Perfect Abs And Obliques Workout For Beginners

– What's up guys, it's Chris Heria, Welcome to the vlog.

Today I'm gonna be showingyou a six-pack abs workout that's great for buildingperfect abs and obliques.

Let's get this workout started.

All right guys, so today we'regonna be training outdoors.

And just like every other muscle group, I always have a dedicated dayfor each muscle to focus on.

And that's because each muscle is actually a group of muscles.

When you're talkingabout training shoulders there's three heads thatconsist of your shoulders, your frontal, medial and rear delt.

You need to make sure that you're training all three of them to really develop well-rounded strong shoulders.

And it's just the samefor your abdominals.

It's not just your six-packabs right in the middle, but it's also your obliquescoming down the sides.

And even your lower back is considered part of your core as well.

Each muscle group helps the other to give you more control, stabilization and strength for every exercise.

And that's why you needa fully dedicated day to be able to train your entire core.

If you want real results with six-pack abs then you need to be engagingall the areas of your core.

And one thing that makesyou look way more shredded and gets your core way strongeris training your obliques.

Your obliques is the muscle that connects your ribs to your hips, and this is what's gonna give you a stronger, more solid body connection with all other exercises.

For example, in calisthenicsthere's a lot of exercises that require a full bodyconnection and contraction.

Like the handstand, full planche, front lever, back lever, even one arm pull-ups require a lot of oblique engagement.

So if you haven't really beentraining obliques that often, or you're not sure how to, don't worry, I got you coveredwith today's workout routine.

For today's six-pack workout, we're gonna be working on our abdominals, but really emphasizing on our oblique.

That's gonna have youlooking a lot more shredded, and increasingly strengthen your core allowing you to progresson to harder exercises.

So to get this workout onyour phone, and do it with me, download the Heria Pro app in the App Store or the Google Play store, and let's get started.

For today's workout routine, anybody can jump in on.

These are highly effective, abdominal exercises that do no require any equipment or any prior fitness experience.

We're gonna go for eight exercises.

The first exercise is switching mountain climbers for 45 seconds.

Let's get it.

Bend your knee all the way up.

Knees to elbows.

(techno music) Now you guys wanna go at your own pace.

(techno music) If you can go faster, awesome.

If you need to go slowerto catch your breath, go ahead and do that, justdon't stop whatever you do.

(techno music) Make sure you have astrong grip on the ground.

You're regulating your breathing, and you're tensing your core.

It's a nice little warm-up.

(techno music) All right, five, four, three, two, one.

All right, nice little warm-up exercise.

Now if you were really engaging your core and pushing through with your hands, you should have really feltyour oblique engagement.

But for this next one, we'regonna go to slide plank reach throughs for 15 times each.

And if you didn't feel before, you're definitely gonna feel it now.

Let's go for it.

Make sure to keep your hips up.

We're gonna go reach through all the way.

Come up to the top.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) – Make sure you're engaging your obliques, regulating your breathing.

You really want to be pushing out with your opposing arm as well.

Make sure your shoulder's real tight.

Everything should be engaged.

(relaxed techno music) All right, switch it up.

(relaxed techno music) Now you don't wanna rush this.

You want to make every singlemovement fluid and solid engaging the whole entire time.

(relaxed techno music) Focus on your contraction.

The better contraction, thebetter results you're gonna get.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) All right, now we're gonna be engaging our abdominals from a different angle.

We're gonna go into straight sit ups.

You're gonna be lying down.

I want you guys to pick up your feet.

You'll bring one hand up, touch the sky, come back down 15 times each side.

Engage your core.

(relaxed techno music) (exhaling) And for even betterresults on your obliques, make sure you really twistand you come up and engage.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) – Switch.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) – Hoo, all right, so if youguys are hanging in there, the next exercise we're gonna go into is plank knees to elbows.

So we're gonna go downin the plank position.

Make sure that you're engaging your core.

You don't wanna haveyour butt drooping down.

You wanna be nice and tight.

From this plank positionyou're gonna bring your knee all the way up, crunch yourabdominals and your obliques, then bring it back down.

We wanna go for 15 on each side and really focus on your contraction.

Don't try to speed through this one.

(relaxed techno music) All right so we have 10 more left.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) – All right, switch it up.

Make sure you get a tight, tight squeeze every time.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) – All right, we're gonnaswitch up the angle again, going to seated in and outs, 45 seconds.

Let's get it.

All the way out, all the way in.

Remember you don't have to go that fast.

If you're feeling fatigued, youcan start going really slow.

Just don't stop.

That's the goal eventually.

You'll build your endurance.

You'll be able to do a lotmore within that 45 seconds.

And if you want more oblique engagement, you can always choose to go to the side, really feel those obliques contracting.

The other side.

(techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

– All right guys, five seconds left.

(techno music) (exhaling) All right, (exhaling) whoo.

All right so for the next exercise, we're going to be goinginto hip raises for 15 reps.

Let's get it.

Wanna bring our legs all the way out, completely bring themin, lift the hips up, and then fully extend.

And for more oblique engagement, come up, twist to theside, get the other side.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

– Whoo, all right we are almost done.

Next we're gonna be movinginto alternating star crunches, and go 10 on each side.

You wanna make sure to have one hand down, and the opposing limbs up, then come up touch theoutside of our ankle, come back down, don't touch the ground.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) – All right, let's switch.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) – All right we are onto the last exercise.

We're gonna give it everything we've got for this last exercise.

We're gonna go plank sideto side for 45 seconds, max out our abdominals.

Let's go for it.

Squeeze, keep a tight contraction.

Dip down on one side, dipdown on the other side.

Keep your core engaged the entire time.

Let's go for it.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) – Remember guys, you wannaregulate your breathing, roll all the way to the end.

If you're feelingfatigued, you can go ahead and slow down, but do not stop.

Keep that contractionthe whole entire time.

(relaxed techno music) – [Woman] Heria music.

(relaxed techno music) – (exhaling) Almost there.

(exhaling) Keep it going.

Three, two, one.

All right.

Whoo, here we go, that's round one.

So we just completed round one, and that's a great workout routine if you're just getting started.

But if you feel like you can do it again, you definitely want to go for it.

For this really to be effective, and if you wanna see maximal results, the goal will be to dothis at least four times for a full abdominal workout routine.

So I'm gonna go ahead anddo this three more times, but thank you guys so much for watching.

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And remember doing this type of training, training in high intensity for animals is gonna give you an after burn effect that can last up to 24 hours.

So that means you're gonna continue to burn fat throughout the day even after you've alreadycompleted your workout routine.

And if you're doing itoutside here in Miami, you're gonna get a lot better results.

With the increasedtemperature and humidity it's gonna be a lot easier to warm up, stay warm, and sweat a lot more, which is gonna give you way more results for the same amount of time and effort, which is why I love to do theseabdominal workouts outside, and to switch up my training, because this workout routineconsists of no equipment.

You can do it absolutely anywhere.

So thank you guys so much for watching.

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It's trying to build solid, strong, complete abdominals.

And if you guys are struggling with anything else in particular, comment down below and let me know what you want the next video to be about.

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