it would look like in sparring is what I would be doing right so forexample

I threw a jab cross and then I know you'd counter off that cross assoon as I pull my cross back I slip to the outside and then I counter with likea hook and then I'd step back and I teach something like that right likeit's really hard to just

like say it when you're not doing it because it's somuch more natural when you do it like you'll feel like the way your body movesanyways if you are new to it though just imagine somebody's in front of youthrow some punches and then pretend they're punching back in you'redefending

and then work on moving your feet work on keeping your hands up notnot down and keep your chin down keep everything tight you know work on thebasics if you were new work on very very basic stuff and then slowly try toimprove if you don't even know how to

punch work on your jab look up how tojab you're completely new I'll link some other stuff in the description for youguys to check out as well but the workout literally just pretendsomebody's in front of you and just punch defend right for a minute afterthat minute ends you take

a minute break and then go on to the next exercise thenext exercise is gonna be mountain climb machine to get on on the ground you'regonna put your hands on the floor like a push-up position and you're gonna raiseone knee at a time near to your to your stomach

like you're like climbing amountain basically or you're sprinting or whatever if you've never donemountain climbers look them off they're very goodto workout for your core your ab exercise number three after you takeyour one-minute break of course your exercise number three is gonna beanother round of shadowboxing okay this

round of shadowboxing you're gonna beworking even more on technique than you did the first time right so you can goslow this time the first one it was more it was more like a sparring match almostthis one is very technique-driven so you're maybe if you have a mirror youcan

use a mirror if not just focus on going super slow getting the musclemovement down making sure your whole punch looks right like you want to punchdown a pipe almost rather than flaring your elbows out that elbow go into apipe right you want to keep it straight so it

goes straight into the pipe rightafter that third exercise you're gonna take another 1 minute break and then youare going to be doing explosive push-ups right now you can modify this in manydifferent ways explosive push-ups is always obviously a push up and youexplode off the ground so your hands

lift up you can clap if you want if youwant to make it harder if you want to make it easier you could do regularpush-ups if regular push-ups are still too hard to do it for a full minute youcan get on your knees and do sissy push-ups or what

I think they're coldthat's what I call them anyways after this you're gonna take your woman abreak and you're gonna finish it off with some lunges you can do explosivelunges so you gonna lunge like this and you explode and switch I can not do thisin my fingers you're gonna

lunge and jump up andswitch lunge jump up and switch and obviously modifier to make it easier isto obviously not do the explosive part you can do one leg at a time and amodifier to make it harder is instead of doing just regular explosive lunges youcan do a 180

jump squat and then after that you take your one minute in 30second break is this five exercises total one minute each we're gonna dofive rounds or as many as you can now this should be a solid solid MMA workoutfor beginners or even people who are more advanced I

just want to trainduring this quarantine so that being said here is the workout right hereeverything is listed out make sure you guys do the best you candon't give up early just because you're not like in a gym where other peoplecould watch you seriously like pretend I'm watching you

right now like if yougive up early and you know you could this is the thing right like you cangive up now you can give up all you want but later later you're gonna beatyourself up for it though you're gonna belike oh I've been training as hard as I

could have I had more in me I justdidn't do it so just give it your all now drain yourself to the best you canbecause you got nothing to do anyways you're stuck at homeshameless plug check out my merch awesome sure it's awesome qualitysupersoft shirts I'm gonna start wearing

them on my videos too so you guys got toget prepared for that anyways if you guys enjoyed this video make sure youdrop a like and subscribe for more videos just like this leave a commentdown below I'm thinking of making a Q&A series so if you guys want that

leavesome questions down below anything martial arts relatedI'm willing to answer I love you guys peace

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