Perky & Round Butt Workout 💪 With or Without Dumbbells

Hey guys today we have a butt workout they can do with or without dumbbells If you haven't come across the free five-week schedule you can find it here Make sure you take progress measurements and video so I can feature in a results round up video I'll be doing at the end of the program So Before we jump into the workout smash that thumbs up button And If you're looking to get yourself resistance bands check out my store at chloeting.

com I really appreciate the support and let's get started We have 16 exercises today.

You need a pair of dumbbells, but you can always go without one or just grab something heavy instead Let's start with curtsy lunge With your dumbbells to your side, lunge down by bringing your leg diagonally behind you and have your mind focus on your glutes It's totally fine if you don't have dumbbells Anything heavy will work.

Just don't go too heavy or too light.

It has to be something that you can lift Now onto the other leg Now have your feet wider than shoulder-width apart Push your hips back and bring the dumbbells below and over Then bring the dumbbell up to your chest level and squeeze your butt Please do it slow and steady and focus on using your glute muscles to do the movement.

Make sure your back stays neutral too Now take one dumbbell and we're doing some sumo squats, keep pushing guys Next we have sumo pulses very similar Except we're doing some pulses.

do about 10 pulses come up and repeat.

just 20 seconds of this you can do it Find something to lean on, a couch or your bed Put on your bands if you have one and we're doing some hip thrusts if you don't have anything just do glute bridges You can also put your dumbbell on top of the hips to add more resistance This exercise is really good for your glutes.

And it's one of my favorites at a gym, too Now have your left foot flat on the ground while your right foot on your heel and slightly away this is working more on one side of the glutes squeeze and Focus on your glutes and thrust upwards and you can do it without any weights or with weights.

It's really up to you.

And if you have muscle imbalances, you saw the type of exercises you should do more Now on to the other side Great work everyone.

We're halfway there You can take a longer break if you want to now stand upright and we're doing some deadlifts Make sure your neck and back is straight and hinge on your hips by pushing your hips back as you drop down Then lift back up and squeeze your butt the heavier the weights are the better it is for your glutes Put aside one dumbbell and now we're just doing the left leg so have your left leg flat and your right leg back and on your toes and now push your hips back and make sure your back is neutral as it's dropped down then get back up and squeeze your butt and this is gonna focus on one side of your glutes more Now on to the other leg Now get on your mat again and put on a band if you have one and prepare to do some glute bridges But we're only working the left foot here.

So keep your right leg on your heels Now onto the other leg and remember to focus on the booty and not your thighs , not long to go Stay on the mat and we've got glute bridges next.

Give it all you got guys.

Just keep thrusting.

Now flip around and get on your belly and lift your feet and bring it towards your butt we are working on the hamstring and glutes here Stay where you are and the last exercise we're doing are some glute pumps So just raise your feet upwards and give it a pump and repeat.

Let's finish this workout Great work everyone.

Hope you're enjoying the 35 days program Do share some love by smashing that like button and subscribe if you haven't and I'll see you in the next workout Bye.

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