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you have to think you have a lot of firein your body you need to eat foods that are cooling you need to eat foods thatare grounding take a moment and connect with what you're consuming hello magicalpeople welcome back to Clareminded my name is Clare this episode is all aboutthe pitta dosha weight loss diet specifically talking about pitta foodlist and recommended foods that you can consume if you're dealing with any pittadosha imbalances or you're just a natural pitta person this food list isgoing to give you specifics foods of what you should be consuming for optimalclarity within your body so I'll start with a brief overview of the pitta doshaand what the kind of qualities and everything that it carries I'll give youa brief overview of the preferred taste of the pitta dosha and then I'llgo into the specific food list that you should be consuming for optimal healthif you're a pitted dosha or dealing with any imbalances so the pitta doshaoverall it's made up of fire and water those are it's natural elements so thequalities that it carries from that are very sharp they're firey they're oilybecause that moisture and this can lead into physically someone with a moderateshape they can have a bit of a red undertone moderate features all aroundbut they'll have those sharp angles because they have that sharp qualitiestheir face will be a little bit more angular their digestion will be reallyquick because there's so much fire in the body so just kind of ignites andkeeps it going their personality can be somewhat intense they can deal with kindof like that hotheadedness they can deal with anger and jealousy but they're veryfocused they're goal-oriented and they're very going to the direction typeof people so when they consume their food theywant to bring in those balancing elements so pitta dosha is made up offire and water so it's got very hot hot sharp qualities so the opposingqualities that you want to bring in are cooling effects you want to bringcooling and grounding in because the pitta dosha is very light it's flowingbecause that fire you want to ground it down and cool it off that's the biggestthing you want to cool the pitta dosha off so the preferred taste for the pittadosha or the sweet taste you want to focus on the astringent and the bittertaste these three tastes are favored for the pitta dosha the sweet taste isreally good because it's made up of earth and water so it carries a lot oflike heavy dense qualities and the sweet taste is very cooling and it hasanti-inflammatory benefits so those type of foods kind of cool off the pittadosha and the pitta dosha is so prone to inflammation that the sweet taste cankind of bring that in and counteract those imbalances if you have them rightnow if you're dealing with any anger you get kind of really hot you need to coolyour body off by incorporating the sweet heavy dense taste so you can groundyourself have a mango or a coconut they're both cooling and kind of groundsyou back down the other taste is the bitter taste and the bitter is made upof air and ether so there's a lot of wind moving on this actually purifiesthe blood so this taste is really good for the pitta dosha because the pittadosha rules the rakta dhatu and that blood so having that bitter taste isactually going to cleanse and purify the blood which is really good because theymade in clear channels and then the last taste that the pitta dosha favors is theastringent taste and that's made up of air and earth so it's stable but it alsohas that air and kind of that ground that moving element so things likelegumes are really good for the astringent taste and they'll kind ofhelp the keep moving but gain some stability at theexact same time the three tastes that you want to avoid / limit if you're dealingwith a pitta imbalance or you're just a pitot dosha in general are the sour thesalty and the pungent taste the salty taste this is hugely aggravating for thepitta dosha because it's made up of the exact same elements so like increaseslike that fire and water adding more fire and water that's only going tohugely aggravate the pitta dosha the pungent taste is very aggravatingbecause this has so much fire in it it just is too burning too hot for thepitta dosha you want to cool it off with those opposing elements and then youhave the sour taste and that again holds that fire element so it's too hot tooacidic for the pitta dosha and can cause inflammation so you want to avoid thosetaste so for pitta dosha you want to focus onthe sweet the bitter and the astringent taste however you still need all sixtastes ideally incorporated into each meal butyou do need a full rounded balance so even if you have an imbalanceincorporating just a little bit of the other elements are necessary throughoutyour day to have that full rounded balance but you want to focus on thesweet the astringent and the bitter taste so if you have like a big liketaco bowl you want to focus on those three preferred taste by adding in moreof those elements and more of those taste and only adding a little of thenon-preferred taste just to have a full rounded fully ayurvedic six tastes.

so now getting into specific foods that are good for the pitta dosha for weightloss and then the foods that are not so good for the pitta dosha and weight lossso the pitta dosha because it has such a strong metabolism and such a strongdigestion it's actually the best dosha to kind of have they have the largestrange of the foods that they can eat and compared to all the other doshas thepitta dosha can consume a lot more of the other taste that the other twocannot because it has such a strong digestive system however specificallythese are some benefits of each specific food list for the pitta dosha startingwith grains the best grains for pitta dosha are barley oats rice and wheatoats are really good if you want to do an overnight oats or just slightly warmthem in the morning and add some cooling spices like fennel some moderate grainsthat you want to limit are things like brown rice sweetener is the bestsweetener for the pitta dosha are maple syrup and rice syrup sweeteners that youwant to limit or avoid are things like table sugar the best oil for pitta doshais olive and coconut because these bring in a more cooling effect they'regreat for the pitta dosha oils you want to moderate are things like avocado cornand sunflower fruits the best fruits for pitted dosha are applesavocados blackberries blueberries coconut cranberries dates grapes driedfruit pineapple prunes raspberries strawberries papaya mangoes these areall really good for the pitta dosha pit I can pretty much have any type of fruitthey want except the ones that carry the sour taste so you want to limit thingslike grapefruit oranges apricots limit some bananas and cherries and avoid allthose sour fruits as best as possible lemons limes limit them or use inmoderation the best vegetables for pitta dosha are sprouts artichokes asparagusbell peppers broccoli Brussels sprouts cauliflower celery cilantro kalemushrooms pumpkin seaweed squash and zucchini remember pitta dosha digest a lot of these much smoother but some vegetables you want to moderate ifyou're dealing strongly with an imbalance are things like beet carrotcorn eggplant garlic spinach tomatoes potatoes especially try and limit thetomatoes and the garlic those are pungent and sour and will only aggravatethe pitta dosha nuts and seeds the best nuts and seeds are coconut pumpkin seedsand sunflower coconut is great in that cooling effect moderate nuts andseeds that you can consume are sesame seeds but you want to avoid almondspeanuts Brazil nuts cashews pecans and pistachios legumes the best legumes fora pitta dosha are black lentils chickpeas mung beans soybeans limit or moderatekidney beans and pinto beans though I don't recommend any dairy or meatproducts dairy if you do consume it for the pitta dosha you can focus on thingslike cottage cheese soft cheeses unsalted butter and a little ghee youdefinitely want to avoid salted butter because of the extra salt any buttermilk hard cheeses frozen yogurt sour cream yogurt these are all super mucusbuilding and kind of only clog channels within your body you can alwayssubstitute some plant milks like coconut milk is really good and hemp milk isalso really good not recommending any meat again for the pitta dosha but ifyou do consume you want to focus on lighter whiter meats white chickenfreshwater fish shrimp white turkey and maybe some rabbit eggs are okay theretried to shake you definitely want to avoid beef dark chicken duck egg yolksbecause they're so heavy salt water fish lamb pork salmon sardines tuna fishmoving into spices this is the biggest one for the pitta dosha because spicesmostly carry the pungent taste this is more limited for the pitta dosha thebest spices are cardamon chamomile coconut coriander dill fennel peppermintspearmint and turmeric these are all semi neutral or have a more cooling effectwhich is great for the pitta dosha some things you can moderate in your spicesare basil bay leaf black pepper cinnamon cumin ginger and oregano you definitelywant to avoid cayenne clove garlic and mustard seeds these areway too hot for the pitta dosha and any imbalances especially if you're lookingfor a diet for weight loss beverages the best beverages are hibiscus dandelion orchicory team wheatgrass juice and coconut water cooling effect you canhave some chamomile – it's really good some things you can moderate our blacktea and diluted fruit juices so add a little bit of water into those fruitjuices to dilute them and make sure they're natural you definitely want toavoid alcohol coffee spicy herbal teas and tomato juice those are too acidictoo stimulating for the pitta dosha and will only aggravate it especially ifyou're looking for a diet to aid in weight loss so this was all about thepitta dosha diet for weight loss and the pitta food list so a pitta dosha it'smade up of fire and water so carries a lot of sharp oily flowing like qualitiesand for the foods you want to bring in those opposing elements we want to focuson the sweet the bitter and the astringent taste because those have alot more air and a lot more grounding in them those earthy elements they'll kindof stabilize the pitta dosha so you want to focus on the sweet bitter andastringent this was all about the specific foods if you want to look atsome more you can check out my website where I give you a full list of thefoods that are best for the pitta dosha diet especially for weight loss or ifyou're dealing with any imbalances if you want to check out anything about thepitta body type characteristics you can check out this video here and all theother links that I have in the bio if you like this video give me a thumbs uphit the subscribe button down there and I'll see you in the guys next time.

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