Poki Loves Him!! | FRIDAY MORN WORKOUT | Jake Solo Team Wipe With Truck | Offline TV Highlights

way rila back I didn't even know you could well bangthat wait I didn't see last one who knows if could beat that clip in myopinion but let's see it number one oh he got the head yes sir the noscope wasoh no man he was sliding uphill yo Thank You Java you see that man hey viewers don't feel like they're a partof things from this distance well this is just my talk-show the bench sunlighttalk to fishing go outside cutting a little Sunman this has to be away right in China I never feel this hot in your way it'slike oh it's gonna be hotter it's like do people actually say the cord becausewe always say disk disk then again I usually mean that like if someone's likeif we're gonna play games together some wannabe like disk question mark as inlike discord like they'll never be like cord may I say you hopping on the Dthat's what I say I named it the D yo pokey you want tohop on the D that's what I'll normally say if you want to get on discord youknow that's my real name he's sorry I must leave this discordcall now thank you hopping off the D alright so I like anew context for that one the girl that you heard gypsy she likes to troll me alot and she thought it was funny she tried to run us into the thing but Ipeople she was trying to do so I peeled off from the team and she ended up dying No I make a Pokemon team of a level 100Pokemon and I'm just like hey like do you wanna try it and she was just like Idon't need anything right now I was just like no no please like can we eat thecan we trade she was just like okay so I I name oh you named them all you havesex with me please say you didn't do that please say you don't do that pleasesay you didn't do that please say it into that dude every girl knows this every girl knows this trick you don't dothis trick as every girl knows this trick the trick you make a Pokemon teamand you ask a girl to trade and then the team spell something out like will yougo on a date with me or oh you got a problem with meyeah like send nudes for sure bomb bailout bro that's why I said just shoothim I don't know why you top the finish so he says you shot him he was hiding inthe corner I couldn't shoot him he at the angle where he's protecting her sowhat dawg I love your friends reactions that is apes' follow her I'm gonnafollow her save me where are you where are you waitwhat but I'm stucked oh no oh shit what should I dowhat's the heck guys don't worry I'm coming oh my god I'm sosorry oh my god what should I do I I just pressed to eathow can I do this oh my god she thought it was the ocean they showsupport my wedding ring from other women when I'm talking other women not knownot because I don't want them to like think that I'm single but because thewedding ring actually makes them want me more for some reason so look there'scontext they're whole and there's context there no no no no there'scontext there because the idea is is that if they think I'm single they don'twant me but if they think I'm married then all the sudden they think there'ssomething about me that I'm worth being married to so there must be somethingabout me so therefore they're more likely to actually never flock not gonnalie that's a sting it's funny but it's understandable youknow as a stream or sometimes we stayed here for long periods of time your bloodsugar getting low you got to get something to eat it my man just tryingto get a quick break in then he like daddy said no not like this not likethis Oh tell me you ever trained in many amartial arts or anything oh did you ever trained in some martial arts or anythingas well like wanted or what I was younger I'd okay cool just for like ayear back however anything you god I wasn't expecting you to ask me I used totrain a little bit of Wing Chun was that it's a if you were something we'd becalled it man I like Ip Man or something like BruceLee's mentor it's like yes yeah it's Tyler about four or five years no Ican't I'm just a fragile I'm like a glass cannon he doesn't have to can I umgive that money Vic kara is there any way I can give the money back are you -and who once again telling you though yees don't have to sub like he's don'thave to you can't watch the stuff for freelike it's the best thing you can do but please hold on to you I'm not a subchain email oh Ken he's like hold on to your fellows money were in the midst ofour lockdown use it on your family not me hello tell me what is this okay okayshould I change the weapon wish i do what should i do hellowho is my boys my friends hey or not where's my friend hello oh my god oh mygod oh my god who's who's the enemy I have no idea oh this guy what what'swrong with this guy is this my room is this my team wait how do I know whichone's my friend somebody's dead oh shit oh yeah welcome think of a question okaywhat if right what if you know we're happily I don't like to say the M wordbecause I don't think I'll ever am I the only one who heard exactly what shemeant I didn't hear any word at all whatever we make fun of you at the gymyou have anonymity here and you probably never go to the gym but what you'redoing is preventing other people from also doing this which is overall a goodthing okay fine I'll finish the clips that I have I don't like this like whenI skip a loud sound it's my instinct to yell it Wawa tries to get her bearings, FRIDAY MORN WORKOUT, Female Shroud, Picked last PepeLaugh, They are so pissed 4Head, Wawa figuring out the controls, Bad call Jose, Wawas first game KEKW, Jake solo team wipe with truck, is this thing on, Pokimane reacts to TheStockGuy, Poki loves him!!, You hopping on the D?, Pokimane watches “PepeLaugh” clip, FOLLOW FRIDAY WITH TWITCH!!, DROPS ENABLED THAT'S IT.


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